Diversity & Inclusion

From driving innovation and increasing revenue to having a firmer understanding of customers’ changing needs, the benefits of developing a fully diverse and inclusive workforce should not be undervalued, says Chief HR Officer, Phil Ogden.

“We all know instinctively that diversity and inclusivity in the workplace is a good thing. Diversity of people leads to diversity of thinking which in turn leads to more insightful debates, more rounded strategies and ultimately better outcomes.

There is growing recognition (and evidence) that diversity in the workplace is critical to enhanced business performance. One study found that increased diversity (that’s a workforce that includes individuals of different nationalities, from different industry backgrounds with a considered gender balance) lead to more and better innovation and improved financial performance.

Studies have also found that companies with higher levels of diversity get more revenue for new products and services, are six times more likely to be innovative and agile3, and three times as likely to be high performing.

These insights are echoed by industry big-hitters like Boeing’s Ted Colbert, who says “the best workforce is a diverse workforce” and Apple Inc. which states “the most innovative company must also be the most diverse”.

As a global business with more than 50 nationalities and five generations represented in our workforce, we are proud of the diverse culture we have fostered.
Our people are as diverse as the customers we serve. This helps us to tap into a kaleidoscope of insights, tackle problems in new ways and offer up more relevant solutions.

Of course, inclusivity has always been at the heart of One EnerMech and Christian Brown often stresses the integral part we all play in our shared success. This focus on community, collaboration and family helps us to foster an inclusive environment where everyone should feel safe, valued and heard. We have work to do, of course, and we will continue to seek out the best talent regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability or background.

Our industry is changing rapidly. COVID-19, energy transition and technological innovations have transformed the way we work and we must respond by building a diverse and inclusive workplace that values different points of view, carves out space for creative thinking, and makes room for intuition. When our people feel their best, they will create their best work and actively contribute to the ongoing success of EnerMech.”