EnerMech Qatar: Rigging Supervisor Certification

The Certified Rigging Supervisor is competent to plan and supervise rigging and slinging activities.

  • Certification scheme cost:- QAR 1250

How to achieve this Certificate of Competence?

  1. Download Application form (Link above)
  2. Fill in the Application Form, Application CV and send it along with the required documents as described in the Rigging Supervisor Certification Scheme descriptor to email: competence.qatar@enermech.com
  3. Applicants should carefully read and understand all the information required for the application and provide accurate details to avoid delays. Certification fees shall be paid upon scheduling the certification scheme assessment for the selected applicant.
  4. Within 4 days from the receipt of the adequately completed documents and application fees EnerMech Qatar LLC will complete the review and verify the submitted application.
  5. Applicant who meets the requirements of the scheme will be contacted by EnerMech Qatar LLC to schedule the appropriate competence assessment. If the application is rejected the applicant will be notified with the reason for rejection.
  6. The competence assessment process may include written, oral & practical exams as per the requirement of the certification scheme.
  7. A candidate who successfully complete the competence assessment will then be referred as “Certified Person” and issued with a certificate card and wall certificate indicating the successful completion of the EnerMech Qatar LLC Rigging Supervisor Certification Scheme.
  8. All persons issued with an EnerMech Qatar LLC Certificate of Competence must comply with the conditions mentioned under “CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS” in the application form during the validity of the certification. Persons issued with an EnerMech Qatar LLC Certificate of Competence should renew the certification before the expiry of the validity period. If the Certificate of Competence is not renewed the certificate will become invalid and personnel will be considered as a new applicant for the scheme.

In case of any complaints, contact us through +974 4468 9605 or send email to competence.qatar@enermech.com
Detailed procedures for Customer Complaints and Candidate Appeals are available to be downloaded from this website.



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