When confronted with operating complexity or poor performance, we provide critical support by safely delivering integrated specialist mechanical, electrical and instrumentation services. We connect the dots by sharing lessons learned, adopting best practices, and engineering innovative solutions to drive efficiencies, reduce interfaces and minimize downtime. Our offering is simple yet powerful: 10 key services delivered with a holistic view, so you benefit from fewer contract personnel on-site, improved safety and reduced costs and complexity. Read more here

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Taking a more holistic view can help improve accountability and reduce cost. Using knowledge and industry insight, we understand the unique pressures you face, from unexpected delays and unplanned outages to tight project schedules and multiple interfaces.  We believe in collaboration. Building a close working relationship with you enables us to earn your trust, gain deeper understanding of priorities and create truly integrated solutions that can save on time and cost on even the most complex projects.  

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We are a safe and trusted partner who understands discrete integrity activities and the complex interdependencies of your assets. This helps to minimize costly delays and reduce risk.  Through our multi-disciplined and agile teams we encourage innovation and excellence, investing in, training and supporting our global workforce to become leaders in their fields. We believe in doing better. With the energy of youth and the wisdom of experience, we constantly question, redefine and innovate safely to change the face of our industry. Read more here

Who we are