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Cranes operations and maintenance

Our highly skilled crane operating and maintenance personnel deliver a safe, reliable service with experience working in the harshest offshore environments. We pride ourselves on our safety focus and all crane operators, mechanics, maintainers, inspectors and technicians are trained and assessed to the highest industry standards. Our experience brings together a wide range of specialist skills across hydraulics, mechanics and electrics, driving efficiency and lowering costs for customers in the offshore and marine sectors.

For periodic surveys or on completion of major works EnerMech can carry out a proof load test. This is normally completed using water-filled proof load bags which provide a safe, cost-effective alternative to traditional solid weights. The water bags are lighter than the standard solid weights, making them easier to handle and transport, and are fully pre-rigged with controlled filling and emptying capability. The load is measured accurately with a certified load cell, which if required can be backed up by using a calibrated flowmeter to exactly measure the amount of water in the bag.

In addition to our core work, our safe load indicator/rated capacity indicator (SLI/RCI) technicians install, commission and maintain a range of systems, including planned maintenance and emergency call-outs.

Engineering modifications and upgrades

Powered by our extensive engineering capability and knowledge, we help customers get the most from their current assets. From conception to commissioning, we work closely with customers to plan and deliver a range of offshore crane maintenance and replacement projects. Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Engine, power train and hydraulic system refurbishment
  • Boom changeouts and refurbishment
  • Slewring changeouts and inspections
  • Crane and pedestal replacements crane testing and inspection
  • Wire rope supply and changeout
  • Anchor winch inspection and refurbishment
  • Supply and installation of bespoke operator cabins for offshore cranes
  • Design and supply of temporary or permanent boom rests
  • Supply and installation of upgraded control systems
  • Preparation of maintenance strategies and FMECA based maintenance optimisation
  • Design life extension and obsolescence studies
  • Equipment removal routes
  • Mechanical handling studies
  • Lifting plan development
  • Failure root cause analysis

Inspection and integrity management

We support our customers with a comprehensive inspection and integrity management package to help improve efficiencies and safety and reduce downtime. Our services include:

  • FMECA-based inspection regimes
  • Crane Condition Evaluations (CCE)
  • Preparation of Written Schemes of Examinations (WSE)
  • Crane boom & A-frame integrity management
  • Structural integrity management in conjunction with AIMS
  • Wire rope & hook block management
  • Hose integrity management

All these elements are managed using EnerMech Live, our online database which gives you access to vital information at any time, from anywhere.

Crane equipment and spares

Utilizing an extensive international supplier network to source and supply a large range of new, refurbished and second-hand crane components, including motors, pumps, gearboxes, slew bearings, services exchange units, cabs and associated control systems, crane booms, safe load indicators and rated capacity indicators. We are an authorized sales and services agent for the MIPEG range of rated capacity indicators and all other MIPEG products that comply with all regulatory requirements worldwide. Explore our Equipment Rental services here.

Crane rental services

Developed by a team of in-house crane experts, our range of modular rental cranes have been optimized for safe and enhanced rig-up/rig down for any offshore temporary lifting application. The cranes are built on a substructure, making them easy to erect using our self-lift package, and boast off-board dynamic lifting capabilities ranging from 4.5te to 42.3te and boom lengths of up to 30.5m (100ft).

Our comprehensive range of rental cranes, including specialist and mini cranes and other specialist lifting equipment, can be supplied on short and long term rentals, whether stand-alone or as part of a full operations and service offering. All rental equipment comes with the support of our multi-skilled offshore operators and mechanics and our teams of field support engineers, technicians and inspectors.

EnerLift Crane Rental Solutions

EnerMech offers a range of modular temporary cranes on rental basis, which are suitable for most offshore operations.  Our “EnerLift Cranes” provide you with a safe and reliable solution suitable for a variety of applications and assets, that are lightweight and quick to install regardless of your geographic location.

The Modern and Flexible EnerLift Rental Crane Fleet:

•       EL 50 – 50te lattice boom, pedestal crane

•       EL25 – 25te lattice boom, stiff leg derrick

•       EL5 – 25te lattice boom, stiff leg derrick

•       EL25KB – 25te knuckle boom – “crane in a box”

•       EL16Simops – 16te telescopic boom

Key Benefits

  • EnerLift cranes are quick to assemble, taking days vs. weeks for a permanent crane, saving time and money
  • Our self-erecting process ensures the rental crane can be installed without the use of a permanent crane, minimizing the support services required
  • EnerLift fleet includes options for API2C and ZONE II compliance
  • We supply experienced installation crews and crane operators to assist with all stages of the required work
  • Full engineering back up and technical support provided ensures safe, reliable and compliant operations
  • EnerMech’s global reach allows similar projects to be executed in all corners of the world
  • Our modular design and low component weight enhances portability and minimizes space required

See our EnerLift Crane Rental Solutions video here 

Lifting equipment and services

Our well-respected lifting and equipment division draw on their industry experience and insights to deliver an efficient, safe and cost-effective service. In addition to offering rigging lofts, wire rope and other lifting equipment on a rental or sale basis, our full service can be seen here

Lifting and inspection

Trust in industry-leading lifting and inspection solutions for the ongoing inspection of your lifting operations. Specialist teams are fully accredited by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) to provide Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER)-compliant inspection and management. Work with our expert team to plan and deliver tailored lifting plans, for more information click here

Rigging loft management

A range of smart equipment management services that utilize technology and technical expertise to help customers enhance safety, increase compliance and improve cost-management. We are proud of our successful partnerships with offshore operators, drilling contractors and marine clients, and invest heavily in smart equipment and infrastructure.

Wire rope and sling supply and management

Our wire ropes and slings are manufactured to the highest safety standards. Our wire ropes use wire manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12385-3:2004+A1:2008 by manufacturers accredited to Det Norske Veritas, Lloyds Register, ABS and Bureau Veritas. Our large stock of wire rope and end terminations consists of various constructions, grades and materials including:

  • Two leg wire rope slings
  • Three leg wire rope slings
  • Four leg wire rope slings
  • Four leg wire rope slings fitted with top legs
  • Cut lengths of wire rope spooled or coiled

Each wire rope can be supplied with a varied type of end terminations:

  • Ferrule secured soft eyes
  • Ferrule secured thimble hard eyes
  • Flemish soft eyes
  • Flemish thimble hard eyes
  • Spelter sockets
  • Fused and tapered ends

Leading the way in integrated services in Cranes and Lifting

We have been delivering safe, smart solutions to offshore, drilling and marine operators since the 1980’s. Powered by highly trained technicians with a strong engineering focus, our cranes and lifting division works collaboratively across specialisms to offer a comprehensive package of services, including installation, operation, maintenance, engineering and inspection. Offshore crane operators and mechanics are bolstered by our teams of field support engineers, technicians and inspectors who can be mobilized at short notice, meaning that our customers’ projects are delivered on time, within budget, every time. To find out more about our cranes and lifting division, explore our services here.

A sample of our project experience:

A sample of our long-term agreements:

  • Apache North Sea, UK
  • Total E&P, Global
  • CNR, UK
  • Spirit Energy, UK
  • Rockrose, UK
  • Woodside, Australia
  • ExxonMobil, Papua New Guinea
  • ExxonMobil, Malaysia
  • BP, Azerbaijan
  • NOC, Qatar
  • Shell, Trinidad & Tobago

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