Using industry experience and ground-breaking innovation to deliver significant cost savings and vessel schedule reductions for subsea operations. Operations are enhanced and improved through a variety of services and technologies, including our subsea remote flooding console, subsea test pump manifold (STPM) and subsea storage and collection tank, resulting in significantly lower costs, environmental impact, deck space requirements and vessel personnel, and greatly enhanced schedule flexibility, data collection and reliability. For more information of efficiencies delivered click here.

Remote flooding console

Effective and efficient, our in-house designed RFCs enable you to reduce crew levels, decrease deck space requirements, lower thermal stabilisation time for hydrotesting and enhance schedule flexibility. The technology uses natural hydrostatic seawater pressure to fill and pig subsea pipelines, and hydraulically powered subsea boost pumps to avoid differential pressure. In addition, real-time and historical data can be accessed through Optical Link (OL) without a hard connection, eliminating the need for vessel time.

Recognising that your requirements are completely unique and require tailored solutions, EnerMech has designed scalable versions of our RFCs which has been adapted to meet our customers specific needs. RFC Lite delivers all the filtration and dosing benefits of the RFC without the integrated boost pump and instrumentation package, making it ideal for pipe-lay. RFC Ultra-Lite (RFC-UL) is ideal for chemical dosing during the lay-down of initiation heads where buoyancy issues are present and require immediate flooding during lay.

Subsea test pump and manifold

Utilise ROV’s hydraulic power to perform pipeline and umbilical hydro or leak testing without the use of downlines or vessels using subsea test pump and manifold (STPM), greatly increasing your vessel availability and flexibility. Chemicals can be stored on board for pressurisation fluid treatment and all fluid entering the system is guaranteed to be filtered to 50 micron. STPM also enables you to record and monitor multiple tests utilising on-board data systems and can be integrated with Optical Link to provide real-time and historical data without a hard connection, eliminating the need for vessel time.

Subsea storage and collection tank

Subsea storage and collection tanks are designed and delivered to your exacting requirements by a team of specialists committed to collaborative working. Their recent successes include the delivery of a subsea bladder collection tank with the ability to collect 10 different chemicals of varying toxicities up to a volume of 25,000 litres and at a depth of 1,200m; and a subsea chemical basket which featured an MEG bladder to supply the RFC and STPM and allowed for the MEG flush and tests of structures at a depth of 1,500m. The unit enabled the safe deployment of 20,000 litres of fluid entirely subsea.