Case Studies

At EnerMech, we specialize in services to the global Semiconductor market, delivering a broad spectrum of integrated services including process pipework, prefabrication, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions. All delivered to the most exacting performance standards. Through support to our global customers, we are experts in enabling absolute precision in quality, schedule, and budget, with a laser-sharp focus on safe delivery.

Process Systems

We understand requirements for process piping and electrical installations in high-tech complex Semiconductor projects. We deliver off-site fabrication, modular assemblies, construction, installation and commissioning services for process pipework and associated infrastructure, involved with the Base Build and Hook-Up of Specialist Semiconductor tools. This involves niche services such as:

  • Bulk Chemical Delivery Systems
  • UHP Prefabricated Piping Systems
  • High-Purity Bulk and Specialty Gases
  • Waste Treatment Systems
  • Process Services Hook Up
  • Semiconductor Tool Installation and Hook Up
  • Hi Tech Process Equipment Installation
  • Clean and Industrial Compressed Air systems Installation
  • Pumped Vacuum system Installation
  •  Specialist Process Exhaust systems Installation
  • Process Cooling Water Systems
  • Ultra-High-Purity Water Systems
  • Process Piping Mains & Laterals
  • Hygienic Piping Systems cGMP

Off Site Manufactured (OSM) Prefabricating Process Systems

Aligned with digital construction standards, we deliver added value through our off-site manufacturing facilities, techniques and construction expertise. With a co-ordinated, constructible model, many of our process customers’ systems can be prefabricated in our Off-Site Manufacturing, Cleanrooms and Fabshops, which are ISO#4 and ISO#7 accredited.

Deploying expert knowledge with the latest technology EnerMech has proven that successful OSM prefabricated projects will increase safety, quality and productivity as well as a reduction in project schedule and cost.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Our dedicated 3D BIM experts work to digitally design and build systems in a virtual model, where they can be prefabricated and installed safely with higher productivity. It is this team who create and implement digitally collaborative workflows to improve communication and productivity. With a keen eye for the detail, our 3D BIM design department focuses on making full use of the BIM process to assist our field teams. Utilizing 3D scanning technology throughout the BIM process, we accurately capture the as-built environment. New design models are placed within the scans to confirm fitment, placement, and routings prior to prefabrication and installation aiding clash detection and right first time installation.