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Norson Power is founded to provide hydraulic pipework installation and designs and to manufacture hydraulic equipment for the oil, gas and marine industries. Norson Power would eventually be acquired by EnerMech and become part of EnerMech’s Hydraulics service line.

Bjørge Enterprise and Frances ETPM form a partnership named Bjørge Cranes, which would eventually become EnerMech’s Norwegian cranes division.

Valve Tech Engineering founded by Chris Tabone in Melbourne, Australia to provide specialist valve maintenance, repair and overhaul to the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and refining industries.

Formation of Water Weights South Africa to provide proof loading testing services to the Region.

PPIC established in Australia

Colin Ball Crane Services formed. This would later change its name to SMS and become the 2nd largest provider of crane services to the UK North Sea offshore industry.

A1 Safety Training established in Great Yarmouth to provide specialist safety and lifting training for the oil and gas industry.

Total Reclaim Systems established in Great Yarmouth to provide specialist pumping equipment to the offshore oil and gas industry.

MS develop close working relationship with A1 Safety Training

EnerMech established and subsequently acquires SMS in Aberdeen, UK, A1 Safety Training in Great Yarmouth, UK and Bjorge Cranes in Stavanger, Norway. Equipment Rental division established.

Vicon Services established in Sydney, Australia to provide valve and industrial services to the Australian energy industries

EnerMech establishes its Middle East operations through the acquisition of Pavitt Energy and Scotia Oilfield Training in Dubai. Facilities also opened in Singapore, Perth, Australia and across the Middle East.  EnerMech also establishes its hydraulic products services business.

Acquisition of Norson Power and the assets of Aberdeen Valve Services and LG Ball Valves. Establishment of Pipeline, Process and Umbilicals (PPU) division. Facilities opened in Azerbaijan and Qatar.

Acquisition of Water Weights in South Africa. Offices opened in Mumbai, India and Bristol, UK. Won first major contract in China. Hired senior management team based in Houston, US and established US operations. Vicon Services acquired PPIC, specialist chemical cleaning business based in Melbourne.

Acquisition of Valve Tech Engineering and Vicon Services, both in Australia and Total Reclaim Systems based in Great Yarmouth, UK. Moved to larger premises in Singapore and South Africa. Expansion into Angola, Mexico and further expansion across Australia and into Kakinada, India. Opened Bergen facility in Norway.

Acquisition of Control Valve Technology (CVT) in South Africa and Louisiana-based Diversified Oil Field Services Inc (Diversified) in the US.

Acquisition of EPS Group Australia and Americas, adding E&I capability to existing portfolio of services.

EnerMech invests in integrity specialist start-up, MInteg

The Carlyle Group acquires EnerMech from its original founders and Lime Rock

Christian Brown appointed as CEO

EnerMech completes successful recapitalization

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