International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) was marked on Sunday 23rd June, and we want to celebrate the powerhouse women at EnerMech who are crucial to our success.

This year’s theme, ‘Enhanced by Engineering,’ highlights the positive impact engineering has on our society and everyday lives.

On this INWED, we explore the remarkable achievements of the women at EnerMech who have shattered glass ceilings and paved the way for a more inclusive and innovative world.


Amrisha Vishal

Amrisha Vishal joined EnerMech in May 2023 as a software engineer in Mumbai.

Her interest in engineering began during her school years, where she excelled in science and maths. However, it was the constant advancements in technology that truly sparked her passion in the field. “We are the millennial generation, and we have witnessed the birth and progress of technology. The shift from using disposable reel-based cameras to cameras in cell phones has been remarkable. This constant evolution of technology inspired me to pursue engineering because it never gets boring.” Amrisha explained.

“My advice to young women looking to pursue a career in engineering is simple: it’s the best choice. Engineers need to keep upgrading their skills which means we keep learning and developing, becoming more confident and shaping our personality.”


Indira Texeira

Indira Texeira joined EnerMech through one of our internships in the operations department in Luanda, Angola. During the three-month period, she thrived in this traditionally male-dominated environment, where she learned everything from pressure testing to valve operations.

Initially inspired to take up a career in engineering by a painting of an oil rig on the living room wall at her mother’s house, she has three pieces of advice for young woman considering a career in the engineering industry:



  1. Set short, medium, and long-term goals and make sure that the tasks you complete daily come together to achieve them.
  2. Invest in your self-knowledge and personal and professional development.
  3. Run after your dreams, no matter how hard they are, have faith, focus, and make the most of any opportunities.


Sayali Pawar

Sayali Pawar is one of our IT support analysts in Mumbai and has always been captivated by gadgets, computers, and modern innovation. It’s this curiosity that naturally led her to explore the field of engineering, where she could delve deeper into mechanics.

She explained: “Excelling in physics and maths academically fueled my decision to pursue engineering, as the problem-solving approach in these subjects made engineering the ideal field to apply these skills. EnerMech has provided a conducive environment for learning, growth, and honing my skills, allowing me to gain valuable experience and expertise in the IT domain.”

Sayali believes pursuing a career in engineering to be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling path for anyone, including young women. She added: “My advice is to pursue your engineering dreams and passions, believe in yourself, seek support and mentorship, embrace learning and resilience, advocate for yourself, and celebrate diversity.”


Rima Naik

Rima Naik is our business financial performance analyst in Mumbai and has been with the business since 2023.   She chose to pursue engineering as she loves putting her skills and knowledge to the test.

One of her career highlights was when she was promoted to business process manager for the Central Eastern Europe & Middle East region within one year of joining EnerMech and she is grateful for the ongoing encouragement and opportunities she has received: “I feel very fortunate to work for a company which is open to new ideas and concepts and is willing to accept and implement best practices from other organisations and industries. This environment really allows you to constantly challenge yourself and bring out the best in you.”