Global Workforce Planning & Resourcing Manager to Drive Efficient Allocation of Talent

Mark Dolman has joined EnerMech in the newly created Global Workforce Planning & Resourcing Manager role to help further drive the company’s growth objectives with the efficient allocation of talent.

Mark has more than 20 years of energy sector experience and joins EnerMech from McDermott, where he was Director of Talent Acquisition Strategy and Workforce Planning.

Raised in Yorkshire, England, Mark’s career began with the Merchant Navy in 1993 where he undertook a Marine Cadetship sponsored by Shell and qualified as a deck and engineering officer.

In 2002, he was seconded to Shell Brunei in an onshore human resources position to support a worldwide succession planning project. Here, he led a major training programme to help local Bruneians transition into seafaring roles previously been held by expat workers on board the government’s LNG vessels. As a result of his work, he received recognition from the Sultan of Brunei. His success led to a recruitment and training position with Chevron Shipping, working out of the UK, USA, India and the Philippines.

Mark relocated to the Middle East in 2008 and held senior HR recruitment roles with both Qatar and Abu Dhabi’s national oil companies. While at ADNOC, he was selected to join its Project Management Office, where he devised and implemented talent acquisition initiatives across the Group.

In his newly created position at EnerMech, Mark will be based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Working closely with the regional teams, his key priority will be to define all critical talent needs to enhance the business’ already robust talent pool to meet customer expectations. This will involve detailed planning across geographies, business lines and skill-sets, including essential global mobility, tax and visa compliance.

Mark, who reports directly into EnerMech’s Chief HR Officer Phil Ogden, will also be the focal point for the company’s strategic resourcing centres, including the Philippines. In the coming months he will also oversee the implementation of new fit-for-purpose workforce planning and recruitment systems and tools aimed to help simplify processes and enhance consistency and transparency across the organisation.

EnerMech Welcomes Global Learning and Talent Manager

Jayne Hayward, has joined EnerMech as our first Global Learning and Talent Manager, a new role which reflects and reinforces our commitment to supporting the development of our people.

Based in Sunderland in the UK, Jayne’s initial priorities will include implementing a global learning management system, developing and rolling out the EnerMech leadership competency model, launching the company’s first suite of learning and development programmes in collaboration with training consultancy Ingenium and standing up our talent management framework.

Jayne joins EnerMech from her previous role as learning and development lead with EDF Renewables, where she successfully implemented and embedded learning management systems and leadership training programmes.

She began her career in the education sector where she worked as Head of IT and Business Studies for a number of years, leading school improvement and teacher progression. She transitioned into the corporate world of learning and development several years ago and has worked in a number of areas since.

A strong advocate for lifelong learning and personal career development, Jayne will report directly to EnerMech’s Chief HR Officer Phil Ogden.

New Partnership Brings Subsea Robotics Training and ROV Simulator to Guyana For First Time

World-class training and project simulation have now been launched in Guyana, for the first time, to address the increase in demand for qualified personnel.  Through a partnership between Caribbean Subsea Specialist Inc. (CSSI) and 3t EnerMech (ODITC), the Schilling Heavy Duty remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) simulator is now available at the  ODITC 3t EnerMech Training Centre of Excellence in Lusignan.

The system, utilized in conjunction with an observation class ROV at the pool facility, provides trainees with a combination of real world “in-water” experience and simulation exposure.  Scenarios students can attend include subsea tree installations, well intervention, pipeline installations and surveys and floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) hull inspections.

To produce oil in Guyana, subsea operations must be supported by ROVs due to the extreme depth and pressure found at underwater locations. There is currently an average of 12 to 16 remote underwater vehicles operating at any given time.  This number is set to grow in line with the rapid development of the oil and gas sector in the region.

The growth has triggered an increase in demand for qualified subsea robotics personnel which is magnified locally in Guyana due to the goals of the Local Content Act. CSSI and ODITC have partnered to provide the necessary infrastructure.

While the simulator is focused primarily on new hire induction training, it also offers a platform for experienced ROV operators to further their skills. Field owners, and their prime contractors, can access the simulator to rehearse their project execution with their ROV teams, potentially identifying challenges and reducing overall risk. The training program is also offered in Portuguese and Spanish, to meet the growing demand of the rest of the Americas and Europe for such training.

Paul Attrill, Vice President of Sales at 3t EnerMech, commented: “The development of a subsea robotics training facility in Guyana signifies a key milestone as the country aims to attract technical tourist visitors.  Guyanese nationals will enjoy the competitive advantage of accessing subsea robotics training for a fraction of the previous cost of travelling overseas, with the country poised to be a hub for technical training to the Americas and Western world.

“We are proud to be playing our part in this journey”.

Schilling Robotics manufactures ROVs and manipulator arms. Its manipulator arm technology can be found on over 90% of all work class ROVs in the world.

Following ROV induction training, CSSI continues to support candidates throughout their career with competency management and job placement in the industry, both locally and abroad. ODITC supports this process by augmenting the candidate’s competency suite with critical offshore skills such as T-BOSIET, rigging and lifting and confined spaces training.   All qualifications provided by the CSSI and ODITC collaboration meets or exceeds the highest international standards such as OPITO, International Marine Contractors Association and the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board.

Kierran Leith Lifts Gold and Silver at Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships

EnerMech employee Kierran Leith, 27, a graduate project engineer who works, very appropriately on cranes and lifting projects for the engineering team, returned home laden with gold and silver after competing for Scotland in the 2022 Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation Championships in Auckland, New Zealand.

Kierran, from Ellon, won gold in the open 120kg + weight category squat, squatting an astounding 350kg (a little over 55 stone for the imperial enthusiast). He also achieved silver in the bench press (185kg) and deadlift (330kg) which netted him silver for his total overall lifting score of 865kg.

“I was pretty happy at the time to do so well as I did, but I feel I fell short of some of my personal bests that I’ve achieved out with competition,” said Kierran. “My ambition now is to reach a combined 900kg total across the three events and to break the Scottish deadlift record of 347.5kg.”

Kierran crowdfunded more than £3,600 to finance the cost of his £5,500 trip to New Zealand, with his father Andrew (known to all as Biff) accompanying him to cheer him on. Friends and family were also able to follow his progress from afar as the championships were streamed live on the internet.

Kierran wasn’t the only Scottish gold medallist of the championships event, which is affiliated with the International Powerlifting Federation, and which attracted competitors from all over the Commonwealth. Former junior football player Reon Juskowiak won gold in the Masters 1, 93kg weight category squat, as well as a bronze medal in the deadlift.

Also representing Scotland were Kyle Burnett and William Smith in the open championship, where Smith narrowly missed out on a bronze medal in the 93kg weight category squat in what was an intensely competitive environment. Young Scot Ciar White, 21, competed in the junior category.

Kierran celebrated his wins by exploring some of the host country New Zealand, including the famous set of ‘Hobbiton’ from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Had circumstances allowed, Kierran would have been able to squat a theoretical nine and a half hobbits.

By Thom Fraser, Project Engineer, Aberdeen

The EnerMech Graduate Apprentice Taking Promotion, Parenthood and Personal Development All In His Stride

Accepting a new job offer, studying for a university degree while working, and welcoming your first-born child into the world are amongst some of life’s biggest challenges, but for Callum Duguid, account lead at EnerMech, he has juggled all three simultaneously and successfully.

An enthusiastic self-starter, Callum has been with the business since 2013. In 2018, following a promotion from being an offshore electrician to a contract support engineer onshore, he jumped at the chance to be one EnerMech’s first employees to join its Graduate Apprentice programme, facilitated by Robert Gordon’s University (RGU). Callum has since achieved and graduated with first-class honours in BA Business Management at a ceremony held at the P&J Live venue in Aberdeen.

In March this year, whilst in the midst his final Capstone thesis project, he arguably took on his most important role when he became a father for the first time. He said: “Balancing family life as a new dad to Harris with the ongoing responsibilities of work and studying, has by far been the greatest and most exciting challenge and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m incredibly proud of my achievements and my family’s. My partner Rachael has been the most incredible tower of strength. Taking on the bulk of night feeds and nappy changes has ensured I could get my rest and have the energy for my studies, which we saw as a very worthwhile investment in our future together. I’ve also had fantastic support from my EnerMech colleagues and can’t thank them enough for their endless encouragement throughout the entire process.”

Having held a passion for more technical subjects during school, Callum started his career as a Modern Apprentice for the NHS, before joining EnerMech. “When I left school, I had no real idea of what I wanted to do. Although I had always intended to pursue higher education at some point, I wanted to wait until I had found a profession where I could see myself for the long term that offered strong opportunities for career progression and job satisfaction.”

The Graduate Apprentice programme ticked all those boxes for Callum. “It takes a blended approach to education, incorporating practical, on-the-job work, and academic learning to provide graduates with a deeper understanding of their role and the industry. It was eye-opening to witness how the theoretical components of my course fitted into the work I was doing at EnerMech. It was also reassuring as it cemented my previous experience with the theory behind it. I appreciate now that I would not have gained as much from higher education if I had entered it straight out of school because I didn’t have the maturity and confidence to ask the sometimes-difficult questions. Having real-life experience makes linking the theory to practice much easier.

“The course has provided me with endless opportunities to develop myself and increase my status with my superiors, particularly through my Capstone project. I investigated how EnerMech could enhance alignment across its project management practices. I presented my findings to the leadership team and I’m proud to say that they have made a difference and added a great amount of value to the team.”

Carrying the baton for EnerMech’s next generation of Graduate Apprentices, Callum has also taken on a mentorship role, supporting a new student who began the same four-year course as him this September.

“As one of the first to graduate from this RGU scheme, it is important to me that I stay involved. I want to be sure that whoever goes on to complete the course gains the most out of the experience like I did. Being a mentor for Chris is my way of making sure this happens.

“I would absolutely recommend a Graduate Apprenticeship to others. It’s one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life and one that will stretch you to meet your personal and professional development goals.”

With his degree firmly under his belt, Callum has plans to take back some time for himself. “I’m not one to sit still and I certainly see another challenge in my future, perhaps even another degree. But for the moment, I just want to enjoy spending any spare time with my family and fitting in the odd football match and round of golf.”


EnerMech’s first Graduate Apprentices Receive Certificates at RGU Ceremony

Callum Duguid and Iain Swinburne have become EnerMech’s first employees to successfully complete a four-year Graduate Apprenticeship programme through Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon’s University (RGU).

The duo, who both achieved a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Business Administration, attended RGU’s graduation ceremony at the P&J Live today (Weds, 14th December 2022), when they received their certificates.

As one of the first companies in Scotland to support graduate-level apprenticeships, EnerMech introduced the personal development opportunity to its employees in 2018. The Skills Development Scotland programme, developed specifically to support the energy industry, uses a blended learning approach which allows students to apply their theoretical learnings to their practical, on-the-job work.

Callum began working at EnerMech in 2013 after completing a Modern Apprenticeship as an electrical technician with the NHS the year prior. Starting his career with the business as an offshore electrician, he progressed into a contract support engineering role before beginning the new challenge of his undergraduate degree. Since starting his studies, Callum has experienced a couple of major life changes; he became a father for the first time eight months ago and was recently promoted to account lead.

Callum said: “Having achieved a HNC in electronics when I left school, I had always been determined to progress my studies at some point in my life. I am incredibly grateful to EnerMech for providing this opportunity and to my partner, who has been incredibly understanding and an amazing support both before and since the birth of our son earlier this year.

“The RGU programme helped me to further understand why we do what we do, underpinning my existing expertise and extending my knowledge and skills. I had the full backing and endless encouragement from my EnerMech mentors throughout the past four years, and I am proud to carry this baton on and am currently mentoring a couple of colleagues now progressing through the course.”

Iain, a project accountant, had worked in financial services for more than 30 years prior to becoming a Graduate Apprentice. Having moved into the energy sector in 2013, he joined EnerMech as a lead management consultant in 2015. Iain had achieved a HNC in accounting when he left school but had never considered pursuing higher education until EnerMech approached him with the opportunity.

Iain said: “As well as my HNC, I have several professional qualifications I’ve achieved over the years. Completing an undergraduate degree is not something I’d thought possible after working for more than three decades and am therefore beyond proud to have accomplished a BA (Hons) degree. I would strongly recommend this blended programme to anyone considering it and cannot thank EnerMech enough for the support they have provided throughout the whole process.”

EnerMech has a long-standing alliance with RGU, having initially partnered with the university in 2014 to create a bespoke 12-month project management course for its engineers.

There are currently 10 students from the organisation at different stages on the RGU Graduate Apprenticeship programme, with ongoing plans to continue supporting more personnel to enter the scheme. Seven mentors from across EnerMech are also dedicated to assisting their colleagues throughout the four years of training.

Christian Brown, CEO of EnerMech, said: “We are very pleased and proud to see our first employees, Callum and Iain, achieving their Graduate Apprenticeship degrees – many congratulations to both.

“The RGU programme has provided significant value to our business. The syllabus and on-the-job learning have provided a great springboard for our employees’ careers by helping to deepen their competencies and capabilities. Simultaneously, both Callum and Iain’s final year projects have also made a positive impact on our operations. They both chose final thesis topics which have helped to identify and increase efficiencies aligned to our ongoing growth targets, demonstrating that their hard work and dedication over the past four years has truly paid off.”

Why the Graduate Apprenticeship Route Adds Up To a Great Future at EnerMech

It’s never too late to become a mature student, and it’s a route that Aberdeen-based project accountant Iain Swinburne had never fully considered during his 30-year career until his EnerMech line manager presented the opportunity to him in 2018.

Fast forward those four years, and Iain has becoming one of the company’s first to complete its Graduate Apprenticeship programme, earning a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in Business Administration from Robert Gordon University. The course was specifically designed by Skills Development Scotland to support the Energy industry by blending theoretical studies with on-the-job practical learnings.

Iain is the first to admit that no one was more surprised than he was to be approached and to hear himself saying ‘yes’ to the offer. He explained: “I have occasionally wondered what direction my life might have taken if I’d studied for a university degree, but it’s only been a fleeting thought as I’ve enjoyed the path I’ve taken. I’ve also been highly satisfied with the professional qualifications I’ve achieved along the way. However, while many who have worked for as long as I have might feel they have nothing new to learn or be daunted by taking on a new challenge, when EnerMech presented the Graduate Apprenticeship opportunity, I knew it was one I couldn’t let pass me by.”

University was not the first choice in Iain’s mind when he left school at 18. “I chose to study for a High National Certificate (HNC) in accounting to give me some time to figure out what I wanted to do in life. I soon found that I had a knack for accountancy, and I also really enjoyed it.”

Working across a variety of companies in the satellite communications and financial services sectors, Iain established a successful career for himself. He joined EnerMech as a lead management accountant in 2015, before swiftly being promoted to invoicing team lead the following year. “Having decades of work experience, the Graduate Apprenticeship topics were not new to me. However, whilst I was familiar with the subjects that were being taught, I had never fully understood the theory behind them. This program has allowed me to gain a deeper and more granular understanding of not just my role, but the business as a whole.

“Beyond this, there were countless opportunities made available to me that I hadn’t thought possible when starting the course. One major highlight that coincided with me being on the programme was my secondment to an EnerMech JV company, SEPAM International, which allowed me to relocate to Luxembourg. I was privileged to be a part of the team for a year, a move that took me completely out of my comfort zone and challenged me in ways that I hadn’t experienced in many years.”

Mentoring proved to be an important aspect of the apprenticeship, and as Iain explains, there was no shortage of colleagues prepared to support him when needed.

“I cannot thank my line managers at EnerMech enough for their undivided support throughout the entire process. For any obstacle that I faced during my studies, there was always an experienced teammate I could turn to for advice on the matter. Looking ahead, I hope I can extend this same support to any of my workmates who are also considering the course.

“Being a Graduate Apprentice provided an experience I would highly recommend to anyone, and one to firmly grasp with both hands. I not only learned a lot about myself and my own capabilities to juggle work and a degree course, but I was able to make a difference to the business. My final university project helped to identify and recommend some improvements which have led to efficiencies across our operations, which I’m immensely proud of.

“I am incredibly grateful to EnerMech for allowing me to discover that it is never too late to take on a new challenge.”

EnerMech Acquires Stork Australia and New Zealand as Part of Strategic Growth Plan

EnerMech has acquired Stork Australia and New Zealand for an undisclosed sum as part of its strategic plan to add scale to its global integrity management business and further its diversification into new markets.

The newly acquired business brings a strong portfolio of clients from a diverse range of sectors including defence, mining, chemicals, and energy industries. The consolidation further strengthens EnerMech’s existing capabilities and solutions within inspections services, NDT and advanced NDT services, and a proven track record in industrial services, jetty refurbishment, and tank repair as well as we have access to the Cooperheat business still owned by Stork through a license agreement with Stork UK.

EnerMech CEO Christian Brown said: “We are diligently focused on delivering our strategy to create greater value for our customers. The addition of Stork’s former Australian and New Zealand business to our portfolio not only increases the scalability of our core service lines, solutions and agility, it also brings a great legacy into the EnerMech family. The crux of our strengths lies in the integrated solutions our multi-disciplined workforce delivers, by combining our experts, equipment, IP, and technology our competence across the entire asset lifecycle continues to grow”.

“I would personally like to welcome our new colleagues from Stork in Australia and New Zealand, across all projects and locations. We very much look forward to the future that lies ahead. Our organizations share many similarities, including company culture, tenacity, and a hard work ethos paving the way for a seamless integration with no impact to our clients or workforce. “

Garry Ford, EnerMech regional director for Asia Pacific added: “We already have a strong pipeline of work in the region and the complementary expertise Stork locally brings to our integrity management and industrial services, increased geography and further industry diversification will accelerate our strategic plans for further growth in Australia and now New Zealand.

Our new colleagues have supported their business to become one of the most well-established in both countries. Led by a strong senior operations and technical team, their reputation has been built on providing a consistent high quality and reliable project delivery and a strong safety performance. These attributes and successes resonate with EnerMech’s culture and mission. We look forward to fully integrating the businesses and supporting each other and our clients further.”

EnerMech has been operating in Australia for thirteen years delivering on many landmark projects and servicing operating assets across alternative energy, energy, infrastructure and mining sectors.

Stork’s Regional Director for Middle East & ANZ Anthony McAnulty said: “We look forward to leveraging Stork’s success in this region and are now very excited to be part of the EnerMech team.”

“This unified offering allows us to bring our core capabilities in ANZ to bolster EnerMech’s already strong suite of niche services. With a shared drive and passion for delivering high quality and reliable projects and strong safety performance, we are gearing up for a very productive future together.”

EnerMech HR Director, Shirley Smith Retires

Retiring with happy memories, Shirley Smith, EnerMech HR Director

Having worn many hats over her varied and colourful 40-year career, Shirley culminated her working life with 13 years at EnerMech as part of the senior leadership team at the global integrated solutions specialist, leaving behind a legacy that is both inspirational and motivational.

From becoming a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) endorsing better work and working lives, to mentoring and championing gender equality improvements through the Axis Network and Girls in Energy, to chairing EnerMech’s Pension Trustee Board, her great personal success has rippled across the sector she has firmly advocated. As she enjoys her retirement and playing more golf, she can rest assured she has played her part in paving the way for a brighter, fairer, more supported future for the next generation.

Shirley’s career has successfully navigated the multi-spoked wheel of business management, starting out in supply chain management before moving into communications and marketing, followed by managing a recruitment business. Her collective experiences and passion for working with and supporting people gave her the perfect springboard in 1998 into the world of HR, where she found her happy place.

HR was a very different animal back then to what it is today as Shirley, who graduated with a Business Studies degree from Edinburgh’s Napier University in 1980, explains: “Back then, companies were unaware of the importance of employee engagement. As these areas have become more widely recognised, the role of HR and attitudes towards managing people have changed for the better. It’s now widely accepted that feeling safe and supported in the workplace, is key to retaining people.

“Industry trends have also shaped the way business is conducted. The digital revolution has made communication easier and more accessible and gives transparency across the entire business, which was particularly useful to support working from home. Whilst the shift to hybrid working has connected the global business via virtual meetings, it’s great to see people getting back into the office environment and meeting up where possible, nothing beats human interaction and meeting people face-to-face.”

In 2009, Shirley took up the HR Director role with EnerMech during its first year of business. Over the years she has helped the company navigate unprecedented growth from less than 100 personnel to approximately 4,000 based in over 40 locations. The firm has grown organically and through acquisition, advancing the company’s ongoing objective to win new business in new territories and new industries. This approach has cemented its leading market position today. Shirley adds: “Introducing new workforces into any business comes with its own challenges. Understanding how people might be feeling and what their concerns are go a long way to putting people at ease and embedding them seamlessly in the business. This approach has been centre to all of our personnel integrations over the years, ensuring our high-quality services remain constant for our customers.

“Inclusivity is also very important to the business. With more than 50 nationalities represented in EnerMech today, I am proud of the culture we have fostered which ultimately shapes the way we work and offers more relevant solutions to our complex projects.”

“Having implemented some innovative resourcing strategies, and leadership and project management training programmes, we have provided career progression to many, I feel fortunate in seeing the fruits of these initiatives as many of my current and past colleagues are now leaders in the industry, shaping the future.”

Shirley’s role in HR has not always been office based. She has made frequent site visits, witnessing first-hand those she has helped to recruit delivering operational excellence in demanding environments. “I’ve been very fortunate to travel the globe and see the workforce carrying out technical and often niche projects, in some remote parts of the world.

“Visiting the regions in which we operate in, and understanding their cultural and employment differences, has also shaped our HR strategy. There really is no boiler-plate solution to HR, meeting with my colleagues in the regions has been truly invaluable.”

Shirley has enjoyed several other career highlights witnessing the development of EnerMech’s apprentices. “I am proud to have watched our trainees grow and take on more senior roles including supervisory roles offshore and into operations management. We’ve had so many fantastic people come through the doors and achieve their career goals, EnerMech’s investment in apprentice and graduate programmes is one we will continue to invest in.”

Phil Ogden is Shirley’s successor as EnerMech’s new global HR lead. Imparting her insight on how the company has rallied throughout the headwinds of recent years, Shirley says: “EnerMech has weathered the storms of the downturn and subsequent impact of the Covid pandemic. Our continued growth despite this landscape is testament to the hard work and resilience of everyone in the business to establish us as world-class industry experts. To help elevate the business, we have recently developed and are implementing our Talent & Culture Charter which underpins our structured and continued growth.”

“Leaving the people in EnerMech is the hardest part of my decision to retire, however, I know I am leaving the business in safe hands. Under the stewardship of CEO, Christian Brown, the company is thriving and the continued investment in our teams’ skills and personal development can only strengthen this further. I thank everyone for their support over the years and wish all my colleagues my very best wishes for their continued success.”

Christian Brown, CEO of EnerMech, adds: “It has been an absolute joy to work alongside Shirley. Her guidance and calming nature have been a source of stability throughout our rapid growth as well as during some of the more recent testing times. We simply wouldn’t be where we are today without her commitment and passion for people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her hard work, dedication, and loyalty to EnerMech’s vision and wish her a long and happy retirement.”

EnerMech Appoints New Global Chief HR Officer

EnerMech has strengthened its senior leadership team with the appointment of Phil Ogden as chief human resources officer.

Phil joins the business with over 30 years of experience, including over 15 years in senior leadership positions with energy industry specialists Kentz, SNC-Lavalin, Honeywell, and his most recent employer Johnson Controls, where he was vice president of human resources for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and is a graduate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (UK).

Heading up the global human resources team, Phil is accountable for leading group HR strategy, initially focused on global resource delivery and talent development in support of EnerMech business growth. Phil will be based in our UAE operations.

The new chief HR officer at EnerMech said: “Joining the EnerMech Team at such a pivotal time in its growth is an incredible opportunity. I am excited to bring my global experience within the energy services sector into EnerMech to further strengthen our human capital and maintain our best-in-class service delivery”.

Christian Brown, chief executive officer at EnerMech said: “I welcome Phil to EnerMech, with his experience and knowledge, I am confident we have the right leadership in place to deliver on our One EnerMech strategy, grow our business exceeding our expectations and ensure people are at the heart of our success and sustainability “

“Phil’s appointment coincides with the retirement of our HR Director Shirley Smith who is stepping down after 13 years with the business. I would like to thank her for her fantastic contribution to the business – we wouldn’t be where we are without her support.”

EnerMech Promotes Alison Hazell to Marketing and Communications Director

EnerMech has bolstered its senior management team with the promotion of Alison Hazell into the newly created position of marketing and communications director.

Based at the firm’s Aberdeen headquarters, Alison’s new role has been confirmed at a pivotal time for the business as it progresses its strategic plan that will drive the sustainability and growth of the business, delivering value to clients in both new and existing end markets and geographies.

In the quest for accelerating the company’s growth in core markets as well as renewables, nuclear, infrastructure, defence, semiconductors, Alison will implement a new group-wide marketing plan to underpin its ongoing ambitions.

Having joined EnerMech in 2017, Alison combines business knowledge with over 20 years of industry experience. Previously, she held senior client service positions at Denvir Marketing, Immediate Media Co, and BBC Magazines, and more recently founded and directed her own marketing agency, delivering marketing campaigns for the energy industry.

Alison tells us: “This is an exciting time for EnerMech as we build our business aligned to our strategic plan. Our strengths lie in the efficient integrated solutions our multi-disciplined workforce deliver, all underpinned by our sustainable ethos and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda”

“The delivery of engaging marketing and corporate communications has never been so important and will contribute greatly to the value of the business. The growing complexity of the organization requires a clear, engaging voice to articulate our value to our loyal customers and build brand recognition with those new to EnerMech. Turning informed customers, employees and business partners in to engaged audiences is the ultimate goal.”

Christian Brown, chief executive officer at EnerMech, said: “We have a strong business plan in place and Alison’s strategic marketing advice and flair has played a key role in this success, helping to shape the EnerMech brand and extend our foothold into new markets and locations around the world.

“Our support teams are paramount to EnerMech’s ongoing success and Alison is a prime example of the talent pipeline we employ and the career progression opportunities within the company. Having mentored Alison, she has exactly the right approach and drive required to aid our overarching ambitions and thoroughly deserves recognition for everything she has delivered so far.”



3t EnerMech Scoops Top Global Title in Engineering Awards

3t EnerMech has been named ‘Regional Winner for East Africa and the Rest of the World’ in the prestigious Engineering Construction Industry Training and Development Awards.

The Awards, which are run by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), celebrate and reward the very best of the global engineering construction industry.

The judging panel looked at several factors when considering the winner including the number of people trained, quality of training, equality and diversity, innovation and ambition, interaction with the ECITB and generally adding value within its markets. 3t EnerMech was acknowledged as the very best in its region.

Established in 2021, 3t EnerMech is a joint venture between integrated solutions specialist provider EnerMech and 3t Energy Group, which owns AIS Survivex, 3t Transform and Drilling Systems. Together this alliance delivers world-leading training and competency solutions encompassing a blend of traditional training, digital learning technologies and training compliance management platforms.

The organization has already made its mark on the global stage becoming the only ECITB-approved training provider in Angola and Guyana, establishing a training center of excellence in Guyana and working with the UK and Mozambique Governments to shape future training requirements for Mozambique’s growing oil and gas workforce.

3t EnerMech will now compete against two others for the overall “ECITB International Training Provider of the Year 2022 Award” which takes place at a glittering ceremony in London on 2nd November 2022.

Paul Attrill, Vice President of Sales at 3T EnerMech said: “What fantastic news. We are incredibly grateful to the judging panel for awarding us this accolade and recognizing our outstanding efforts in delivering training excellence throughout East Africa and the rest of the world.

“Countries such as Mozambique, Angola and Guyana are quickly emerging as leading players in the global oil and gas industry and we want to ensure these regions are fully prepared by developing a highly skilled, local, competent and safe workforce ready to progress projects as soon as they are needed.

“ECITB standards and procedures are world-class so to be recognized as the best of the best by this organization is a great honor. We are now looking forward to the finals in London in November and are keeping everything crossed.”

To find out more about 3t EnerMech please visit

EnerMech Invests €9.2 Million in First Irish Facility to Support Growth in New Markets and Announces The Creation of 170 New Jobs

EnerMech has today officially opened its first facility in Ireland, creating approximately 170 jobs opportunities over the next three years. The base cements the integrated solutions specialist’s commitment to the area and its growth drive across new sectors and geographies.

Bringing its five decades of engineering and manufacturing experience to bear, EnerMech has already delivered several campaigns from the site, including providing its services to a large semiconductor project for a world-leading North American company.

Located in IDA Ireland’s Business and Technology Park in Athlone, the company has been delivering its range of specialist services from the base for the past year. This project is supported by the Irish Government through IDA Ireland.

Tanaiste & Minister for Enterprise Trade & Employment, Leo Varadkar said: “I’m really pleased to welcome EnerMech to Ireland and in particular Athlone, which is a fantastic choice of location for this substantial investment. These 170 new jobs will be a real boost, and really underline Ireland’s growth as an international advanced manufacturing hub. EnerMech has a remarkable 50 years of experience with a global presence in 23 countries. We will continue to work hard to create the right environment to attract such world-class companies to all parts of the country. I wish the team all the very best and trust they will be very happy in their new community.”

Minister of Trade Promotion, Digital & Company Regulation Dara Calleary TD said: I’m delighted that EnerMech have chosen Ireland for this expansion which will create 170 jobs over the next three years. EnerMech’s new facility in Athlone is well positioned to serve the thriving engineering, biopharma and MedTech clusters in the region and beyond. These roles, across a range of specialist engineering disciplines, will provide a fantastic opportunity for the highly skilled and talented workforce our country has to offer. I wish the team every continued success in this new chapter.”

Building on the long-term sustainability of its business in the region, the company now employs over 110 employees locally, including five local apprentices on the Pipefitting Apprentice Scheme, delivering a broad spectrum of capabilities across specialist engineering disciplines to support project construction and deli very. These numbers are expected to rise to a further 60 full-time job opportunities including a further 10 apprentice openings in the near future.

In addition to growth in core markets, the move further supports the company’s global diversification drive as it eyes expansion in infrastructure, renewables, power, energy, and hi-tech industrial sectors, a key growth area for EnerMech across the globe. The Ireland base is another step forward for the company in this goal, as the facility is home to the company’s first ISO-certified cleanroom. This additional capability supports high purity welding and pipework manufacture, a key element in the semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Christian Brown, Chief Executive Officer at EnerMech, said: “The launch celebrations mark the end of a successful first year for EnerMech in Ireland. Our new facility opens a number of doors for us as we look to deliver more projects from this base as well as build on our existing work across a diverse mix of end markets.

“This healthy mix of business progression demonstrates our multi-discipline capabilities are being more widely recognized and valued in new ways across the board.

“Coming together with IDA Ireland the Irish government, and clients to officially launch the site is a proud moment for the company and staff.”

CEO of IDA Ireland, Martin Shanahan said: “The establishment by EnerMech of a global integrated solutions specialist, in Athlone is terrific news for the Midlands region and beyond.  This investment is strongly aligned to IDA Ireland’s strategic pillars of Impact and Regional Development.  I wish EnerMech every success with this investment.”

Guyanese Prime Minister Opens 3t EnerMech Guyana Training Centre of Excellence As First GOAL Students Graduate Into Local Jobs

80 Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) program students graduate with 40% going on to full-time employment in the oil and gas industry within two to three weeks of completion.


The Prime Minister of Guyana, Mark Phillips, has officially opened the 3t EnerMech Guyana Training Centre of Excellence, on Friday, 2nd September 2022. During the event, graduates of the center’s Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) program received their qualification certificates, with 40% securing full-time employment in the oil and gas sector within two to three weeks following the training.

Joined by over 300 guests, the Guyanese Government delegation, which included US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, Hon. Vickram Outar Bharrat, Minister of Natural Resources, Bishop Juan Edghill, Minister of Public Works and Hon. Sonia Savitri Parag, Minister of the Public Service, received a VIP tour of the country’s first oil and gas training facility.

The $20 million Lusignan base was constructed by the local ODITC joint venture (JV) formed between Guyana’s Orinduik Development Incorporated, Windsor Technologies and 3t EnerMech. The state-of-the-art center features blended learning software and technology for high hazard activity training, skills hall, a welding, and fabrication shop, rigging and lifting areas and a 14ft deep sea survival pool.

It is the first facility in Guyana to be accredited to deliver OPITO training for rigger, banksman and slinger skills and will soon also add Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training and firefighting emergency response to its portfolio. It has also signed an exclusive agreement with the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) to be the only facility to carry out its courses in country.

The teaching hub was established to empower and provide Guyanese locals with key skills and training certifications that are required to work in the offshore environment without having to travel to the US, Brazil, or Trinidad.

The official opening supports the Guyana Government’s drive for 80% of the country’s oil and gas industry workforce to be local personnel. Since opening, 10 Guyanese nationals have been hired and there are plans for more opportunities as demand for courses increases. Of the current Guyanese training staff, three are graduating students who recently completed the ECITB GOAL program and have now been employed as trainee instructors.

Paul Attrill, Vice President of Sales at 3T EnerMech said: “Welcoming Prime Minister Mark Phillips, and other special guest dignitaries, to the centre to officially launch our facility is a true honor. There is a wealth of talented and ambitious people from Guyana and we are pleased to be able to help them to reach their career goals. By enabling them to achieve the required industry certifications at the center of excellence, it removes the costs or inconvenience of travelling to the US, Brazil, Trinidad, or Europe which may have put some off pursuing a career in this area previously.

“Being able to graduate our first cohort of students with the Prime Minister in attendance was a highlight, and one neither the former students nor our team will forget. It was a real opportunity for us to be able to show the VIP delegation first-hand the strides we are making to support a new generation of Guyanese into the industry. Of the 80 graduates, many have already been employed, which is a fantastic result for them, and demonstrates how well suited our courses are to the sector, with more due to be added in the coming weeks.”

The training hub is located next to the country’s new heliport, being built by Orinduik Developments ltd. The site will also feature an aviation and marine Polytechnic School, as well as a hotel and business center.

Paul Attrill continues “The visionary outlook of our partners has allowed us to establish key relationships with businesses operating within the country. This is a significant milestone in our strategic plans and Guyana focus, coming at a time when its industry is expecting rapid growth.”

3t EnerMech Brings OPITO Approved Training to Guyana’s Oil and Gas Industry For First Time

Local joint venture company ODITC supports offshore workforce safety training to globally recognized OPITO standard –

ODITC, A joint venture (JV) between Guyana’s Orinduik Development Incorporated, Windsor Technologies and 3t EnerMech has achieved a key milestone after becoming the first organisation in the country to be approved to deliver OPITO accredited training to oil and gas workers.

The 3t EnerMech Guyana Training Centre of Excellence, developed by ODITC has been established to support the region’s growing need to grow its oil and gas talent. OPITO certification is a common requirement for thousands of global offshore workers whose employers require a shared knowledge of safe working practices benchmarked against the same industry standard.

The new facility obtained the OPITO approval to train personnel across a range of rigger, banksman and slinger skills and competencies after meeting the strict criteria set out by the global skills organisation for the energy sector. In addition, 3t EnerMech is on track to widen its OPITO offering in the coming weeks to include Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET), and firefighting emergency response training.

Located in Lusignan next to Orinduik’s new heliport, more than (USD) $20million has been invested into the infrastructure by Orinduik, Windsor and 3t EnerMech. The training centre features its own skills hall, welding and fabrication shop, rigging and lifting areas, technology suite and a 14ft deep sea survival pool. Nine new full-time jobs have been created, including seven Guyanese nationals, with further local hires planned as an integral part of its growth strategy. It also plans to introduce class-leading simulation and virtual reality technologies aimed at the rapidly growing offshore, drilling and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel operations.

3t EnerMech’s Alan Sharp has recently been appointed general manager to oversee the new training complex. He said: “Being the first training provider in Guyana to obtain OPITO approval to deliver its training standards is a fantastic achievement. I’m extremely proud of our entire team and partners for successfully passing the audit and obtaining this globally recognised accreditation for our facility so smoothly.

“Previously, Guyanese nationals looking to secure roles in oil and gas would be faced with travelling to Trinidad, the USA or Europe to gain the necessary training and OPITO certification. The JV business between local firms and 3t EnerMech was created precisely to mitigate these challenges, with the Training Centre of Excellence offering appropriate training that’s more accessible. Our main objectives are to help develop the region’s homegrown talent and sustain the growing needs of the sector for a safe, skilled and competent workforce.

“We look forward to rolling out our first OPITO programme along with a raft of other vital safety courses.”

Now operational, ODITC’s training centre has recently entered the final stages of its phase one development which is expected to be fully complete by September 2022. The team recently welcomed a VIP delegation, which included eight members of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) as well as its president Timothy Tucker, to see how its plans are advancing.

Mr Sharp added: “We were very honoured to show the delegation around the facility so they could see first-hand what our centre offers, meet our experienced trainers and gain a better understanding of the types of training we offer and the impact for the local economy.

“To get to this point, we have engaged with a number of international oil and gas companies, drilling contractors and local supply chain in Guyana to ensure our course portfolio delivers the training they need to support their businesses. The oil and gas sector is very buoyant in the region and there is a large proportion of the workforce which will need regular training to industry standards to be able to work safely and effectively. We are well positioned to leverage our strategic location, local content, in-house training expertise and quality accreditations to grow the business steadily and significantly.”

As well as being able to deliver this first tranche of OPITO accredited courses, 3t EnerMech also recently signed a four-year exclusivity agreement with the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) to become the sole provider of its licensed training in Angola and Guyana.

3t EnerMech to exclusively provide ECITB training in Angola and Guyana

3t EnerMech has signed a four-year exclusivity agreement with the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) to become the sole provider of its licenced training in Angola and Guyana.

The strategic alliance between 3t Energy Group and EnerMech, will deliver unique ECITB accredited skills programmes through its learning solutions in each region. The agreement with the global arm of the UK-based skills organisation is set until 2026, with an aim to expand its offering within Guyana and Angola through the collaboration with 3t EnerMech.

Working with almost 200 licensed training providers in more than 25 countries, the ECITB delivers training and qualifications in skills for the engineering construction industry that are recognised worldwide.

In February this year, 3t EnerMech announced its venture with Orinduik Development Incorporated Training Centre to develop Guyana’s first oil and gas training facility – following more than (USD) $20million of investment.

Delivering training in-country to support the region’s growing oil and gas industry, the centre will become the first and only ECITB internationally accredited training provider in Guyana.

The 3t EnerMech alliance opened its first dedicated training facility in Angola’s industrial hub of Luanda last year. Since its launch, 3t EnerMech has secured several contracts delivering its in-country service training to Angolan nationals and will now exclusively offer ECITB courses such as its mechanical joint integrity and confined space range to support and upskill the region’s workforce.

Paul Attrill, Vice President of Sales at 3t EnerMech commented on the agreement: “Building safer, smarter and sustainable workforces is key to increasing the future prosperity of industries around the globe. This agreement will play a significant role in this. By delivering the ECITB’s products in Angola and Guyana we can empower workers by giving them accredited training and tools for their role.

“The ECITB’s standards and procedures are world-class, and we are proud to be the only organisation to be able to deliver these in our training centres for the next four years and grow what we offer across the globe.”

3t EnerMech offers its globally recognised, quality assured training capability, along-side fully customisable learning solutions that draw on a range of software and technology tools including simulation, e-learning, VR-learning, R3 spaced-repetition learning and augmented reality.

EnerMech Secures Over (USD) $128 Million In New Contract Wins in Africa, Middle East and Caspian

New local hires and a Kazakhstan first as business invests to drive growth

Global integrated solutions specialist EnerMech has secured a number of OPEX and CAPEX contracts in core and new markets totalling (USD)$128 million across its Africa, Middle East and Caspian locations.

This success follows a programme of strategic growth activities including a new equipment investment of approx. (USD) $10 million, signing a number of in-country joint ventures and partnerships, and a major recruitment drive expanding the EnerMech team of local hires across these geographies by a projected 63%, in the next 12 months.

In total, a broad spectrum of 11 core competency projects have been awarded by eight key clients to the business in Angola, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Turkey and the UAE in the last nine months.

Having expanded its crane capabilities in Kazakhstan with a full team of local experts, the division has secured its first crane maintenance contract. The (USD) $6.7 million award will see the team delivering onshore and offshore crane maintenance, repair, inspection and certification services.

The other projects include valve maintenance services provided to a national oil company in the Middle East, crane maintenance and process, pipeline and umbilicals work for a major operator in Turkey and a turnaround and maintenance scope for a national LNG company in Angola.

EnerMech’s regional director for Africa, Middle East and Caspian, Paul Cockerill, said: “EnerMech’s long-standing global presence has allowed us to build a strong reputation across each region and we are beginning to see really strong results. We are known for our excellence in project delivery and this announcement pays testament to this.

“We have made a significant investment in our facilities and equipment such as our operating base Abu Dhabi, UAE and Doha, Qatar and formed a number of new local partnerships to deliver a top-class service for our customers. We have also further developed our capabilities through significant local recruitment, and we are particularly proud to say that our Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan facilities are now staffed entirely with homegrown talent.

“We have plans afoot to secure additional work and diversify our product offering further and expect we will require another 280 employees in the coming months. Our ambitions are high, and I am confident that we can continue to expand EnerMech across Africa, the Middle East and Caspian regions.”

EnerMech has been established in the Middle East since 2009, in Africa for over a decade and the Caspian for more than 13 years.


EnerMech To Deliver New OPITO Courses For UK Wind Sector

EnerMech has been approved to deliver two new OPITO standards to promote safer lifting operations for the wind sector. The accredited courses, Lift Planning For Basic Lifting Operations In The Wind Industry – Initial and Further Training, will be delivered from its base in the East of England.

Developed by the training body and alongside industry organizations, the global integrated solutions specialist delivered a pilot programme for the courses from its Great Yarmouth training facility earlier this year. The new standard was developed as safety data[1] revealed that lifting operations represented the highest number of reported incidents in 2020.

EnerMech has been delivering lifting operations training for more than 25 years. The new OPITO accreditation will support the company’s drive to ensure competence in this activity to promote a safer workplace at onshore and offshore wind sites. OPITO is the global, not-for-profit skills body for the energy sector.

The three-day initial course is directed at workers who participate in planning lifting activities as part of construction, operations, maintenance and decommissioning crews. The programme is also suitable for industry professionals who are transitioning their skills to the wind sector.

The coaching equips the trainees with the ability to perform lift planning and risk assessment of basic operations required for wind energy production.

Jennifer Batchelor, European Head of Training at EnerMech, said: “Identifying incident trends is paramount to ensuring the courses we deliver are meeting the needs of our clients in the wind sector. We were delighted to work with OPITO on the pilot programme and to add this new approval to our lifting safety programmes.

“Between now and 2030, the forecast investment in offshore wind is estimated to be over £70 billion creating more than 60,000 new jobs across the UK[2]. With the ability to deliver this new course in addition to our existing OPITO portfolio, we are well positioned to support the UK’s growing need for a safe and competent wind sector workforce.”

EnerMech CEO Christian Brown added: “With our experience in training spanning two and a half decades supporting personnel to achieve the necessary industry standard certifications to work in some of the most hazardous conditions with skill and competence, this brand new OPITO offshore wind course reinforces our commitment to the renewables industry and our base in the East of England. EnerMech Training has become a known and trusted training partner for organisations around the globe and I’m very proud of our team who continue to deliver outstanding work day in day out.”

Following the pilot stage of the OPITO lift planning course, EnerMech successfully attained the accreditation that ensures that worker certification is quality assured with competence based, consistent outcomes.

EnerMech has been delivering training from its Great Yarmouth base since 1995. It has over 100 courses available to support the industry.


EnerMech Scales Up Technical Team For Large Projects Following Successful First Quarter

Integrated solutions specialist, EnerMech, has bolstered its technical capabilities by appointing a new valve operations manager and three subject matter experts to its team. The news comes following the company’s announcement of a successful first quarter, reporting 71% higher revenue year on year, from existing client work and new projects.

The new hires enhance and strengthen EnerMech’s existing maintenance and engineering expertise across a wide range of industries. Joining the company’s resources are, Alan Venters (operations manager, valves), John Anthony (subject matter expert, valves), Peter Rhodes (subject matter expert, process) and Steven Wallace (subject matter expert, on-site machining services).

EnerMech’s regional director for Europe, Carl Mook, said: “Our personnel have delivered an exceptional performance throughout Q1 supporting the business as it continues to be the contractor of choice. As we grow, so does our exceptional depth of technically skilled people, further supporting our customer-driven approach. Our new experts bring a wealth of sectoral and client knowledge to underpin this strategy, ensuring we can scale up when needed.”

With a collective global industry experience of 100 years, the four new hires will join the UK business to support the delivery of niche individual services to fully extend the company’s integrated contracts, supporting new pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance and shut-down services across new and existing markets.

Alan Venters and John Anthony will boost the company’s technical capacity for large scale valve management projects across multiple sectors such as nuclear, infrastructure and waste-to-energy. Peter Rhodes, already the organisation’s ambassador for process knowledge, will support large scale onshore and offshore pre-commissioning contracts, while Steven Wallace will bring specialist on-site machining solutions expertise including defect and remedial repairs to process systems along with specialist on-site machining solutions and modifications.

Scott Ligertwood, head of process and industrial services at EnerMech, said: “Driven by experienced project managers, our success lies in our multiskilled team collaborating with our customers to develop cost-effective, reliable, and safe solutions.

“The addition of Alan, John, Peter and Steven’s expert knowledge could not have come at a better time as we look to kick off a range of projects. These new appointments will allow us to continue delivery of critical maintenance for ageing oil and gas assets, alongside the infrastructure associated with clean renewable energy and nuclear. Providing the best in service, I look forward to the next steps as we take on large-scale specialist programs alongside continued seasonal turnaround and shutdown work.”

Operating in 26 countries, last year EnerMech secured more than half-a-billion pounds of new business globally and invested (USD) $30m in new commissioning and pre-commissioning related equipment.

EnerMech Promotes Kenny Anderson to Global Strategy Director

EnerMech has strengthened its senior leadership team with the promotion of Kenny Anderson to the newly created role of strategy director.

In pursuit of driving the company’s growth priorities across its core markets, which include semiconductors, infrastructure, renewable and low carbon industries, Mr Anderson will be accountable for implementing strategies across the group with a focus on workforce capability development and increasing end market activities.

Based in Aberdeen, Mr. Anderson started his career in corporate finance working for Simmons & Company International. On joining EnerMech in 2014, he spent three years working in contractual and commercial roles before moving into a corporate position where he was part of the transaction team involved in securing investment from parent company, Carlyle Group. He then progressed to a strategic development managerial role with oversight of group-level reporting and business analytics.

Mr Anderson said: “This is an exciting time for EnerMech as we look to sustainably build our business aligned to our established goals. The crux of our strengths lie in the efficient integrated solutions our multi-disciplined workforce can deliver by combining experts, equipment, IP, and technology across the entire asset lifecycle for complex energy and infrastructure projects.

“I’m very much looking forward to collaborating with our regional managers to create strategies to deliver on our growth targets, build further momentum and uncover ways in which we can do things more effectively and inventively for our customers.”

Christian Brown, EnerMech CEO, added: “The addition of Kenny to the senior leadership team as our first strategy director ensures that we can yield his dynamic expertise and agile strategies across the global business as we empower our people further and build on the solid foundations that have already been established at EnerMech.

“He has been a much-valued member of our corporate team and the results Kenny has delivered have earned him the respect of our senior leadership team and the wider EnerMech regional organization. We look forward to working together with Kenny to shape and successfully roll out our global strategy.”

EnerMech’s Safety Agents Drive Change

James Cassin, EnerMech QHSE director looks at how the company’s innovative ENERGISE 2 programme is leading the way on health and safety training

If life during a global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how compassionate, resilient, and adaptable we can be. And for many, it’s been a time to take stock and reassess what matters the most, the health and wellbeing of their nearest and dearest.

As we mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work, with its theme “act together to build a positive safety and health culture”, we can also reflect on how supporting one another continues to be the focus for a safe and successful workplace at EnerMech.

Our company motto is “I am safe, we are safer”, which is about the importance of every individual in the business working collaboratively as part of the team, for benefit of us all. We are committed to continually developing and supporting a workplace culture that puts the health and safety of our people, our customers, and our planet at the forefront of all we do.

We are proud of our health and safety record, but not complacent, and we never stop looking at ways that we can do more to better protect our employees, and to achieve our goal to ensure everyone goes home safe every day.

This is why we introduced ENERGISE 2, a sea change in how we deliver health and safety training to all our employees in a leadership position while continuing to complement the existing day-to day-safety training across all levels of the business.

ENERGISE 2 is a leadership training programme giving delegates more control to become agents for change. It is highly interactive and introspective encouraging and enabling a more proactive approach to improving workplace health and safety.

In partnership with our facilitators Karin Ovari and Andrew Burton, we delivered the first four courses on a face-to-face basis, but when the onset of COVID-19 and the pandemic changed the way the world worked and did business, we quickly adapted it from a live training programme to a virtual one.

This evolution proved highly successful. Two years on from the launch, over 250 leaders have completed the course, and we are already seeing the safety culture of the business making a shift in tandem with that.

Open to all personnel in leadership roles, it is built around a combination of workshops, coaching and walk-in sessions. It challenges delegates to look at their strengths and weaknesses, how they address those within the team and how they can effectively manage their own behaviours to invigorate their team’s safety performance. This helps them develop an overall understanding of what energises people to ensure better safety performance.

Cumulatively, completing all the elements of ENERGISE 2 is a four-month journey which gives five days of guidance, with ongoing access to coaches thereafter. And it’s this last element which makes the programmes so unique and effective. By providing access to further coaching, we are continuing to develop the skills of our leaders ensuring they can mentor their teams and strengthen our business.

Our motto at EnerMech is “I am safe, we are safer” and the results of our recent 2022 employee survey demonstrate that there is an increased awareness of this powerful statement’s meaning and importance.

With greater employee engagement reported across the business since we rolled out this training, we are in collective agreement that EnerMech has a strong safety culture and that we have a shared responsibility to one another to continue focusing on the safety of our actions to maintain this.

3t EnerMech JV Announces New Vice President to Reinforce Global Growth

Market-leading provider of training, technology and simulation solutions, 3t Energy Group (3t) and EnerMech a specialist service company delivering integrated solutions for complex energy and infrastructure projects, has announced the appointment of Paul Attrill as Vice President Global Sales to the 3t EnerMech joint venture.

3t EnerMech is a strategic alliance combining expert instruction, best in-class facilities and market-leading knowledge from 3t Energy Group and EnerMech to create sustainable training management solutions.

Based in the UAE, Paul has been instrumental in the growth of 3t’s global operations and for the past 11 years he has lead expansion in key regions including China and the Middle East.  With continued success in also Qatar and Guyana, Paul and the combined global EnerMech and 3t team will lead the growth strategy to shape the future training requirements for the 3t EnerMech client base.

Launched in 2021, 3t EnerMech has already secured a significant contract with the Guyanese Government to develop and deliver key skills programmes for Guyanese nationals.  Together with a pioneering venture with Orinduik Development Incorporated a new Training Centre is being constructed which will deliver Guyana’s first in-country, state-of-the-art training facility for the local workforce. The achievements to date will harnesses the extensive track-record of 3t EnerMech solutions through sector-leading businesses 3t AIS Survivex, 3t Drilling Systems, 3t Transform and EnerMech.

With a focus on world-leading training and competency solutions encompassing a blend of traditional training, digital learning technologies and training compliance management platforms, the joint venture supports its global clients by enhancing and developing its clients’ people for a safer and more efficient workforce.

Commenting on his new role, Paul said, “I am delighted to be moving into this new strategic position to drive the growth of 3t EnerMech and support our global client base through our industry-recognized blended approach of traditional in-person training and digitalized workforce management solutions.  Being part of 3t Energy Group’s continued growth over the past decade has allowed me to see the incredible value our training solutions bring to our client-base, specifically through the Energy Transition and supporting our customers to become safer and more agile.  I’m excited to be working with new colleagues from EnerMech and the next phase of our global growth strategy to shape the future of training for the range of sectors we operate in.”

Kevin Franklin, CEO, 3t Energy Group, added: “It is an exciting move for both Paul and 3t EnerMech – Paul has extensive experience with the Group, its businesses and global operations.  With our ongoing focus on domestic and international growth to deliver solutions for a safer and more productive workforce, as a Group we also have a committed team to deliver our environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities.  We are fully invested in building a strong and committed organisation to aid our growth strategy by transforming training with technology and help solve our clients’ training challenges, particularly within new emerging markets.”

3t Energy Group is a leader in oil and gas and wind energy training underpinning its commitment and expertise in the energy transition process.

EnerMech is a specialist service company delivering integrated solutions for complex energy and infrastructure projects. The company delivers value to its customers by combining experts, equipment, IP and technology across the entire asset lifecycle.


EnerMech’s new Azerbaijan partnership with Oil & Gas Proserv secures contracts with operators worth (USD) $3m

A new joint venture (JV) between EnerMech and Oil & Gas Proserv (OGP), an affiliated company of Nobel Energy Group in Azerbaijan, has secured its first two contracts in the region totalling (USD) $3 million.

It is also expected to result in a recruitment drive later this year in line with the organisation’s ongoing commitment to local workforce employment and development to help actuate further business growth.

EnerMech is a global integrated mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and integrity services specialist, which also has facilities in the Caspian regions of Georgia and Kazakhstan. It has been operating in Azerbaijan for 12 years, steadily building up its presence and investment in employing and developing Azerbaijani nationals.

The new EnerMech OGP partnership will leverage EnerMech’s integrated supply, operations, maintenance and engineering solutions and specialisms alongside OGP’s local expertise, technologies and effective management for delivering enhanced oil recovery.

The first award is a $2 million contract to deliver engineering, lube oil flushing, accumulator charging and N2 He leak testing, to support a significant development which includes a new offshore platform and facilities designed to process up to 100,000 barrels of oil per day when it comes on-stream next year, and 300 million barrels in its lifetime.

The second is a $1 million campaign to support the development of the Absheron gas-condensate field. Located offshore approximately 100km south of Baku, it is estimated to contain 350 billion cubic metres of gas, along with more than 45 million tonnes of condensate. The work scope for the partnership includes engineering, flange management, N2 He leak testing, drying and inerting of all topsides piping and vessels for this project.

OGP general director Eldar Maharramov said: “OGP was set up in Azerbaijan 17 years ago to bring new technologies, effective management and local expertise to the oil and gas industry. We are very pleased to be joining forces with EnerMech as this will effectively double our capacity and competences and increase the quality and efficiency of our services across new strategic campaigns.

“We look forward to working together to deliver these first two campaigns secured under the new JV, and the ongoing impact the partnership will have in supporting further employment locally.”

EnerMech’s regional director for Africa, Middle East & Caspian Paul Cockerill said: “EnerMech has been operating in the region since winning a flagship crane and lifting contract in 2010. Since then, our foothold in the region for delivering our core services has continued to expand as has our commitment to sharing knowledge, best practise, and safety competencies to upskill the local workforce.

“Securing OGP as a JV partner has increased our capabilities with additional talent and technologies which complement our existing teams, services, and products. We will also be looking to recruit more Azerbaijani nationals as these two new projects get underway in the coming months”.

“Both campaigns are significant business wins and support our strategic growth in the region. We have also invested (USD) $1million in new equipment to enhance our fleet. With this robust infrastructure in place, we look forward to building on our existing relationship with customers in the region and forging new bonds.”

EnerMech Reveals Plans to Drive Growth in Europe and Africa

EnerMech has hired Carl Mook as new regional director for Europe and expanded Paul Cockerill’s role to oversee Africa in addition to his current Middle East and Caspian remit.

The new senior structure will help drive further growth for the firm’s Europe and Africa operations in line with the firm’s global strategic objectives to gain further traction in the renewables, nuclear, industrial and infrastructure sectors, as well as continuing to support its oil and gas clients. The business will leverage both leaders’ expertise to span responsibilities focusing on the two continents, as well as scaling up teams when required in the Middle East and Caspian region.

Mr Mooks joins EnerMech with 30 years’ international leadership experience in engineering consultancy and design, asset management, operations and maintenance, inspection services technology and asset integrity. He has held several senior roles in his career, including executive vice president at Penspen and vice president of process and pipeline services at Baker Hughes.

Paul Cockerill has been EnerMech’s regional director Middle East and Caspian for almost two years and has been pivotal in the business securing several transformational projects and pre-commissioning campaigns in the region. He has significant experience in Africa, having previously held senior positions at Halliburton in Angola, Congo and Nigeria for 16 years where he was instrumental in increasing market share and developing local workforces. His new title is regional director Africa, Middle East, and Caspian.

EnerMech has more than 40 operational bases around the world delivering its specialist integrated mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and integrity solutions across multiple sectors to support clients with pre-commissioning campaigns through operations and maintenance work and late-life support/decommissioning requirements.

EnerMech CEO Christian Brown said: “The Europe and Africa region has been delivering a solid performance for the business, which is a direct result of our teams in these geographies delivering excellence day in, day out. However, we are not a company to rest on its laurels.

“Paul has delivered exceptional results in the Middle East and Caspian. Widening his portfolio to support our Africa operations, means we can rapidly scale up our teams as more campaigns and megaprojects are won.

“The wealth of experience and enthusiasm Carl brings to the business will help us to further develop our European operations with a pin-sharp focus on securing new business as well as overseeing existing project work.

“As a global business we are accomplishing great work for our clients across the oil and gas, renewables, nuclear and industrial markets despite the many challenges the world is experiencing right now. I’m particularly proud of our workforce who continue to deliver the quality of work our customers have come to rely on us for.”

EnerMech Secures Five-Year Inspection and Cranes Maintenance Contract with INPEX

EnerMech has been awarded a five-year onshore and offshore inspection services, lifting equipment and crane maintenance contract by INPEX Operations Australia Pty Ltd (“INPEX”) to support INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG.

Ichthys LNG is ranked amongst the most significant energy developments in the world. The Ichthys Field is located about 220 kilometres offshore Western Australia and 820 kilometres southwest of Darwin covering an area of around 800 km2 in water averaging depths of around 250 metres. Gas and condensate from the Ichthys Field are exported to onshore facilities for processing near Darwin via an 890-kilometre pipeline.

Starting in May, EnerMech will project manage and deliver campaigns consisting of the supply of lifting and rigging equipment, testing, certification and the provision of 24-hour crane maintenance and technical support.

EnerMech’s cranes & lifting division has strengthened its core team of specialist engineers, maintenance technicians, offshore inspectors and support staff with a local Darwin recruitment campaign underway to support the ILNG work requirements. It has also invested in new equipment and tooling containers.

EnerMech has 26 locations worldwide, including eight in Australia. It launched its Perth office in 2009 and has expanded across the country to provide a full complement of its mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and inspection services to a wide range of industries. It has been active in Darwin for the past 12 years, supporting clients including INPEX and major operators.

This is its second contract direct with INPEX. In December 2020, EnerMech won a five-year contract to support Ichthys LNG Phase 2 through the supply of nitrogen and specialised pressure testing services.

EnerMech’s regional director for APAC Garry Ford, said: “This five-year contract with INPEX represents a significant expansion of EnerMech’s cranes and lifting operations in Australia. As a globally recognized centre of engineering excellence, this work further demonstrates our multi-disciplinary and agile capabilities, integral across our existing portfolio with other major organisations in the country.

“The scope also firmly positions EnerMech as the largest cranes and lifting maintenance services company in the region. We have a highly skilled team with a wide range of specialised skills. We are very pleased to be able to grow our team with the local talent in-country and social enterprises, allowing us to support the local Darwin economy.

“We look forward to starting this new contract with INPEX and delivering safe and continuous onshore and offshore technical support and maintenance services.”

International Women’s Day 2022

The Valves Coordinator who is helping the next generation of female mechanics spread their wings.

This International Women’s Day, EnerMech valves coordinator Wendy Scholes, grandmother of 14 and mother of four, is a shining example of a female continuing to #BreakTheBias as she leads the way for a new generation of women entering the mechanical sector.

With a career which spans more than three decades, Wendy’s accomplishments throughout her 20-plus years in the energy industry prove that anything is possible, tying in with EnerMech’s values and culture where the focus is on deploying the best person suited to each campaign’s requirements from the wealth of talent it employs across each of its 40 international bases.

Juggling her busy home life alongside a demanding career, Wendy has been a beacon of inspiration and firmly establishing herself and setting a path for other women to follow. Based in Queensland, Australia, she joined the company in 2017 with more than 12 years’ prior valve experience, including completing a fitter and turner apprenticeship at a mature age.

It was her father who inspired her to enter the mechanical industry. He had been a fitter for a leading international construction manufacturer. “Having grown up surrounded by mechanics, my progression into the industry felt natural,” she explained.

As a valves coordinator, Wendy’s typical duties include managing the quoting for repairs and overhauls, developing client reports and assisting valve techs on site. Recently, she was involved in a large, three-week project in Western Australia, which involved removing 245 valves, overhauling and replacing them.

A large portion of Wendy’s role is mentoring younger team members, working closely alongside them as they attempt to identify problems and strategize effective solutions. “I truly enjoy mentoring the newer generation moving into the mechanical industry at EnerMech, through workshops or apprenticeship schemes, particularly nurturing new female talent,” she commented. “Recently, I was proud to recommend a young female apprentice to EnerMech, whom I’d taken under my wing throughout several mechanical workshops within our valves division, and she will soon be joining the company permanently.”

Since joining EnerMech four years ago, Wendy has noticed far more women entering the energy industry, noting that when she completed her apprenticeship in 2010, she was the only woman. She added: “I believe that with more of our key clients forging ahead with diversity in their workplaces, it has set a precedent for EnerMech to continue creating more diverse, inclusive opportunities and job roles outside of just the corporate sphere”.

This is a true change of pace to the male dominated industry which she began her career in, as Wendy explained: “It has been difficult at times; I’ve often felt the need to prove myself and my knowledge. It could be challenging ensuring that my male colleagues understood my knowledge and background make me the perfect person for the job, despite any preconception based on my gender”.

Wendy has enjoyed several career highlights to date, most notably becoming the first Australian female to receive a Farris PSV certificate in 2008. “It was an honour to receive this coveted safety certificate,” she said. “My hope is that more women across the valves division of EnerMech will also be accredited with this prestigious certification.”

When asked what advice she would give to any women considering a career in the industry, Wendy’s response was that which she has tried to impart to her own children and grandchildren that “anything is possible”.


3t EnerMech, Orinduik Development and Windsor Technologies to Launch Guyana’s First Oil and Gas Training Centre

New 3t EnerMech Guyana Training Centre of Excellence support in-country skills, safety training and certifications for local offshore workforce.

A pioneering venture between 3t EnerMech and Orinduik Development Incorporated Training Centre will deliver Guyana’s first in-country, state-of-the-art training facility for the local workforce, supporting the development of the country’s fast growing offshore oil and gas sector. This venture will provide an industry-leading and internationally accredited facility in alignment with building on the recent enacted local content policy.

Established to empower and provide Guyanese with key skills and training certifications that are required to work in the offshore environment, the new 3t EnerMech Guyana Training Centre of Excellence combines expert instruction in-classroom training facilities, blended learning software and technology, as well as fully immersive simulators for high hazard activity learning.

Located in Lusignan, over (USD) $20 million has been invested into the infrastructure by Orinduik, Windsor and 3t EnerMech. EnerMech, the global integrated solutions specialist, is one half of the 3t EnerMech strategic alliance which draws on EnerMech’s experience and track record, complemented by 3t Energy Group’s world-renowned training capability, learning technology solutions and training management services, to deliver best-in-class learning experiences specifically tailored for its clients.

The 3t EnerMech Guyana Training Centre of Excellence is set to become the first regional Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) internationally accredited training provider in Guyana. It will also deliver the country’s first OPITO approved, Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) certification, as well as providing a controlled environment to deliver scenario-based firefighting emergency response training when relevant accreditations are secured early in 2022.

Joseph Lichon, president Americas for EnerMech said: “It’s our mission to develop local content globally and to help create safer, smarter, more sustainable workforces. Until now, Guyana nationals working in the oil and gas sector would be required to travel to Trinidad and Tobago, the US or Canada, for accredited training, making it very costly and time consuming. This is compounded by the logistical challenges of the pandemic including travel restrictions, additional requirements, and limited flight availability.”

Paul Knowles, VP Training for 3t Energy Group added: “With Orinduik constructing the 3t EnerMech Guyana Training Centre of Excellence, coupled with our expertise, technologies, and programmes, we are providing a full package to help support the country’s personnel to excel in the oil and gas sector. We are very proud to play a critical role Guyana’s future and enhance its economic prosperity by making accredited skills and safety training available in country for the first time.”

Orinduik is also in the process of building Guyana’s first commercial heliport as part of a wider complex which will incorporate the new training centre, an aviation/marine Polytechnic School as well as a hotel and business centre.

The 3t EnerMech Guyana Training Centre of Excellence will be located in Lusignan, in close proximity to the East Coast Highway, approximately 10km east of Central Georgetown, and placed strategically for easy access for both local and international delegates working in the Offshore market.

Harrychand Tulsi, Chairman of Orinduik said, “Construction of the Training Centre is expected to be completed in June 2022 and we are very excited to be partnered with 3t EnerMech in delivering world class training and certifications as we build a skilled and safe local workforce for the expanding offshore market. This demonstrates our support and alignment with the Government’s commitment to training and employment of Guyanese in key positions in this sector.”

Jennifer Batchelor’s Q&A with Hart Energy’s E&P newsletter

Developing a sustainable workforce  

The energy industry has been through a significant period of transformation in recent years. Accelerated by the energy transition and challenges of Covid-19, the training sector has had to adapt, ensuring that the future workforce is upskilled and capable to support the growing needs of the industry.

We spoke with Jennifer Batchelor, European Head of Training at EnerMech, a specialist provider of integrated mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and integrity services, to discuss the evolving market.

What have been the key developments in the training market in the last five years?

 In the last few years, there has been significant changes to how the energy industry is approaching people development. As safety standards continue to increase, organisations have moved towards more competency-based courses so that they can clearly demonstrate to stakeholders that their workforce is truly competent in the services that they are delivering. This has also resulted in more focus on courses mandated by regulations or formal accreditations which means training providers are having to work harder to demonstrate a high-quality service which meets customer demands.

Traditionally, training would often take place in a classroom setting with large groups all learning at the same time. While there is still a place for this style of learning, there has been a real transition to more hands-on training where there is more emphasis placed on ‘doing’ as opposed to learning through listening.

There has also been a noticeable shift towards multi-skilling personnel, which is linked to companies trying to gain greater efficiencies in their operations. By upskilling the workforce to allow them to do several roles, this results in less resources and logistics and therefore, a lower project carbon footprint.

How has technology evolved to support current training requirements?

While the use of technology was already a growing trend, the Covid-19 pandemic really accelerated this movement as the world adapted to remote working, and training, to comply with regional restrictions. One of the key benefits technology offers is the ability to personalise a programme to an individuals’ specific needs. For instance, in relation to crane operators, if it’s identified that the trainee requires more practice in operating a specific crane model or lifting specific loads, we can utilise advanced simulators to conduct these tasks repeatedly to build up confidence and skills before the operator is deployed offshore.

At EnerMech, we recently invested half-a-million pounds in advanced crane simulator training systems at our bases in Luanda, Angola, Doha, Qatar and Great Yarmouth, UK. The system is delivered through powerful PCs and high-resolution screens and exposes trainees to a range of operating conditions including dangerous or high-risk circumstances in a controlled environment, delivering significant safety benefits. This allows them to gain experience in challenging situations such as equipment malfunctions and adverse weather conditions. As this technology continues to progress, I think we’ll also see the use of Virtual Reality (VR) more commonly adopted to provide an even greater immersive experience.

How can training companies adapt to the evolving energy industry demands?

 It’s important to always listen and recognise the changing needs of the sector, particularly as it continues its journey to net zero. The ability to offer more bespoke programmes for people development has become increasingly important, as an ‘off the shelf’ approach becomes less attractive to many companies. At EnerMech, we’ve been working with a number of major businesses on a consultancy basis to evaluate and identify gaps in their current programmes to ensure that they are addressing the needs of their workforce and customers.

It’s also essential that training providers in the energy sector adapt to support the growing requirement for skills in the renewables market. By applying the extensive experience and knowledge from oil and gas, many workers are ideally placed to support the growing number of projects in the wind, solar, geothermal and hydrogen markets with the correct training which opens a world of new opportunities for the future workforce.


EnerMech’s Equipment Investment and Strategic Partnerships Help Win (USD) $100m in Global Pre-Commissioning Projects

EnerMech has secured over (USD) $100m of pre-commissioning and new pipeline contract awards, following a (USD) $30m equipment investment programme across its global locations, to support its continued growth in these sectors.

This targeted investment represents a significant expansion to its specialist equipment fleet of compressors, air dryers, booster compressors, nitrogen tanks, nitrogen membrane units, downlines and fluid pumps, expanding its operational capability in the pre-commissioning sector. This approach has secured 10 significant new contracts including key awards in Mozambique, Guyana, Trinidad, Turkey and Australia.

These campaigns encompass a range of pre-commissioning services which cover full project requirements from deep-water flooding and testing, umbilical monitoring and testing, pipeline dewatering and commissioning, plus supporting specialist services on the associated process facilities.

Amongst the new wins is a five-year project with Chevron Australia to deliver its integrated services to the operator’s Western oil and gas assets which commenced in 2021. The work scope includes specialized cleaning, nitrogen purging and process plant drying, integrity leak and pressure testing, hydraulic hose integrity management and specialist hydraulic services.

Supporting this growth, EnerMech has further reinforced its project management capabilities, signing an exclusive agreement with Offshore Technical Services Ltd (OTS). This has uniquely positioned the organization as a market leader in full cycle project management, with the capability to both manage the completions, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities whilst also providing the associated specialist services, all under a single entity contract.

To further expand its pre-commissioning resources, EnerMech agreed a strategic deal with a global provider of air drilling services. The partnership provides EnerMech with access to up to (USD) $15million worth of equipment from the existing fleet of air compression, booster compression, nitrogen generation, and field personnel, which will further support the company’s expansion efforts.

EnerMech CEO Christian Brown said: “In the last 12 months we have taken robust, concerted steps to expand and improve our integrated pre-commissioning, commissioning and pipeline capabilities globally across the LNG, nuclear, oil and gas, hydrogen and renewable sectors.


“Our combined (USD) $30m investment in equipment and new strategic partnerships clearly demonstrates our commitment to the sector as we continue to enhance our current offering. These latest developments ensure we are ideally placed to deliver our expertise to large-scale projects as well as niche ones, to drive safer and more efficient operations globally.”

EnerMech Appoints New Regional Director for Asia Pacific

EnerMech has appointed Garry Ford as Regional Director for Asia Pacific to drive further business growth across the energy, industrial and infrastructure sectors and strengthen its existing oil and gas operations in the region.

Mr Ford joins the company from SNC Lavalin where he was most recently executive vice president – Americas and Europe. He brings more than three decades of senior industry experience with expertise in engineering, construction, commissioning and modular build oil and gas processing.

Based in Perth, Australia, Mr Ford has a proven track record in leading multi-million-dollar projects across Europe, Russia, Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, Australia, and the Americas. This includes some of the most significant liquified natural gas (LNG) developments in the world including the landmark Ichthys’ and globally recognized Gorgon projects in Australia.

In his new role, Mr Ford will be responsible for building on EnerMech’s established presence in Asia Pacific with a key focus on expanding the business’ increasingly diverse project portfolio.

He takes over the reins from current regional director for Asia Pacific, Paul McCarthy, who has been instrumental in the region’s success. Paul has elected to take up a newly created role, VP Projects for Asia Pacific, where his vast cross-sector experience will be utilized to lead and focus on EnerMech’s most significant contract in the region, Australia’s WestConnex motorway development. Mr McCarthy will remain a key member of EnerMech’s senior leadership team from the company’s base in Sydney, Australia.

Mr Ford said: “EnerMech has an unparalleled reputation globally and it’s an exciting time to be joining the company as it continues to drive forward its diversification strategy in Asia Pacific. The business has a strong understanding of the markets it operates within, and I look forward to enhancing our current offering while expanding our existing footprint in the energy and infrastructure sectors.”

EnerMech CEO Christian Brown said: “Despite the challenges of the last 18 months, our operations in Asia Pacific, and particularly Australia, have continued to gather pace with a number of significant, multi-million-dollar project wins. This success is a testament to our experienced teams in the region who continue to deliver an exceptionally high quality of work to ensure safety and efficiency are gained at all stages of operations.

“The addition of Garry to our leadership team will significantly strengthen our expertise and place us in a robust position for securing new business this year. His breadth of experience combined with his commitment to high safety standards and continuous improvement will be a huge asset to EnerMech.”

EnerMech Starts 2022 With Over £500 Million of New Awards

With more than a half-billion-pounds of new contracts secured in the last 12 months, EnerMech has kicked off 2022 by breaking into new geographies and business territories. Starting work in January on several significant campaigns, including numerous transformational mega-projects around the world.

During 2021, EnerMech was awarded over £500 million of business with new and existing clients across its target end markets, including the energy, renewables, infrastructure, nuclear and waste-to-energy sectors.

With some projects already underway, and new ones commencing imminently, the firm has increased its headcount by approximately 30% compared to 2020.

Last year, in response to the headwinds caused by low oil prices and the impact of coronavirus restrictions, EnerMech adopted a swift and proactive approach to the market that complemented its diversification strategy, with a priority focus on the health and wellbeing of its people while continuing to deliver consistent and safe service to its clients. The company also added innovative technologies and solutions to its portfolio, enhancing its capability offering to support its entry into new markets.

Sandeep Sharma, CFO of EnerMech said: “The diligent and responsive measures we adopted last year, as well as the investments we made, have had a truly positive impact on our people, our clients and our business. This success, combined with our ongoing resilience and determination, has set us on course for continued growth this year and beyond, growth that will safeguard jobs and create new ones.”

EnerMech CEO, Christian Brown, added: “After winning more than half a billion pounds of new business in the last 12 months, 2022 will be a very busy year for us. We are delivering several milestone campaigns for existing and new clients in the sectors we have traditionally supported, as well as new end markets and new regions, where clients value the reliability and safe delivery across all phases of the project lifecycle for which we are known.

“As well as having a healthy order book, we also have new opportunities on the near horizon. Our people are expert at listening to our clients’ needs and providing astute, tailor-made solutions, helping to grow our business and reputation for being a customer-focused, responsive partner.

“Our strengthened position is testament to the talent we have in-house and their hard work in these challenging times. We remain committed to the safety, development and well-being of our people, and I’m extremely proud of the excellent work they continue to deliver. I would like to thank all our teams for their continued dedication over the past 12 months.”


3t EnerMech Becomes First International Business to Support Guyanese Nationals With World-Class Training

3t EnerMech has secured a significant contract in South America with the Guyanese Government. As a result of the award win, the strategic alliance between 3t Energy Group and EnerMech, will become the first training organisation from outside of Guyana to set up a base in country and deliver training directly on behalf of the government.

Supporting the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Service, the organisation will provide its world-leading innovative and sustainable training solutions to help upskill the people of Guyana with technical and competency skills to support roles across multiple sectors via the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL).

As part of the workscope, 3t EnerMech will develop and deliver a three-stage core trade skills programme through a scholarship scheme. This will provide trainees with the required knowledge to enter the workplace and gain further development via an employer-backed apprenticeship.

The first two phases, which will be delivered by 3t EnerMech in partnership with Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL), will assess candidates existing experience and abilities, and equip them with a strong foundation of health and safety knowledge. This will be delivered via 3t EnerMech’s leading e-learning solutions, using digital technologies, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

During the final stage, individuals will choose from one of three industry-agnostic ‘technical pathways’ and receive interactive, in-person training from experienced instructors. Once complete, all candidates will be awarded an industry recognised Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) Level One certification in their chosen discipline.

Christian Brown, CEO of EnerMech, said: “When we launched 3t EnerMech earlier this year, the whole philosophy and ethos of the alliance was to apply our combined expertise in training and technology to develop local content globally and ultimately deliver a safer and more sustainable global workforce. This contract is a significant award for the business and highlights the value that regional governments see in our service offering, which supports numerous industries including mining, nuclear, oil and gas, industrial and renewables.”

Kevin Franklin, CEO of 3t Energy Group added “South America, and Guyana in particular, has been a key focus for 3t EnerMech and we have worked closely with the Guyana Government’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Service to tailor our services to their specific requirements. We are committed to upskilling the national workforce and look forward to working closely in country with ECITB and the Ministry of Education to deliver our high-quality training to support the Guyanese and the local economy.”

Professor Jacob, who heads up Guyana Online Academy of Learning, said: “This type of training is a completely new concept for our region and the benefit it brings to our workforce is significant as we look to increase our local content capabilities. Giving local people an internationally recognised level of training such as an ECITB qualification will not only advance our country and economy but help build a more skilled and efficient workforce in Guyana.”

3t EnerMech will look to launch the first phase of the in-country training with the first cohort of 150 scholars due to start on the scheme before the end of the year.

EnerMech Secures Three-Year Equipment Rental Contract Extension With Petrofac

EnerMech has confirmed a three-year extension deal with Petrofac, taking the two company’s working relationship beyond the 10-year mark.

Having held the contract since 2012, the 57-strong Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth team will continue to support the leading energy GS services firm with rental equipment delivery across all its UK operations until 2024. The work scope includes rigging and lifting, safety, measuring, electrical, air powered, hand tools, and welding and torquing equipment.

EnerMech was awarded the continuation following a competitive in-depth commercial and technical review. The organization’s 24/7 technical support, combined with its in-house data management system, EnerMech Live, were cited as key components to its success. The user-friendly system stores key information on customers’ equipment to streamline the storage, maintenance and management of their assets. It can be accessed around the clock from anywhere in the world to improve equipment monitoring.

Ross McHardy, Regional Director, Europe and Africa, commented: “We’re exceptionally proud to be extending our relationship with Petrofac for a further three years. During the last nine years, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of their operations, working practices and requirements. I’d like to thank our highly skilled and dedicated people who have been integral to this latest award win as they continue to be recognized for delivering a first-class service across our equipment rental projects.

“As the industry continues to focus on project efficiencies, our EnerMech Live technology offers an effective solution to equipment management and we’re very pleased to see Petrofac continuing to adopt this system. We are experiencing a growing demand for this solution as our customers realize the benefits it delivers across asset management, offering instant online access to data which is tailored specifically to their needs.”

EnerMech Secures Contract To Support TAQA’s UKCS Portfolio For Next Five Years

EnerMech has been awarded a five-year contract to deliver tensioning, torquing and associated services across all of TAQA’s North Sea platforms.

Under the new contract, EnerMech will deliver these services on the Cormorant Alpha, North Cormorant, Eider Alpha, Harding, Tern Alpha, Brae Alpha, and East Brae platforms.

The contract builds on EnerMech’s existing seven-year relationship with TAQA in the UK. EnerMech’s regional director for Europe and Africa, Ross McHardy, said: “We have been successfully carrying out work across TAQA’s North Sea assets since 2014 and are looking forward to providing further safe, responsive and reliable services under this new contract for flange management and bolting services.”


EnerMech Forms Strategic Alliance With OTS

Exclusive agreement boosts EnerMech’s capacity to offer unrivalled and premiere global project completions services.

EnerMech has formed a strategic alliance with Offshore Technical Services Ltd (OTS) to further support the execution of its large capital projects around the globe. The exclusive agreement positions the organization as a market leader in full-cycle project completions.

EnerMech operates in 40 key locations in 26 countries and provides integrated solutions for complex energy and infrastructure projects. The business has several large-scale campaigns currently underway, including a five-year scope of work with Chevron Australia to support its Western Australian oil and gas plant facilities, as well as downstream projects in Africa and the US.

OTS has four locations throughout North America and since it was established in 2005, boasts a proven track record of successfully delivering dozens of industry-changing projects.

This new collaboration will give EnerMech access to thousands of complementary, highly skilled personnel from OTS to seamlessly bolster its workforce and support new large-scale wins in the LNG, nuclear, oil and gas, hydrogen and renewables sectors.

The new unified approach will enhance EnerMech’s ability to take projects from the construction/mechanical completion stage through to operations handover by combining all aspects of pre-commissioning/commissioning engineering, controls, support and equipment across all disciplines and packages. This includes peripheral testing and integrity services, using existing in-house expertise and a combination of resources. As a result, EnerMech’s clients will benefit from enhanced continuity of planning, execution, interface reduction, and even greater certainty for project delivery.

EnerMech chief executive, Christian Brown, said: “The alliance agreement with OTS has elevated our business into the unique position of being a leading company with the resources and expertise to be able to deliver concurrent full cycle project completions. We are fully committed to providing the highest quality of work reliably and safely across all sizes of projects and have very rigorous processes in place to assure this. OTS shares the same motivations and principles, making them the ideal fit to complement and amplify our robust workforce requirements for large-scale global operations, where they have exemplary experience.

“With OTS’ personnel combined with our talented pool of people, we are well placed to capitalise rapidly on the many opportunities in the LNG, oil and gas, nuclear and hydrogen sectors. Our unified knowledge and experience offers a unique project life cycle leadership and execution format which fully supports our continued mega-deal ambitions across the industrial and energy arena.”

Rodney Colbourne, OTS president added: “OTS’ experience in the pre-commissioning and commissioning industry is second to none, spanning multiple industries and administering safe and efficient start-up of operations to multiple capital projects throughout North America.

“Our capabilities for project completions and real time reporting helps our clients solve issues on major projects and combined with EnerMech’s experienced resources and capabilities we strongly feel that we offer the market a unique solution to project execution. Bringing our practices together to the global stage will allow both parties to grow and benefit for years to come.”

EnerMech Invests in New Crane Training Tech to Support Safe Lifting Operations

UK, Qatar and Angola training centers equipped with world-leading crane simulators to improve safety critical decision making

EnerMech has invested half-a-million pounds in advanced crane simulator training systems at its Luanda (Angola), Doha (Qatar) and Great Yarmouth (UK) facilities. The investment forms part of the company’s ongoing commitment to provide clients with the latest high quality and innovative solutions that enhance and support safe lifting operations.

Utilising the very latest simulator technology, the KraneSIM models support clients across the drilling, engineering, subsea, production and construction sectors, and use the most cutting-edge, progressive graphics to create realistic training conditions.

Delivered via suites of powerful PCs and high-resolution screens, KraneSIM technology exposes trainees to a range of operating conditions including dangerous circumstances which cannot be replicated safely in real life. This allows crane operators to build the necessary decision-making skills to safely negotiate situations that include equipment malfunctions, adverse weather conditions and human factors.

The system delivers a wide range of training environments including fixed installations, floating platforms and vessels, with various crane models, load-types and subsea configurations.  During deck lifting and supply vessel lifting operations, the trainees experience a variety of dynamic environments, emergency situations and communications skills tests which cannot be safely replicated in real life.

EnerMech’s Head of Training Jennifer Batchelor said: “Undertaking crane lifting operations safely is a highly skilled job, and ensuring personnel are competent and certified to support this is essential. The KraneSIM technology creates a safe environment for operators to build confidence and develop strong decision-making skills under pressure that could ultimately save lives and negate downtime offshore.

“We have been utilizing Drilling Systems world-class simulator technologies to support safe and efficient lifting operations training for our clients in the global energy and infrastructure industries since 2005. As part of our ongoing growth, this £500k investment allows for training, competence assessment, pre-employment testing, and supporting emergency management across a further three of our clients’ key geographies and truly cements the 3t EnerMech joint venture aim of delivering world-class training services.”

Andy Noble, VP of recently launched joint venture 3t EnerMech, which is a strategic partnership between EnerMech and leading Training and Competency Organization 3t Energy Group, said: “Our joint venture provides local skills-development across client organizations globally. By bringing the KraneSIM-6000 equipment to both Qatar and Angola in particular, we offer the highest quality in-country training and assessment experience available to local employers and employees. The KraneSIM-60 portable simulator in the UK will build on our existing capability and flexible approach to clients’ training needs.”

EnerMech’s training arm was established 25 years ago and currently delivers 116 courses to its global network. As well as its training facilities in Great Yarmouth, Luanda and Doha, it also has centers in Aberdeen, Kemaman and Singapore.


EnerMech Among First to be Granted ‘Fit 4 Offshore Renewables’ Status in England

EnerMech’s specialist capability and growing involvement in the renewables market has been recognised with the award of the coveted ‘granted status’ by the ‘Fit 4 Offshore Renewables (F4OR)’ programme.

This programme was developed by the UK’s industry-leading technology, innovation and research organisation, the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, to support the development of a world-class, domestic supply chain focused on the renewables industry. As part of the very first cohort of organisations to achieve this within the New Anglia programme, and linked to EnerMech’s renewables centre of excellence at Great Yarmouth, EnerMech is recognised as being in the vanguard of industry best practice in this area.

EnerMech was granted F4OR status following an exhaustive and highly competitive process initially involving over 50 applicant companies. EnerMech’s proven ability to operate to the most exacting performance standards, supporting clients’ assets across the full lifecycle and commitment to collaborative working underpinned the company’s selection for the rigorous 12-18 month scheme.

Alex Goude, responsible for Strategic Development across the company’s Europe region said: “We are delighted to be accepted into this highly regarded and ambitious New Anglia F4OR programme. The programme aligns with our strategic commitment to becoming a leading specialist services partner of choice to those at the forefront of the transformation of the renewable energy industry offshore. As the UK transitions its energy mix to support the country’s net-zero carbon emissions targets, this sector offers EnerMech a wealth of opportunity”

EnerMech’s Regional Director for Europe and Africa, Ross McHardy added: “We have a highly skilled workforce who successfully support our clients across the energy and infrastructure sectors with their ability to deliver critical mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and integrity campaigns. Our centre of renewable energy excellence based at Great Yarmouth is ideally located to support the growing offshore renewable energy market both here in the UK and internationally”.

Andrew Stormonth-Darling, ORE Catapult’s Fit 4 Offshore Renewables Programme Manager added: “We’re delighted that EnerMech has joined the ever-growing community of those with Fit 4 Offshore Renewables ‘Granted’ status. EnerMech has proven that is has the necessary business acumen, including in key disciplines such as health & safety and people management, and the know-how to apply that knowledge of the sector to target key corners of the market, and boost its chances of winning business.  EnerMech will now be able to access new opportunities to engage with major industry stakeholders who could end up being their future customers.”

EnerMech Names David Molloy as New General Counsel and Head of Contracts

Global integrated solutions specialist EnerMech has appointed David Molloy as General Counsel and Head of Contracts to support the business as it continues to grow in new territories and regions.

Licensed to practice law since 1999, Mr. Molloy has more than 20 years’ in-house legal experience in the energy sector. Most recently, he was the General Counsel and member of the executive team developing a large-scale private equity owned and operated petroleum refinery complex.

He also spent five years at SNC Lavalin as lead lawyer for the 20,000-employee oil and gas engineering and construction business, which operates in 36 countries. While there, he successfully managed a legal team of 60 across the globe responsible for negotiating contracts totaling multi-billion-dollar revenues. He also implemented legal frameworks agreements and managed the integration of three legacy organizations.

Prior to this, Mr. Molloy also held the senior corporate counsel role at Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc., in Houston for three years. Here, he led the legal team that provided legal support for a refinery and three petrochemical facilities and their associated product streams. He was also the sole in-house attorney responsible for all aspects of the (USD) $3 billion refinery expansion.

EnerMech specializes in providing integrated supply, operations, maintenance and engineering solutions to the international energy and infrastructure sectors, from pre-commissioning through operations and maintenance and late-life support. Headquartered in Aberdeen (UK), it operates in 40 key locations across 23 countries.

Mr. Molloy, based in Houston (USA) said: “EnerMech is a large, dynamic organization which has demonstrated sustained growth over the years through its new technology patents, joint ventures, and partnerships – all driven by its talented global workforce. I am excited to be part of this next stage in the company’s overarching strategic development and looking forward to supporting the senior leadership team with the legal advice to ensure compliance is continued to be met in these areas.”

Mr. Molloy will report directly into EnerMech’s CEO, Christian Brown, who said: “David is an outstanding, results-driven individual whose expertise covers a wide range of complex regulatory, legal and compliance circumstances across numerous countries and sectors. This made him the number one choice for the business to provide us with accurate and relevant legal advice on a whole spectrum of relevant legal matters to support our continued growth. His experience of leading legal teams is also valuable to the business as we look to retain and attract further top legal talent.”


EnerMech Strengthens Position in Americas With Significant Multi-Sector Contracts and New Senior BD Hire

Global integrated solutions specialist business EnerMech has secured a raft of significant new business in the Americas. The multiple sector awards span the oil and gas, petrochemicals, maritime, construction and manufacturing industries, demonstrating the firm’s versatility to support new and existing clients with its wide range of engineering and technical expertise.

The new contracts include a second campaign with a major E&P operator in offshore Gulf of Mexico for nitrogen and leak testing on a third of its installations, and delivering dynamic commissioning, leak testing, bolting and torquing services for a brownfield platform in offshore Mexico.

In Guyana, the team has won essential pipework cleaning services, where its personnel will carry out hydroblasting, camera inspections, air blowing, and hot N2 services. The firm has also been awarded a pre-commissioning project for a new FPSO being built for an operator in the region.

A major plastics manufacturing facility in Texas has also chosen EnerMech to carry out pre-operational engineering, procedure development, as well as provide HSE/QA & ITP and cleaning plans.

And under its Americas’ union entity, ME&I Construction Services, the team will deliver additional services with a well-established US based engineering, procurement and construction company supporting a major petrochemicals plant which processes ethane from shale gas.

As a result of these new awards, the company, which employs over 3,500 worldwide and over 800 based in the Americas, has doubled its electrical team, and increased the number of mechanical pipefitters and NACE Inspectors. EnerMech has also appointed Rob Bleicher as its Vice President of Business Development – Americas, to drive forward its strategic growth plans.

Mr. Bleicher has more than 30 years’ commercial experience, most recently in senior roles at KBR and CB&I. He has extensive experience in helping to secure and deliver domestic and international, billion-dollar LNG projects, large and small refining and petrochemicals industries.

EnerMech President of the Americas region Joseph Lichon said: “This has been another fantastic few months for the Americas team, building on the momentum we are experiencing globally across the business since coronavirus restrictions began easing earlier this year. It’s particularly pleasing to see the big strides we are making as we compete for new work in some of the most hazardous and challenging industries and being selected based on our proven safety record and ability to deliver efficient, reliable results. In several instances, scopes have also widened as clients see first-hand how strong our skillsets are and the ease by which they can be diversified across projects.

“We are also excited to welcome Rob into our leadership team. His technical and commercial expertise is extremely valuable to EnerMech and will support our plans to increase traction in the energy and infrastructure sectors to expand our leading position in the Americas and globally.”

EnerMech specializes in providing integrated supply, operations, maintenance, and engineering solutions and operates in 40 key locations across 23 countries. It has seven bases in the Americas including Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, Georgia, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, and Guyana.

EnerMech’s Cranes and Lifting Director John Morrison is Set to Retire After Supporting the Oil and Gas Sector For The Last Four Decades

A well-known and respected industry figure within Aberdeen, Mr John Morrison has spent the last 13 years of his career spearheading EnerMech’s installation, operation, maintenance, engineering and inspection services and overseeing the global division.

Raised on a farm in Banffshire, Mr Morrison entered the oil and gas industry in the late 1970s after completing an engineering apprenticeship in 1976. Recognising the vast opportunities in the then-emerging energy market, Mr Morrison worked in a number of engineering roles, gaining opportunities to travel offshore and work on major assets, including bp’s Forties field, before finding his passion for cranes and lifting operations.

In 1989, he was one of the founders of a start-up business, Specialist Maintenance Services, after spotting a gap in the market for offshore crane maintenance, inspection and training. The company was eventually acquired by EnerMech in 2008 and he was brought into the fold as the business’ cranes and lifting director.

Reflecting on his career, Mr Morrison said: “Back in the early ‘70s, oil and gas was a very new industry, so the prospects were relatively unknown. I remember being advised not to make the move, but I’ve never looked back and I’m really glad I took the opportunity. Even after 40 years I still find it such a fascinating sector to be a part of.

“I will miss working at EnerMech. The firm is a real champion of driving safety and efficiency and I’ve enjoyed being part of a global company and team where everyone is working together to achieve a common goal. It really is the people that make a business, and this is why I’ve stayed all these years – working with such talented, driven individuals.

“It’s also been exciting to play a role in EnerMech’s diversification success as it extends its services across the renewable and industrial sectors.”

During his time at EnerMech, Mr Morrison was also involved in a number of committees promoting safety within the cranes and lifting industry and was a member of the Offshore Mechanical Handling Equipment Committee (OMHEC) and the International Offshore Cranes and Lifting Conference (IOCLC).

As an industry stalwart, Mr Morrison has witnessed the huge evolution that the oil and gas sector has experienced over the last four decades with the adoption of new technology and practices to deliver highly efficient operations.

Christian Brown, EnerMech’s CEO, said: “John has been a highly valued member of our team over the last 13 years, continually driving our cranes and lifting division to ensure we remain at the forefront of safer and smarter operations. He has a real passion for sharing knowledge and experience with the younger generation and supporting the development of our people. We are very fortunate that he has taken the time to generously pass his expertise on over the years. Personally, I know that he will be sorely missed, and we all wish him the best for his retirement.”

Daniel McCarthy Joins EnerMech as New Strategic Proposals Director

EnerMech has announced that Daniel McCarthy has joined the company as its strategic proposals director to help accelerate its planned growth across the business.

Mr McCarthy started his 18-year career in the oil and gas, engineering and construction sector at Kentz, which was later acquired by SNC-Lavalin in 2015. In his most recent role, he was responsible for overseeing the company’s pursuit of large-scale projects in the Americas, as well as leading all its major global construction proposals. During his tenure, he built up a successful track record of supporting rainmaker deals being secured.

Mr McCarthy’s performance history also includes winning high-value projects in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East, as well as managing and developing multi-discipline tender teams to ensure proposals meet all health, safety and quality requirements.

Based in the United Kingdom, Mr McCarthy will be instrumental in building on recent successes with a key focus on devising and implementing best-in-class procedures for cross-regional, complex proposals. His focus on large-scale tenders will also see Mr McCarthy align the company’s technical expertise across its global locations to deliver proposals across the energy and infrastructure sectors.

EnerMech is a global services company specialising in critical asset support across the asset lifecycle from pre-commissioning to decommissioning. The group is headquartered in Aberdeen, UK and has 40 facilities in 23 countries.

The business has experienced a strong performance in 2021 and secured contracts totalling £170 million in the first quarter of the year including substantial downstream projects in Africa and the US and a second award for its unique patented catalyst handling technology.

Mr McCarthy said: “EnerMech is a forward-thinking company with vision, energy and purpose, and I am very excited to be joining the business and supporting its next stage of international growth.

“When bidding for new business across multiple countries and sectors, there is a myriad of different requirements, nuances and complexities involved in the tendering process. The team at EnerMech are incredibly experienced in addressing these challenges and have won a significant number of important and large-scale contracts as a result, despite the recent downturn and coronavirus pandemic. My role will concentrate on developing new methodologies and efficiencies across our tendering process and working closely with our existing and prospective clients to ensure a collaborative process throughout, allowing us to build a strong understanding our customers’ requirements.”

Behzad Kazerani, chief business development officer at EnerMech added: “Daniel’s appointment underlines the company’s commitment to building a world-class senior team to support our overarching global ambitions.

“We have added a number of key contract wins to our books since the start of the year including a five-year contract with Chevron in Australia. And, as awareness has increased of our extensive capabilities and in-house resources to support this scale of opportunity, we are submitting a growing number of new, exciting large scope tenders from new clients in new territories. Daniel’s insight will help to advance our teams and their ability to deliver proposals that strike the right chord.”

EnerMech Appoints First Asia Director to Drive Business Expansion Across the Region

EnerMech has appointed James Phu Nguyen to the newly created role of Asia Director to lead the company’s expanding operations in the region.

Based in Malaysia, Mr Nguyen brings more than 15 years’ oil and gas experience to EnerMech and joins the business from Baker Hughes PPS where he held the position of Area Manager for the Far East. Prior to this, he held several high-level technical sales and operations roles at a number of oil and gas service companies across Asia and Australia.

In his new position, he will be responsible for leading EnerMech’s personnel in Asia with a key focus on driving business growth in existing markets while extending the company’s current activities across Brunei, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, and Sakhalin Island.

With a proven track record in operations management, business development and technical leadership, Mr Nguyen will play a central role in expanding EnerMech’s Process, Pipelines and Umbilical (PPU), Cranes, Hydraulics and Industrial Services offering in the region.

Mr Nguyen said: “EnerMech has an enviable reputation across Asia so it’s an exciting time to be joining such a well-respected business as it gears up for a period of sustained growth. As the industry continues to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, there is renewed optimism as delayed projects restart and EnerMech is ideally placed to support this influx of activity. I’m pleased to be joining the team and look forward to working closely with the wider global leadership team to deliver our innovative solutions to the region.”

Paul McCarthy, Regional Director for Asia Pacific added: “James has a strong network in Asia and his deep understanding of the region and its demands will be extremely valuable to the business as we implement our growth strategy. With extensive experience in delivering multi-million-dollar energy projects and leading large, international teams James is ideally suited to spearhead our operations.

“We have experienced a rising demand for our services across Asia Pacific and already have a number of large-scale projects underway across the oil and gas and industrial markets. With operators now planning substantial spend across oil and gas infrastructure assets we are well positioned to deliver our services to drive safer and smarter operations across Asia.”

EnerMech has been active in Asia since 2009 and currently employs personnel across its bases in Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Korea and China.


International Women in Engineering Day 2021: Building a Successful Career in Energy

For nearly eight years, Yousra Baghdadi has been a project engineer with EnerMech, an Aberdeen headquartered specialist in integrated mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and integrity services to the energy sector.

It’s a role she thoroughly enjoys, especially being part of a dynamic environment where no two working days are the same.

Yousra explained: “My day-to-day job involves preparation of operational procedures during the engineering phases, in addition to the direct control of all operational activities onsite to ensure smooth running and effective project completion. I must certify all activity is in accordance with the approved procedures for PPU, industrial service, hydraulics and flange management. My personal drive is to solve customer problems and I have been involved in the success of many projects for major operators including ExxonMobil, Shell and GE.

“As a child I was more interested in building and creating things than playing with traditional girls’ toys which led me to pursue my passion of engineering. However, growing up in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, it was widely perceived that such a career path would be ‘too difficult’ for a woman.”

Undeterred and highly motivated, Yousra first attained a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Cairo University in 2004. In 2006, the first step in her career path was with the Egyptian Petrochemical Holding Company in Cairo. In her role, Yousra was involved in the implementation of pre-feasibility studies, evaluation of EPC contractor agreements and bankable feasibility studies for major petrochemical projects in Egypt.

While working, Yousra was determined to broaden her engineering know-how in the oil and gas sector and first undertook a diploma in Petroleum Industrialization Engineering, before completing a MSc from the University of Nottingham Malaysia in 2012. One year later, she joined EnerMech and travelled to Western Australia where she spent five years as a project engineer.

She is encouraged to see more women build and forge their engineering dreams but would like to see more in leadership roles. “I’d like to see more programs encouraging girls from a young age to have an interest in STEM subjects and to identify and develop those talents early,” said Yousra. “They need to be nominated or given scholarships in the field which will pave the way for their careers.

“As an industry, I feel that female engineers are still seen as ‘unusual’. But if big companies fully support equal opportunities during the hiring process as well as internships, then this negative perspective will change organically to the point it becomes outdated. I feel very fortunate to work for a business like EnerMech that actively encourages women to grow and succeed in the sector.”

EnerMech appoints Steve Swanson to lead growth in Africa

Steve Swanson has been appointed as head of cranes and lifting for EnerMech in Africa to support the business’ continued growth following a significant number of project wins in the last 5 months.

Mr Swanson brings more than 40 years’ experience in crane maintenance and operations and has held several senior roles including executive director – Africa and regional operations director within the sector. With an expansive local network, he has worked closely with government bodies and has a strong track record of executing multi-million-pound contracts with a key focus on service delivery and high HSEQ standards.

Mr Swanson will play a key role in the business’ new training and competency solution service located in Luanda. The company recently launched its new enhanced premises at the centre of Angola’s largest port which comprises classrooms, an on-site simulator and a practical facility for banksman slinger and rigger courses. The team also has the capabilities to deliver remote training to clients’ operations globally.

Ross McHardy, regional director of Europe and Africa for EnerMech said: “As we accelerate our growth across Africa, the business is perfectly placed to leverage Steve’s knowledge and experience to drive our cranes and lifting services in the country. We are in a very fortunate position to attract someone of his calibre with such great connections and a deep understanding of the market and its demands.

“Africa has been a key focus for EnerMech for many years and our recent raft of new contract wins highlights the clear demand for our reliable services and our ongoing success in the region. Our new training facility coupled with our experienced, in-country personnel means we are ideally positioned to continue delivering our global standard of safer and smarter operations to meet the needs of the country’s growing energy sector.”

EnerMech has been active in Africa for more than 10 years’, delivering complex installation, operation, maintenance, engineering, and inspection services across onshore and offshore assets. The company’s experienced personnel in the region also deliver vital offshore deck services including crane maintenance, crane operations, supply vessel operations and rigging loft control.

EnerMech Reports a Strong First Quarter

EnerMech, global integrated solutions specialist, has reported a strong first quarter for 2021 after securing contracts totaling £170 million. The four-month period has seen the business delivering strategically, resulting in new awards with new clients across new geographies; taking its core services into infrastructure, defence, marine, nuclear, mining and renewables as well as its existing markets.

The firm’s order book has been buoyed following the implementation of a resilient business strategy to counter the ongoing challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has delivered many unprecedented and complex challenges that EnerMech has navigated well across all regions and business lines, keeping clients and colleagues safe whilst reshaping the business for growth.

Since January, EnerMech has secured a number of significant awards and contract extensions, including the recently announced five-year award with Chevron Australia to support its Western Australian oil and gas plant facilities. The other deals confirmed for this period include substantial downstream projects in Africa and the US, a second award for its unique patented catalyst handling technology and the delivery of off-site manufacturing works on the new, multi-billion EU microprocessor production facility being built for a North American world-leading semi-conductor company.

Earlier this year, its new training and competency solutions joint venture (JV) 3t EnerMech was launched with its partner 3t Energy Group and won its first two clients. The projects will support the upskilling of the industry’s workforce in Mozambique and Angola, where the JV has opened a new training centre. The collaboration combines the skills of EnerMech’s integrated solutions personnel with the traditional training methods and digital learning applications available through 3t Energy Group.

EnerMech CEO Christian Brown said: “Global economies are slowly reopening following a long year of the coronavirus pandemic brutally impacting on projects. During this time, we have achieved a number of proactive measures to help sharpen our focus, safeguard the business whilst prioritising our people’s health and well-being. We have a very loyal team who work incredibly hard to ensure our existing clients continue to experience uninterrupted, reliable, and safe operations across both CAPEX and OPEX phases. I am extremely thankful for all their hard work.

“We have made a good start to the year. Our focus on operational excellence and service innovation is continuing to deliver competitive advantage and drive growth. We have capitalised on a raft of new opportunities between January and April totalling £170 million which has not only allowed us to build backlog for growth in the second half of the year but to continue to shape a sustainable business for the future.”

EnerMech operates in 23 countries and employs 3,000 personnel globally. It provides specialist integrated mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and integrity services to the international energy and infrastructure sectors across the CAPEX and OPEX phases.

3t EnerMech Brings World-Leading Training and Competency Solutions to Angola

3t EnerMech, a strategic alliance between 3t Energy Group and EnerMech, has launched a world-leading training and competency solution service in Angola, which is the first of its kind in the country.

The alliance, which was founded earlier this year, has also secured an international drilling contractor as its first client to benefit from its new dedicated training facility in the industrial hub of Luanda, Angola.

Launched in partnership with EnerMech’s local entity SoniMech, 3t EnerMech will provide lifting operations training and competence services, with plans already in place to extend this to cover the full 3t EnerMech portfolio in the coming months.

Januario Nhembo has been appointed as training manager to spearhead delivery at the new premises and brings more than 20 years’ experience to the role. A local Angolan, Mr Nhembo is fully accredited to deliver training and assessment across a range of disciplines including offshore crane operator stage 1-3, banksman slinger and lifting awareness.

Mr Nhembo will deliver courses in the native language of Portuguese, supporting 3t EnerMech’s commitment to upskilling the national workforce in Angola.

The alliance will see 3t EnerMech bring globally recognised, quality assured training capability, along-side fully customisable learning solutions that draw on a range of software and technology tools including simulation, e-learning, VR-learning, R3 spaced-repetition learning and augmented reality.

As part of the new contract, which is already in progress, a robust offshore lifting training and assessment programme will be delivered at the Kizomba deepwater development, which lies in block 15 off Angola. This will include reviewing all relevant competencies for the global contractor’s crane operators with the programme being delivered by 3t EnerMech’s skilled personnel.

The new enhanced facility at the centre of Angola’s largest port comprises classrooms, an on-site simulator and a practical facility for banksman slinger and rigger courses. The company also has the capabilities to deliver remote training to clients’ operations globally.

EnerMech’s recently appointed head of cranes and lifting for Africa, Steve Swanson, operations manager Sean Filby and office manager Eugenia Calunga, will work closely with Mr Nhembo and Rudi Schellhorn, Country manager, to grow the current service offering. The team has a combined experience of more than 50 years in the cranes and lifting industry and both Mr Swanson and Mr Filby have held several senior positions within Angola.

Ross McHardy, regional director of Europe and Africa for EnerMech said: “When we established 3t EnerMech, our core objective for the alliance was to work closely with regional clients to develop and up skill their local personnel. Being able to deliver this just a few months later in Angola is a key milestone for the business and testament to the dedication and pro-activity of our combined forces.

We have formed an exceptionally strong team who have the knowledge, expertise and track-record to provide best-in-class training to our clients. This collective training and competency solution strengthens our position for future growth and expansion in the region.”

3t EnerMech vice president Andrew Noble said: “Our unique approach to training services allows clients to benefit from blended and fully customisable learning solutions ultimately creating a safer, more effective workforce trained to international standards. We are thrilled that our clients see the value in our services and look forward to supporting a more skilled and competent workforce in the country.”

EnerMech Strengthens Senior Team for Success in Europe & Africa

EnerMech has appointed Shahed Iqbal in a newly created senior position to maximise the company’s diversification strategy across the wider energy and infrastructure sectors in Europe and Africa.

Mr Iqbal has more than 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas, nuclear, industrial and pharmaceutical industries and has taken up the role of head of sales and business development for Europe & Africa as of March this year.

Mr Iqbal was most recently the director of business development at KBR and for the last two years has overseen upstream and downstream projects in Europe and the Middle East. Prior to this, he was an executive director at Jacobs Engineering for 13 years where he helped to expand the business into the Middle East and Africa with a number of significant processing industry wins.

As well as a proven track record for negotiating and securing multi-billion-dollar contracts, Mr Iqbal also has vast experience of developing sales teams and setting up strategic partnerships with service companies.

Mr Iqbal is based in Manchester, UK and reports directly to Ross McHardy, regional director for Europe and Africa. Mr Iqbal said: “The team at EnerMech has an excellent reputation for delivering reliable, high quality integrated services with an incredible energy and passion which has catapulted the business into various new sectors over recent years.

“My focus will be to build on this and implement a strategic sales plan to underpin the leadership team’s growth ambitions across both territories by securing further integrated commercial opportunities. There’s a growing momentum for EnerMech’s skilled multi-disciplined teams across the industries in which we work, such as oil and gas, renewables, petrochemicals, rail infrastructure and defence, and I’m excited to be part of the business’ next chapter.”

EnerMech currently operates in 40 key locations across 23 countries, with nine operations which fall under its Europe and Africa banner. This includes Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth, London and Bristol (UK), Stavanger (Norway), Angola, Nigeria, South Africa and Mozambique (Africa).

Ross McHardy said: “We have the combined strength of nine operational teams and equipment to rely on across Europe and Africa which means we are ideally placed to respond quickly and efficiently to clients’ requests with a tailored, scalable and sustainable solution.

“Shahed demonstrates the right balance of ambition, commercial sense, and regional experience to harness the expertise of our workforce and widen our geographical footprint.  He will be a great asset to the business as we push forward and expand further into key markets.”

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021

To mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021, we spoke with our QHSE Director James Cassin about the importance of offering a safe place to work.

“At EnerMech, we believe that the health and safety of our people, customers and the planet is paramount. Operating a safe and socially responsible business that drives innovation, enhances wellbeing and contributes positively to the environments in which we operate in is non-negotiable. This sustainable approach underpins and supports all core operations. But we can’t do it alone.

On the 28th of April every year, we celebrate the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This is the one day globally when every individual, company and union can remember those who have been lost or suffered an injury because of a workplace incident and importantly, raise awareness to prevent future incidents.

Unfortunately, during my career and prior to EnerMech, I have witnessed first-hand the devastating results of incidents and it’s something which still affects me today. It is incumbent on every single one of us, to work together to ensure we do not let that one lapse result in an injury, or worse, a fatality.

We also understand that mental health is just as important as physical health. This is why we encourage everyone to provide a listening ear for our friends and colleagues and to ask if they are okay? The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on mental wellness, so through the support from our employee assistance programme and charity partnerships, we are there to support our workforce if needed.

I’m proud to be part of a business that delivers high quality operations which make a difference to the world, so let’s keep making the difference safely.”

New 3t EnerMech Joint Venture Secures Vital Work With UK Government and Mozambique’s Oil and Gas Sector

3t EnerMech, a new strategic alliance between 3t Energy Group and EnerMech, has announced its first award, a significant contract with the UK Government, which will help to shape future training requirements for Mozambique’s growing oil and gas workforce.

The newly launched joint venture combines the expertise of integrated solutions specialist provider EnerMech and 3t Energy Group, which owns leading energy sector training organisations 3t Transform, Drilling Systems, Survivex and AIS Training. The alliance will deliver world-leading training and competency solutions encompassing a blend of traditional training, digital learning technologies and training compliance management platforms.

3t EnerMech has been contracted by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office which is currently working in partnership with The National Authority of Professional Education (ANEP).

The project will see the partnership provide evidence-based analysis into the current oil and gas skills training of Mozambican Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions and compare this to international standards to identify any existing gaps.

The study will be benchmarked against the UK’s leading Oil and Gas Technical Apprentice Programme (OGTAP) which is globally recognised. The scheme is managed jointly by not-for-profit energy industry skills body OPITO and the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) and includes the four key disciplines of electrical maintenance, mechanical maintenance, process operations, instrumentation, and control maintenance.

Experienced personnel from 3t EnerMech’s UK and Mozambique premises will conduct the research and also create procedures and guidelines to build TVET institutions and courses which achieve ECITB and OPITO standards and accreditation.

3t EnerMech vice president Andrew Noble said: “The formation of 3t EnerMech combines our respective knowledge, experience and global reach to deliver training and technologies which create safer, smarter and more sustainable workforces. A core aim of the partnership is to engage with local regions to develop local content and ultimately deliver more highly skilled global workers. Winning this significant piece of work in support of Mozambique’s local content development strategy is of major importance to the new alliance and its strategic objectives.

“Mozambique is a significant player in the global oil and gas market and with activity continuing to ramp up, the country requires a robust, skilled workforce to support new long-term projects. This study will play a key role in future training and development programmes in the country and we look forward to delivering the data it presents.”

Paul Stonebanks, President of 3t EnerMech said: “This new venture will truly transform both the lives of individuals and the communities in which it operates in a positive and powerful way.

“In line with 3t Energy Group’s goal to transform the global training market through technology, the new joint venture will help to bring high quality, industry-approved training rapidly and effectively to those geographical areas that need it most.”

3t EnerMech is due to deliver the study to the UK Government in Q2 of this year.

EnerMech Secures New Five-Year Deal With Chevron Australia

EnerMech has been awarded a five-year contract by Chevron Australia to provide a range of integrated services to its Western Australian oil and gas facilities.

This agreement will see EnerMech continue to deliver pipeline services including pipe cleaning, nitrogen purging and process plant drying, integrity leak and pressure testing, hydraulic hose integrity management and specialist hydraulic services.

Paul McCarthy, EnerMech’s regional director for Asia Pacific said: “Having worked together since 2016, we have built up a trusted relationship with Chevron and we are proud to be continuing our work together over the next five years and beyond.

“This award recognizes our ongoing commitment to serving Chevron and will allow us to build on the foundations we have in Australia as we further enhance our technology offering.”

EnerMech employs staff across 40 locations around the world. The connection with Australia goes back to 2009 when it launched in Perth. The company has expanded across Australia to provide a full complement of EnerMech’s mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and inspection services to a wide range of industries.

The team of experts has since grown and developed, delivering integrated solutions on some of the most complex challenges across pre-commissioning, commissioning, shutdown and maintenance.

Constructing a Successful Future

On the 8th March every year, the world celebrates all of the wonderful women that live within it. This is International Women’s Day: a globally recognized day with gender equality at its core. It has been celebrated for over 100 years.

Despite an increased focus in recent years, the energy industry has struggled to attract more women. While the number of women entering leadership roles in these industries has steadily increased, there is still significant work to be done to encourage more females into male-dominated roles.

Today we mark International Women’s Day by celebrating four EnerMech personnel who work across the electrical and instrumentation divisions in Australia. Kellie Lindsay, Crystal Jolly, Xiao Lin and Katey Dianock all of whom have had very different routes into the industry.

Crystal Jolly, a second-year apprentice with EnerMech found it challenging to enter the sector and worked in landscaping and civil roles to build up her experience before starting her electrical apprenticeship in January 2021. Crystal said:

“I really enjoy the challenge of my apprenticeship and I’m always growing my skill-set through practical experience combined with my studies. It would be great to see more women enter the industry and I think we need to promote the wide variety of roles available in construction within schools. If younger women can see the opportunities that are accessible to them, this would be a positive first step.”

Kellie Lindsay, a qualified electrician with over 20 years’ experience, joined EnerMech in 2018 after completing a pre-apprenticeship programme. She explained:

“In my role, I love that no two days are the same and I’m constantly learning. The job offers so many great benefits like rostered days off so I can be flexible around family commitments, which is an advantage that many office-based roles cannot offer.”

“While it was daunting to enter a male-dominated industry, there is no difference between myself and my male counterparts, we’re all just one team here at EnerMech.”

Trade assistant Xiao Lin highlighted the importance of women pro-actively pushing for new opportunities. Starting as a cleaner with EnerMech, Xiao expressed her interest in becoming a trade assistant and after securing the necessary work tickets, she is now a key member of the WestConnex M4-M5 link team. She explained:

“EnerMech has really allowed me to thrive in my current position. I think more women would be interested in entering male-dominated sectors if societal norms, particularly around childcare, were challenged to allow more females to seek careers in the these industries.”

HSE advisor Katey Dianock has worked in the construction industry for ten years after entering as an operator and labourer. Through her various roles, she found a passion for safety and has held her current role since October 2020. Katey is enthusiastic about encouraging more women into the sector, explaining:

“If more companies worked closely with industry bodies such as Women in Construction to hold open days, this would really help improve female participation and grow the female workforce.”

EnerMech Boosts UK Operations with Eight New Contract Wins

Integrated solutions specialists EnerMech is bringing forward a robust growth strategy for its UK operations after securing a string of new contracts in the first few months of 2021.

The Aberdeen-headquartered company has a strong pipeline of work for the year ahead with eight projects awarded in the last three months. The campaigns are a combination of new and extended contracts and will be split across its bases in Aberdeen, Scotland and Great Yarmouth, England.

The new awards include a first campaign for the onshore utilities market. The five-year multi-million-pound deal will see the company deliver crane lifting services to a significant onshore petrochemical facility based in Southern Wales. Other wins include a frame agreement extension with TechnipFMC for pre-commissioning services, delivery of shutdown and small bore tubing services for Chrysaor and the supply of rigging equipment and crane management services for Petrofac’s Duty Holder assets in the UKCS.

Ross McHardy, regional director for Europe & Africa said: “We have started the year with huge momentum behind our UK operations, delivering diverse lifecycle services for both new projects and long-standing customers. Our team has shown great resilience in maintaining safe operations across our regions and our approach to maintaining the highest standards while always seeking efficiencies has been recognised. Our work, particularly on pre-commissioning is a barometer of the sector, so it is encouraging to see new projects coming on stream and developments restarting.”

EnerMech was also awarded a two-year extension with leading Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) operator BW Offshore. A specialist team will supply equipment and crane services in addition to small bore tubing and flexible hose inspections for the Catcher FPSO following a successful two years on the project.

EnerMech is investing in a range of new technology as well as its specialist integrity and inspection team MInteg. The company recently appointed Steve Jones as its new Southern European general manager to help the business grow and diversify into wider energy and infrastructure markets from renewables and nuclear through to petrochemicals and rail.

Mr McHardy continued: “Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we are seeing renewed opportunities with upstream, downstream and midstream projects as well as emerging developments in the fast-growing renewable sector that we are well placed to support. We look forward to continuing to deliver operational excellence and expanding our footprint across the region.”

EnerMech Establishes Presence in Mozambique With New Office and Appointment of Country Manager

EnerMech has appointed Celestino Maússe to the newly created role of Mozambique country manager as the company seeks to expand its business as local activity ramps up.

In his new role, Mr Maússe will lead the business development effort within Mozambique and will aim to secure and deliver new contracts in country. Mr Maússe brings with him over fifteen years of oil and gas engineering experience, having worked as a process engineer in the areas of engineering, commissioning and start up across projects around the world.

Previously, he led business development in Sub-Saharan Africa for companies such as SNC-Lavalin and Kentz and has held general management positions in Mozambique for both Kentz and Golder Associates. In these roles, Mr Maússe serviced clients in the mining and oil and gas industries across the region, providing specialist engineering solutions to enhance project delivery and operational capacity.

EnerMech has also established an office in the capital city of Maputo, the gateway to Mozambique’s international energy market.

Mr Maússe said: “I am proud to be representing EnerMech as the company expands and I hope my skill-set and relationships across the country will allow us to make a meaningful contribution to further develop Mozambique’s engineering capacity.

“EnerMech has already established many successful partnerships across Africa and there is a lot of new activity in Mozambique. I am confident that the company’s expertise and track record in local content development will help us develop a sustainable local business, building a solid pipeline of new work across the local energy sector.”

EnerMech has operated successfully in Africa for more than ten years, working across the continent from Egypt to South Africa and Angola to Madagascar, with a focus on regional content development to combine international experience with local presence, skills and training.

EnerMech regional director for Europe and Africa, Ross McHardy added: “Mozambique is fortunate to hold vast natural resources and minerals and with the pace of oil and gas activity in the country, we were eager to engage with and develop the local energy supply chain. With emerging opportunities within large infrastructure projects, we have identified the country as core to our future growth in the continent.

“Celestino, with his wide-ranging engineering experience and strong track record in Africa, and Mozambique in particular, has a deep understanding of sector specific drivers and brings established relationships and networks. He will launch and drive forward EnerMech’s business development activity in country and we are looking ahead to further growth in Africa.”

EnerMech Appoints New IT Director

EnerMech has appointed Steven Muir to a newly created post of IT director. He joins the business from Stork where he was director of group technology & operations and IT business partner for UK, ME & APAC Regions. Previously he led and managed IT Functions across multiple different industry sectors including education, technology and biotech.

EnerMech is embarking on a period of transformation and expansion and Mr Muir will focus on ensuring the business’s IT and systems infrastructure remains cutting edge.

He has more than 25 years’ experience of leading IT strategy, managing multi-million-pound budgets, delivering change and transformation projects and global integrations.

Based in Aberdeen, Mr Muir will be responsible for enhancing EnerMech’s technology components as the company strengthens its entry into the renewables and infrastructure sectors while maintaining its leading position in its traditional oil and gas markets.

He will report to EnerMech chief executive officer, Christian Brown, who said: “To achieve our strategy of rolling out EnerMech’s specialist integrated services portfolio across the green energy and infrastructure spaces we will rely heavily on a robust and fit-for-purpose IT framework.

“Steven had the credentials and the experience to support our engineers, technicians, business development specialists and support staff in helping to make this vision a reality.”

Mr Muir added: “My experience of working in a fast-moving global services environment is a good fit for EnerMech and I am proud to be joining at a time when the business is preparing for a new generation of growth in well-established and new markets.”


EnerMech Appoints Middle East Regional Director

EnerMech has appointed Paul Cockerill as its regional director for the Middle East and Caspian as it seeks to further grow its foothold across the upstream, downstream and petrochemical sectors in 2021.

EnerMech has been established in the UAE since 2009 and currently has over 300 people in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Abu Dhabi.

Mr Cokerill brings a wealth of experience in building oil and gas businesses over 15 years in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, most recently as Middle East and Caspian director for Cape RB Hilton. He also held senior roles with Shoaibi Group as well as other multi-national service companies, previously spending over a decade in Africa.

EnerMech is working with a number of NOCs and IOCs delivering mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and integrity services to support greenfield projects along with operations and maintenance of brownfield onshore and offshore assets. It also has an established training center in the region, supporting the up skilling of the workforce to the highest quality standards.

Mr Cockerill said: “It has been a challenging year for the industry with the impacts of COVID-19, however we are seeing positive signs of revitalized projects and anticipating growth opportunities in the year ahead. With large petrochemical infrastructure projects being sanctioned along with new rigs and refineries in the planning, there is a lot of value that EnerMech can bring through our trusted relationships with clients. EnerMech has a reputation for excellence and I’m looking forward to working with the team here to further expand our reach across all territories.”

Mr Cockerill replaces Steve Jones who is relocating to the UK to take up the role of southern general manager with the company.

EnerMech CEO Christian Brown said: “Paul brings heavyweight experience to our already established offering in the Middle East and Caspian region. His appointment supports our strategy to further embed our upstream energy and infrastructure offering and robustly push growth in the downstream and petrochemical sectors, delivering increased efficiencies and value for our growing customer base.

“2020 has been a transformative year for EnerMech as we’ve strengthened our leadership across the business and invested in smart operations and world-leading data solutions. The robust backing of our shareholder gives a clear mandate for sustainable growth in the year ahead. Despite travel restrictions, we have delivered significant contracts across sectors and we are looking ahead to 2021 with optimism.”

EnerMech Appoints New General Manager

EnerMech has appointed Steve Jones as its new Southern European general manager as the company looks to grow and further diversify its presence across the region.

Based in Great Yarmouth, UK, Mr Jones will support regional director Ross McHardy in developing business across new sectors as well as expanding the core offering to existing clients in the energy industry.

Mr Jones joined the integrated solutions specialists in 2010 as general manager for the Asia region before relocating to Baku, Azerbaijan to assume the role of EnerMech’s Caspian general manager. In 2018, he was promoted to the position as Middle East and Caspian regional director.

Ross McHardy, regional director for Europe & Africa said: “It is an exciting time for the region with the increase of specialist services that we provide, targeting wider energy and infrastructure markets from renewables and nuclear through to petrochem and rail.

“Steve is vastly experienced and his local knowledge, combined with his experience in managing complex contracts across Asia and the Middle East over the last ten years, will be a major asset to our European operations.”

Originally from Great Yarmouth, Mr Jones began his career in the energy industry in 1998 with PSL Group as a project engineer, leading site operations in the UK, continental Europe, and the Middle East and Caspian, eventually relocating to Dubai in 2006 as Middle East operations manager. Following the acquisition of PSL Energy Services, he moved to Singapore as Halliburton’s regional operations manager for pipeline and process services before joining EnerMech.

“It’s an honour to be taking on this role and I’m looking forward to being back in Great Yarmouth,” said Mr Jones. “Although I’ve been with EnerMech for ten years, this is probably the most exciting time as we use our expertise as well as the support and investment from the Carlyle Group to diversify and target new sectors. This has been a transformative year for EnerMech as we have strengthened our leadership across the business and invested in smart operations and world-leading data solutions, so I’m excited about the value we can bring to industries across the UK in 2021.

“In recent years, the east of England has already been identified as a hub for both renewables and decommissioning activities. I’m proud to be supporting Ross in driving this development and working with our specialists as we expand our presence across southern Europe.”

James Cassin to Lead QHSE

EnerMech has appointed James Cassin to the newly created role of QHSE Director as the integrated solutions specialist pushes a quality-driven agenda across its global business.

Mr Cassin will be based in the Middle East, where EnerMech has ambitious growth plans, and the appointment underlines the company’s commitment to the region.

Previously Mr Cassin was Vice President HSSEQ (Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality) for SNC-Lavalin’s Oil and Gas division and he has an extensive track record working in the oil and gas infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors.

His remit is to lead on all quality, health, safety and environmental aspects of EnerMech’s business which stretches over 40 locations in 26 countries. He will also strengthen and improve the company’s robust Integrated Management System (IMS).

EnerMech Chief Executive Officer, Christian Brown, said: “Ensuring that quality is consistently delivered to our clients, and upheld internally through all our systems, is critical to EnerMech’s ongoing success. James has all the attributes for maintaining and improving our strong QHSE record and bolstering our IMS procedures and this new position indicates the importance we place on quality.

“He has worked at senior levels internationally and while this new role is a global position, it is helpful that he was based in the Middle East for some years, as this will be an important region for growing our business.”

James Cassin added: “As EnerMech transitions in to new sectors and new geographic markets, it is an exciting time to be joining the business.

“Now more than ever, clients want to be completely comfortable that their suppliers conform and uphold the highest quality, integrity, safety and environmental standards and I am looking forward to adding to EnerMech’s impeccable reputation on those matters.”

EnerMech is a global provider of integrated services and employs more than 3000 staff across 40 locations in the UK, Norway, the Middle East, Caspian, Asia, Africa, Australia and Americas.

EnerMech Target High Value Contracts With Senior Management Team Appointment

Integrated solutions specialist, EnerMech, has appointed James Compston as Strategic Sales Director in a drive to ramp up activities in the international energy and infrastructure sectors.

Mr Compston will be responsible for driving the strategy, pursuit and delivery of multi-million pound contracts with a focus on the global defence, renewables, integrity management and infrastructure markets.

Since 2013, Mr Compston was Senior Vice President of Business Development at SNC Lavalin incorporating since 2017, WS Atkins. He also spent 13 years with PwC where he led non-audit services to clients including global operators, oilfield services, engineering and construction.

In his early career, he held a commission in the British Army to the rank of Major and was involved in NATO operations.

Based in the UK, he will take the lead in developing strategy and securing multi-million pound contracts with a focus on the global defence, renewables, integrity management and infrastructure markets. Working with EnerMech’s Chief Development Officer, Behzad Kazerani, and reporting directly to Chief Executive Officer Christian Brown, he will work alongside John Grover who is based in Dubai and holds the same remit for developing EnerMech’s business in the eastern hemisphere.

Christian Brown said, “Adding James Compston to our management team provides us with a very strong hand in developing our existing relationships with key global clients and for exploring new opportunities in the wider infrastructure space.

“His wide ranging experience in senior business development roles is a welcome quality and aligning with John Grover, they will both be instrumental in driving forward our international integrated services offering for complex energy and infrastructure projects and operating assets.”

EnerMech is a global provider of integrated services and employs more than 3000 staff across 40 locations in the UK, Norway, the Middle East, Caspian, Asia, Africa, Australia and Americas.

James Compston added: “EnerMech is well established in the traditional energy sectors and I will be looking to borrow on that success and to develop its footprint in new markets. The integrated services we can offer and our highly skilled workforce and track record for completing complex workscopes, puts us in a strong position to take our business to the next level.”

EnerMech Establishes Brunei Entity

EnerMech is delighted to announce our new entity EnerMech (BN) Bhd Shd, created to support our growing activities in Brunei. EnerMech provides integrated specialist services across the region and intends to broaden its offering in Brunei. Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Paul McCarthy, tells us more:

“With operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, China and India, we have a strong track record of successfully delivering large-scale projects across the global oil and gas sector. Via the Brunei entity, EnerMech will bring to the market our experience in nitrogen and decontamination services, specialised pipe services, commissioning and decommissioning services expertise.

We are already experienced in delivering flange management and nitrogen services to the Brunei market and now with the local entity we are positioned to expand these offerings and significantly contribute to Local Business Development within the country. We see this as the first exciting step in building on our renowned specialised solutions and delivering an integrated end to end service in Brunei.”

Southern North Sea Success

EnerMech has been awarded a major, 12-month contract in the Southern North Sea.


From its regional base in Great Yarmouth, EnerMech will deliver a range of specialist services across nitrogen, bolting and flange management, pipework removal as well as purging of all assets on the project. The team will also provide support in the installation of new pipework, controlled bolting and leak testing.



Ross McHardy, Regional Director for Europe and Africa, said: “Our in-depth experience of successfully delivering a range of integrated services on this type of work scope were critical factors in EnerMech securing the contract.


“EnerMech also shares with the client a commitment to continuous performance improvement. In support of this, we will be using our proprietary System Integrity Management (SIM Pro) software on the flange management part of the contract. This will offer better value and greater visibility.”


EnerMech contracted on Australia’s largest road infrastructure project

EnerMech has secured a multi-million-dollar contract to provide mechanical, electrical and instrumentation (ME&I) services on the next stage of WestConnex, Australia’s largest road infrastructure project.

Predominately underground, WestConnex is a 33 km motorway development representing a $16.8 billion investment by the New South Wales and Australian governments to transform the transportation network in and around Sydney.

EnerMech will provide ME&I services to the $3.2 billion M4-M5 Link Tunnels project, the final stage of WestConnex featuring twin 7.5km tunnels accommodating up to four lanes of traffic in each direction. EnerMech will engage a 200-strong team to deliver the project and has started mobilisation and engineering support work, with the detailed project work scheduled to commence in August.

This is the third stage of the WestConnex project that EnerMech has supported, earlier demonstrating its capability and capacity to deliver large scale installation and commissioning of electrical infrastructure, cabling and devices supporting the high voltage and low voltage systems of lighting, communication, signal, fire safety, water and ventilation systems on the New M4 and M8 (New M5) projects.

Joint Venture partners Lendlease, Samsung and Bouygues (LSBJV) are delivering the design and construction on the M4-M5 Link Tunnels. A spokesman for LSBJV said: “EnerMech is our contracting partner of choice to deliver and commission the tunnels’ electrical and instrumentation works and LSBJV welcomes EnerMech’s team to the final exciting stage of this project.”

EnerMech Regional Director for APAC, Paul McCarthy, said: “With a sound track record on the New M4 and the M8 (New M5) projects, this award demonstrates EnerMech’s ability to partner with our customers to deliver complex projects safely within strict budget and schedule parameters.”

“This a landmark contract for EnerMech and we are delighted to be afforded the platform to demonstrate our integrated services approach on one of Australia’s most strategically important infrastructure projects”

EnerMech Group CEO, Christian Brown, said: “This latest award cements EnerMech’s credentials as the trusted and competent provider of specialist mechanical, electrical and instrumentation services to large and complex infrastructure projects.”

EnerMech provides integrated solutions to the global energy and infrastructure markets, including a range of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation services. In Australia, the company has operations in Sydney, Perth, Karratha, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Gladstone and Chinchilla.

Bringing Behzad Kazerani On Board To Lead Business Development

EnerMech has strengthened its senior leadership team with the appointment of Behzad Kazerani as Chief Business Development Officer.

Behzad will be responsible for the company’s global business development function, overseeing an expanded BD team which will spearhead an ambitious growth strategy over the next five years.

EnerMech, a specialist in integrated mechanical and electrical services, has recently made an number of senior BD and sales director appointments as Chief Executive Officer Christian Brown focuses on transforming the business and exploiting growth in new markets.

EnerMech CEO Christian Brown said: “The addition of Behzad to our team will enable EnerMech to strategically drive sales and development more consistently across all of our service lines and end markets.

“Our vision, which is shared and supported by our owners The Carlyle Group, is to become the specialist service provider of choice to the global energy and infrastructure sectors. We will deliver this by growing our existing position in our core offshore oil and gas, petrochemical and LNG sectors, while pushing aggressively in to the industrial services, renewables and infrastructure spaces.”

Behzad Kazerani has more than 25 years of experience in the global oil and gas industry, including upstream, downstream, midstream, and LNG. His expertise covers engineering and design, business development, opportunity pursuit, partnership agreements, commercial models, and contract negotiation. He has held senior positions at KBR, Petrofac, IHI and most recently at Houston-based Halff TriTex.

Behzad added: “I am delighted to be joining EnerMech at an exciting time in the company’s evolution and I look forward to being part of an executive team which will realise the company’s full potential in existing and new markets.”

Apache leads way with Arup and MInteg digital inspection service on Beryl Alpha Platform

North Sea operator, Apache, is leading the way in deploying innovative digital inspection technology developed by engineering consultancy firm, Arup, and EnerMech subsidiary, MInteg, to improve safety and reduce asset inspection costs on offshore platforms.

Apache’s adoption of the Arup Inspect MInteg (AIM™) inspection service on the Beryl Alpha platform has significantly reduced offshore inspection hours of the topside structure whilst enhancing the quality and availability of inspection data.

The innovative digital service replaces high risk offshore working at height inspection methods with the application of remote visual inspection tools. It also enables operators and asset owners to access their interactive inspection data 24/7 and make informed decisions about asset repair, replacements or improvements.

Gaming technology was used to create a baseline geometric digital twin of the Beryl Alpha platform to sufficiently capture inspection data, without the need for rope access work.

More than 60,000 images, including 360° panoramic views, captured ultra-high-resolution inspection data. These enhanced records have contributed to improved reporting reliability and the 3D model-based tablet application, which in the future, will help Apache on its journey to adopting a digital approach for the platform.

Jim Saunderson, Integrity Manager for Apache’s North Sea operations, said: “Deploying the Arup and MInteg inspection solution achieved the requirements of our inspection plans while significantly reducing the risk profile of the activity. The enhanced data capture and storage within the 3D model has aided our post-inspection review by removing any ambiguity and enabling users to challenge information beyond what is captured in reports. We can see opportunities of this data enhancing the quality and efficiency of our inspection plan going forward and is already aiding day to day communications.”

Simon Evans, Digital Energy Leader at Arup, said: “This successful use of the AIM tool to inspect the Beryl Alpha, which is one of the largest functioning offshore platforms in the United Kingdom and one of the oldest concrete gravity base structures, marks a significant turning point for the oil and gas industry. It’s a best in class example of how digitalisation and automation techniques can deliver revolutionary benefits, including valuable reductions in costs, time, resource and risk.”

Patrick Gallagher, Head of Integrity at MInteg, added: “Apache’s adoption of digital inspection on the Beryl Alpha platform has resulted in a significant risk reduction to personnel by minimising or completely negating the reliance on rope-access.  They are also benefitting from a marked increase in the asset condition knowledge, leading to a far greater understanding of potential future risks.”

Arup and MInteg will continue to work with Apache on digitalising and streamlining future asset inspections. 

Positivity in the Midst of Adversity

The global coronavirus pandemic has delivered unprecedented and complex challenges – both professionally and personally. Christian Brown explains how EnerMech is navigating this constantly evolving situation to keep colleagues and clients safe

When faced with an extraordinary situation, we must respond in an extraordinary way. There is perhaps no more extraordinary situation than the current Covid-19 outbreak and it is in times like this that we show our true nature. We understand fully the gravity of this global pandemic and I want to reassure our customers that any decision we make puts you and your safety first.

While business and home life has changed beyond measure, what remains steadfast is our commitment to our colleagues, partners and customers. Our regional task force teams are working hard to monitor and support global operations so we can continue to provide safe and timely support that is in line with government guidance and recommendations. New protocols and stringent measures will be implemented in the coming weeks to ensure our mobilised teams can assist customers in the safest ways.

Of course, the challenges we face are not unique and many of our customers are having to consider a different course in order to navigate these choppy waters. You are not alone. We are an agile business, with the ability to adapt to evolving guidance, and we will do our best to help you to keep our business moving forwards. Let’s use the power of technology to stay in touch, support one another and help stop the spread of Covid-19.

EnerMech Add New Chief Financial Officer To Executive Team

EnerMech has strengthened its executive team with the appointment of Sandeep Sharma as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Sandeep is the former CFO of Stork, the mechanical, electrical and repair services business which employs 18,000 staff in 100 countries, and previously was Finance Director at Bombardier Transportation.

He joins EnerMech on 1 January 2020 along with newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Chris Brown as the business gears up for major global expansion following its acquisition last year by The Carlyle Group.

Headquartered in Aberdeen, EnerMech employs 3,500 staff across 40 locations in the UK, Norway, the Middle East, Caspian, Asia, Africa, Australia and Americas, working on large-scale projects across the oil and gas, LNG, renewables, defence, power, infrastructure and petrochemicals sectors.

EnerMech CEO, Doug Duguid, said: “EnerMech will start the new decade on a strong footing with Chris Brown and Sandeep Sharma at the helm as they build on the very strong foundations established over the last decade.

“We are delighted to have recruited two first class individuals with broad ranging international experience who will develop and deliver an ambitious business growth programme with the full support of The Carlyle Group.”

Sandeep Sharma added: “EnerMech is a well-respected business and I was fully aware of the excellent progress it has made in global energy sector over the last 11 years. I look forward to taking up this great opportunity to help shape EnerMech’s business strategy which will deliver sustainable and profitable long term growth.”

Current CFO and founding EnerMech director, Michael Buchan, will remain with the business until March 2020 on a part-time basis and retiring CEO Doug Duguid will continue in an advisory capacity during a planned transition period.

New General Manager for EnerMech Headquarters

Planned expansion offshore and in mainland UK, alongside rolling out EnerMech’s services portfolio across continental Europe, is part of a new strategy to consolidate our footprint in traditional oil and gas sectors, while securing market entry in to new territories and sectors.

The appointment of General Managers for specific geographic regions is a central plank of this strategy and David Logan has been promoted to take on the newly created General Manager role in Aberdeen.

David, who joined EnerMech in 2011, has held a number of operations management and business line lead roles and most recently was Central Support Group Manager.

David said: “The newly created General Manager roles give us a much better operational oversight than we have had previously. My objective is to leverage our market advantage in being able to provide a varied but integrated service offering to best suit our clients’ requirements.

“We believe we have a lot more to offer to the Aberdeen and North Sea market. By continually investing in our Howes Road facility in Aberdeen, in updating and modernising our equipment fleet, and focussing on staff development and training, we are in a strong position to further increase our presence in the UKCS.

“Our reputation for adding value through technology, innovation and customer focus is paying off. Transferring this ethos to other markets such as onshore, renewables and defence has already seen early successes for us and we expect to make significant inroads in to these sectors.”

EnerMech Appoint New CEO

Global integrated mechanical and electrical services company EnerMech has announced the appointment of industry heavyweight Christian Brown as its new Chief Executive Officer.

A highly experienced, successful and well regarded business leader, Chris was previously CEO of global engineering and construction company, Kentz, where he successfully led the growth from a small AIM listed business to a $2.5bn (£1.9bn) revenue FTSE 250 company before its sale and integration into SNC Lavalin in 2014.  More recently, Chris held the role of Corporate Development Officer with SNC Lavalin where his success included the $2.67bn (£2.1bn) acquisition of WS Atkins in 2017.

Prior to this Chris held senior leadership roles within US Fortune 500 companies Kellogg Brown & Root and Foster Wheeler with tenures working across Europe, Africa, Middle East, APAC and the Americas.

EnerMech’s Chairman, John Kennedy, who led the search process on behalf of its private equity owner, NASDAQ listed The Carlyle Group, said: “After a thorough and rigorous search process we are delighted that Chris Brown has agreed to join EnerMech as its CEO.  Chris has an exceptional track record in growing and improving international service based businesses with an emphasis on customer relationships. He is a people and customer centred individual with a strong history of creating highly engaged teams, which ideally suits him to EnerMech’s entrepreneurial culture.  I am personally very pleased that we have been able to attract someone of Chris’s calibre and track record to lead the business as it enters its next phase of development.”

EnerMech founder Doug Duguid returned to the CEO role in September on an interim basis after his initial replacement, John Guy, stood down from the role for personal family reasons.  Doug, who will leave the Aberdeen-headquartered business following a planned transition period, said: “Chris Brown was the stand-out candidate to take on the role of CEO and to drive our business on to the next level of international growth. His credentials are impeccable and include 30 years’ experience in the LNG, oil and gas, refining, and petrochemicals industries, where he has consistently delivered high growth and positive shareholder returns.

“Chris is intimately familiar with the market that EnerMech operates in, and there are many strong parallels between his time as CEO of Kentz and our planned growth strategy. He shares our company culture, which is centred on entrepreneurship and on putting the client central to all we do, and I am confident EnerMech will thrive under his leadership and realise its potential as a global services provider to the energy and infrastructure sectors.”

Chris Brown added: “I am excited to lead the second phase of EnerMech’s development and to build on the strong foundations established by Doug Duguid and his management team.  The company has been through a period of rapid growth over the past 10 years and with the support of The Carlyle Group there are no limits to our future ambitions.”

Chris Brown’s appointment as EnerMech CEO is effective from 1 January 2020.

An Eye On Assets

EnerMech’s enhanced systems integrity management package,SIM Pro, is being introduced to clients and is active globally, from onshore refineries in Australia, to offshore North Sea assets.

SIM Pro maps the relevant components of an asset to provide live visibility of mechanical completion during construction and commissioning through to operations, maintenance and shutdowns. The bespoke software package can be tailored to individual clients’ integrity requirements, providing real time web-based info designed to run throughout the life of assets.SIM Pro addresses the inefficiencies experienced during maintenance, construction and pre-commissioning activities and is capable of being utilized across multiple assets and location and by multiple users.

EnerMech’s original SIM system has proved its value to numerous clients over the last 10 years and was capable of managing large scale projects, including in one case the integrity management of 55,000 joints on an Australian LNG project.

SIM Pro is built on the same solid foundations but has additional functionalities, including an ASME PPC-1 compliant bolt calculator facility, full auditable joint history and electronic work pack report and generation.

The system is compatible with all service lines in EnerMech’s portfolio and has been proven over a range of capabilities, including flange management, valves, hose management, small bore tubing, purging, rotating equipment and chemical cleaning.

EnerMech UK Senior Business Development Manager, Paul Smith, said: “SIM Pro has elevated what was a very good integrity management system to another level and is a result of listening to what our clients wanted and identifying what the market needed. It has full life cycle continuity and provides a consistency and ease of transition between engineering, construction, commissioning, start up and operations.

“Every service line we provide to clients is captured in SIM Pro and its large capacity allows the processing and retention of vast amounts of valuable information on individual components for tracking and monitoring purposes. Other similar software in the market is more limited in capacity and therefore requires several databases to be used simultaneously, which is less efficient and not the best use of a client’s time.”

In the manufacturing, construction, hook-up and commissioning phases on the project, SIM Pro can be used, for example, in flange management, controlled bolting, onsite machining, nitrogen purging, nitrogen testing, hydrotesting, chemical cleaning and PSV testing.

In the operations, modification and decommissioning phases, in addition to the previous examples, it can also manage activities involved in decontamination, water jetting/flushing, oil flushing, integrity records, camera inspection and pipe freezing.

Other functionality features of SIM Pro include live visibility of joint integrity status, electronic work pack/report generation, work pack overlay capability, personnel and tool tracking.

Paul Smith added: “Advances in hand held technologies now mean SIM Pro is available on intrinsically ATEX safe zone 1/21 DIV 1 tablets, allowing our technicians and quality assurance including our quality control teams to work in the field more efficiently. Giving added value with overheads being reduced, activity information can be added in the field in real time and images and audio reports can be added instantly to the database.”

EnerMech Boosts Leadership Team

EnerMech has strengthened its executive leadership with the appointment of John Grover in the newly created role of Strategic Sales Director.

He will be responsible for driving the strategy, pursuit and delivery of multi-million pound contracts and supporting global clients in the international energy and infrastructure sectors.

John Grover has more than 30 years’ experience in upstream, process and pipeline sectors including director level roles with, BJ Services, GE-PII, Baker Hughes and more recently with Sparrows Group. Latterly he was managing director of Cape Specialist Services whose portfolio included the Motherwell Bridge storage tank and heat exchanger construction business.

Based in Dubai, Mr Grover will link in to extensive contacts developed in the eastern hemisphere and will be ideally positioned to progress opportunities in emerging LNG markets in Papua New Guinea, onshore and offshore expansion in Mozambique, the new round of investment underway in Australia’s LNG sector and onshore and offshore USA.

EnerMech Chief Executive Officer, Doug Duguid, said: “John will take ownership of a portfolio of major projects, bringing his international leadership experience to bear through the tendering and contracting process to sales, launch and eventual project handover. This is a key role and underlines our commitment to massively grow our business in the traditional oil and gas space and in new markets over the next five years.”

John Grover, added: “I have known EnerMech and the leadership team behind the business for many years and the opportunity to join an ambitious, expansive business was too good to miss. With the strong backing of owners The Carlyle Group, EnerMech has the solid foundations on which to enjoy a second decade of success and I am looking forward to playing a part in that growth.”

EnerMech Appoints New Chief For Americas Region

Oil and gas industry executive Joseph Lichon has been appointed to lead the America’s Operations for integrated services provider EnerMech.

With extensive energy industry experience including engineering, procurement, sales, and construction, Joe was most recently Executive Vice President of Americas for SNC-Lavalin (previously Kentz Engineers & Constructors).

He has more than 25 years of operational and sales leadership experience in oil and gas projects offshore and onshore USA and in Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Papua New Guinea and on major Australian LNG projects including Gorgon and INPEX.

As President for Americas region, he will focus on expanding EnerMech’s position as the market leader in offshore pipeline pre-commissioning in deepwater Gulf of Mexico while growing the company’s Industrial Services and Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation and other business lines.

EnerMech plans to open a new facility in Pennsylvania as part of a strategy to expand its US presence which currently consists of bases in Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming and North Dakota.

The Aberdeen-headquartered business also has America’s facilities in Villahermosa, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana, and has undertaken project work in Alaska, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina.

EnerMech Chief Executive Officer, Doug Duguid, said: “The Americas region will play a significant role in growing our business over the next five years and bringing on board a high-calibre professional with a proven track-record such as Joe Lichon will fast-track that strategy.

“We are well established in deepwater oil and gas workscopes and have increased our presence in the LNG and capital projects markets. Our focus will be on replicating this success in the maintenance market, where we believe our Industrial Services and ME&I expertise will be of interest to major operators in the power, petrochemical and refining spaces.”

Joe Lichon said: “I am well versed in EnerMech’s capabilities and worked closely with them on large scale LNG projects in Australia where I was impressed with the company’s versatility and commitment to delivering a high quality service.

“EnerMech has made significant inroads to the US onshore and offshore market from a standing start and I am keen to take this to the next level by leveraging our success on deepwater projects to gain traction in other sectors. I was attracted to EnerMech’s entrepreneurial spirit and can-do approach, and I believe this will play well in the Americas which is always interested in exploring new ways of doing things.”

EnerMech Wins Five Year LNG Contract in Australia

EnerMech Australia has been awarded a five-year contract to provide specialist nitrogen and flange management services to a LNG facility in Central Queensland.

The work will be conducted on-site, located off the coast of Gladstone, Queensland, with project engineering and management conducted from EnerMech’s Gladstone facility and Brisbane office.

EnerMech possess an extensive equipment fleet in-country and will deploy

liquid nitrogen converters, nitrogen membrane generation units, flange management torque/tensioning equipment and the use of EnerMech’s bespoke System Integrity Management software SIMPro in the provision of the specialist services.

EnerMech’s Australia Manager for Process, Pipelines & Umbilicals, Jamie McIntyre, said: “Our experience in delivering similar integrated specialist services in Australia, our extensive fleet of equipment, the high calibre of our Queensland-based staff, and our drive for innovation and continuous improvement placed us in a good position to secure this contract.

EnerMech’s Regional Director Australia, Paul McCarthy said: “We have an extended suite of integrated essential services and we look forward to the opportunity to further enhance our offering in Gladstone and the surround the region.”

EnerMech is a global provider of integrated essential services to the energy, resources and infrastructure markets and employs more than 900 staff in Australia located in Perth, Karratha, Darwin, Brisbane, Gladstone, Chinchilla, Sydney and Melbourne.

EnerMech Puts European Expansion as Top Priority

EnerMech has announced a key appointment as part of its next phase of growth with Alex Goude joining the company as Business Development Director for Europe.

Alex’s focus will be on leveraging EnerMech’s engineering expertise to expand the company’s position in the energy and infrastructure markets across the region.

Alex joins from award-winning engineering consultancy Hoare Lee where he was responsible for leading the firm’s strategy and business development activities. Prior to this, Alex spent over 15 years in the high-tech engineering and construction sector, holding director level positions with M + W Group and Costain. He brings with him a breadth of experience in business development, strategy, sales and marketing across the energy and utilities, advanced engineering and technology, infrastructure and maritime sectors.

EnerMech’s Regional Director for Europe, Ross McHardy, said: “Alex has experience of working in European infrastructure and construction markets and his appointment is part of our push for growth and diversification in to new industries and territories as we continue to evolve.

“Our objective is to significantly increase our presence in both the UK and European mainland markets. This will be in our core oil and gas markets as well as across the energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors we specialise in.”

Alex Goude added: “EnerMech has a global track record of successfully delivering integrated solutions for the most technically challenging projects. Whether operating to the exacting performance standards of the North Sea oil and gas market, or providing smart engineering services for major infrastructure programmes in Australia, EnerMech’s proven capability is increasingly relevant across a range of industry sectors. Underpinning all of this is the company’s culture of ‘can-do responsiveness’ and I am looking forward to sharing this with new clients across the European region and beyond.”

Speak Up For Safety

HSE Director Emmanuelle Marshall outlines why it’s important staff speak up on issues which impact on health and safety.

“We genuinely want to hear from staff at all levels – and all locations – across the business about how HSE interacts with your daily actions as you go about your work.

“That’s why I am looking forward in the coming weeks to analyzing and reporting back on the results from our Employee Behavioral Survey, Your Voice Matters, which will help shape our future strategy on improving HSE at EnerMech.

“Nothing on this scale has been done before so the survey will provide a benchmark for gauging the level of engagement of employees with regards to HSE, how involved they are as individuals, and how their line managers and department heads interact with HSE issues.

“Of course, we have a strategy already in place for 2020 and beyond, but the survey results can help plug any gaps, and when we repeat this exercise in a few years’ time we will have a body of evidence which provides comparisons and confirms whether we have succeeded in transforming our approach to HSE across the organization, or still have work to do.

“Be assured, we already have a very good HSE management system, but gaps can creep in naturally to any business and

Your Voice Matters will help identify weaknesses and ensure we learn from mistakes.

“With EnerMech’s ambitious growth plans, it becomes even more important that we are at the top of our HSE game.

Naturally, we want to protect our people from harm and reduce our impact on the environment – simply because it’s the right thing to do. But it also happens to be good for business and demonstrates that we, as a business and each individual within, takes HSE seriously. It can mean the difference between succeeding in a multi-million dollar tender process or losing out to a competitor.

“We have a safety history we should be proud of, but we can make it even better. We must encourage a strong HSE culture, underpinned by an efficient yet simple and standardized Integrated Management System (IMS), but to be safer together we need everyone to play a part.

“The HSE function will continue to be the owner of the IMS and of the various HSE tools needed to ensure success, and will continue to be available for support and coaching. However, it is essential that everyone plays a part to improve our HSE performance, culture and behaviours. Put simply, this strategy needs to be owned by the many and not just a few.

“We are listening, so please make sure your voice is heard.”

MInteg Secures Largest Asset Inspection Contract

MInteg has been awarded its largest contract to date and will supply inspection services to a major oil and gas operator in the Southern North Sea.

The EnerMech subsidiary, which specialises in inspection and integrity, expects to create up to 15 new posts in Great Yarmouth to service the five-year contract.

The work scope includes the inspection of infrastructure on five manned platforms and multiple unmanned satellite platforms, deploying MInteg staff trained in working-at-height and rope access techniques.

Ross McHardy, EnerMech’s Regional Director for Europe, said innovative working practices and having a strong local presence in Great Yarmouth were factors in securing the contract.

Mr McHardy said: “This is the largest value contract awarded to MInteg to date and it is confirmation that our philosophy of investing in local infrastructure and putting boots on the ground is an important factor when clients decide who to engage in vital work scopes.

“We opened a MInteg office in Great Yarmouth last year as a precursor to tendering for this type of project and it is already paying off. We will create a further 15 positions to service this contract and to position us for winning further work in the Southern North Sea and across the onshore sector.”

MInteg’s integrity inspection capability is attracting interest from clients who require support and innovation to address asset integrity.

Parent company EnerMech recently outlined its strategy of increasing its presence in sectors out with its traditional oil and gas base with the recent appointment of Laz Koszeghy as general manager for the eastern England region.

Great Yarmouth based Mr Koszeghy is focussed on looking at opportunities for EnerMech in the renewables, nuclear power, chemicals and industrial sectors where it believes the integrated services model it provides to the energy sector will find wider appeal.

EnerMech Appoint New Regional Director for Australasia

The global provider of essential integrated services, EnerMech, has appointed a new Regional Director for Australasia.

Paul McCarthy has more than 30 years’ experience in corporate leadership and operational management roles in the energy, resources, defence and infrastructure sectors. With significant global experience, Paul’s most recent role was Asia Pac Operations and Maintenance Director for a global engineering and services company.

His cross sector background will assist EnerMech in extending its footprint in Australia’s fast expanding infrastructure sector while strengthening the business’s operations in LNG and traditional oil and gas industries.

He said: “The Australian LNG sector is entering the next phase where major plants are enhancing capacity through brownfield projects improvements, maintenance and shutdown optimisation. We have worked across all of the LNG facilities and have strong relationships with the operators and main contractors and this puts us in a strong position to be at the centre of this new cycle of investment.”

EnerMech has successfully completed mechanical, electrical and instrumentation (ME&I) projects on major road and tunnel networks in New South Wales and is extending its presence on similar ongoing projects.

With the Australian government committed to spending in the region of $10 billion on road and rail networks to meet the requirements of a fast growing population, the company is looking to secure significant ME&I construction and commissioning workscopes.

Paul McCarthy added: “We have a proven track record of delivering integrated services on large scale transportation and oil and gas projects.  As the infrastructure and oil and gas sectors move to the next phase of significant investment, my objective it to demonstrate how EnerMech’s nimble and flexible approach will provide high quality and efficient services benefiting the end user with cost and asset performance benefits.”

EnerMech Chief Executive Officer, John Guy, added: “Australasia has been the fastest growing region in EnerMech’s global operations and under the stewardship of Paul McCarthy I am confident that our presence will continue to flourish and we will become established as the go-to company for integrated services of the energy, infrastructure, resources, mining and minerals sectors.”

EnerMech To The Four With Apprenticeship Scheme

EnerMech are looking to recruit up to four apprentice engineers into their UK business who will have opportunities to work internationally as they progress up the career ladder.

The Aberdeen-headquartered mechanical and electrical services specialist has a strong track record of training young people who have gone on to make a significant impact on the business and in future years take up senior positions.

To date, at least 20 former apprentices have graduated from EnerMech’s UK  apprentice scheme, with some working offshore in the North Sea, others in key posts in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Egypt, while a number have developed careers in project management.

The prospective apprentices will have spent at least one year in a college based environment and demonstrated a commitment to a career in engineering by obtaining a Performing Engineering Operations qualification or a relevant National Certificate.

The successful applicants will be sponsored by EnerMech to complete their Modern Apprentice training up to NVQ Level 3 at college, combined with on-the-job training over the next three years.

EnerMech’s Director of Human Resources, Shirley Smith, said various routes were open to EnerMech apprentices, who could opt to work in traditional offshore roles as technicians or as onshore project engineers, which could lead to taking a Graduate Apprentice course at The Robert Gordon University.

Shirley Smith said: “Our apprentices are limited only by their ambition and we actively encourage every one of them to reach their full potential. We believe apprentices are the lifeblood of an organisation like EnerMech, and by the end of their apprenticeships they will all have gained a comprehensive understanding of our business objectives and can go on to play an important role in the growth of the company.”

One of EnerMech’s first apprentices started off working in the “Flying Squad” as part of an agile team deployed on major offshore projects, later took on an onshore project engineer role and is now one of the company’s lead contract support engineers. Another former apprentice is currently working as a supervisor in Ghana, while EnerMech’s first female apprentice is no longer workshop based and has been promoted to a project co-ordinator position.

Shirley added: “Supporting an apprenticeship is a significant financial investment but we believe it is important to encourage young people to have careers in the energy sector. We are looking for candidates who are committed and will stay the course and grow their careers as the business continues to grow globally. In return we will provide the highest levels of training and support their personal and career development so they can get the best out of a rewarding career.”

EnerMech employs 3,500 staff across 40 locations in the UK, Norway, the Middle East, Caspian, Asia, Africa, Australia and Americas, working on large scale projects across the oil and gas, LNG, renewables, defence, power, infrastructure and petrochemicals sectors.

Applications for the UK EnerMech Apprenticeship Programme close on 30 June and more details can be found on the EnerMech website by visiting

Arup and EnerMech Join Forces To Revolutionise Oil and Gas Asset Inspection

The inspection of oil and gas assets could be revolutionised following the signing of a three year agreement with global engineering consultancy Arup and EnerMech’s specialist inspection division MInteg.

AIM, a digitised inspection system, utilises graphic techniques similar to those used in video gaming and could typically cut asset inspection costs by up to 30%. AIM could also massively reduce reliance on rope access, which is traditionally used for the inspection of hard-to-access areas of offshore oil and gas platforms.

Arup, a 15,000-strong international design and engineering consultancy, has worked on major global infrastructure and building projects including the Sydney Opera House, the Queensferry Crossing and the Victoria & Albert Museum in Dundee.

With Arup’s proven digital expertise and EnerMech’s broad energy industry experience, both companies believe AIM can redefine and revolutionise the inspection process of assets and replace the current outdated and paper-based method of inspection which is prevalent in the sector.

AIM uses visualisation, data automation, artificial intelligence, computational photography and 360° walk-through views to construct virtual models of assets and to pinpoint and prioritise areas where maintenance may be required.

The virtual model, which can be accessed remotely by clients 24-7, utilises a Unity platform, a widely used efficient means of generating in depth computer generated models. The reality is that AIM can save time, reduce costs and minimise risk. Operators and asset owners will have instant access to interactive inspection data, allowing them to make informed decisions about asset repairs, replacements or improvements

Dr Bryan Horton, Offshore Digital Leader, Arup, said: “The partnership between Arup and EnerMech brings enhanced global expertise to digitalise an old way of working, delivering high value and lower risk outcomes for operators. EnerMech is a leader in the energy industry and we are delighted to be working with them. Clients have already benefitted significantly from both organisations working together and we look forward to strengthening this alliance.”

AIM can be used to inspect almost any asset including offshore fixed and floating platforms, marine jetties and terminals, onshore plant facilities, construction and fabrication projects and brownfield modifications.

MInteg Operations Director, Patrick Gallagher, added: “AIM is a potential game-changer which offers enhanced inspection capabilities on oil and gas assets and can assist operators with prioritising the annual integrity management cycle.

“The potential time savings and subsequent cost reductions are considerable, plus AIM can hugely reduce the amount of time we will require personnel to be working at height using rope access to inspect difficult-to-reach areas of offshore and onshore assets.”

The two organisations will collaborate together throughout the inspection process, further supporting operators to enhance assets based on the inspection findings through engineering expertise across the North Sea, Western Australia and Gulf of Mexico.

World Safety Day 2019

World Day for Safety and Health at Work will be marked on Sunday 28 April.  Recently appointed Group HSE Director at EnerMech, Emmanuelle Marshall, talks about how the safe working practices which protect us and colleagues from harm need to be front of mind every single working day.

“World Safety Day impacts all EnerMech staff, wherever in the world they happen to be working, but it is worth reminding ourselves that health and safety is not just for one day.

“HSE has been at the forefront of all of EnerMech’s operations since we were established in 2008, and as we continue to grow and expand, HSE continues to be a critical part of our journey and one on which we must be constantly improving.

“In the next five years EnerMech will undergo a major transformation and HSE will play a critical role in successfully implementing the changes which are required to take our business through the next phase of development. Our leadership on all matters health and safety related is recognised by our customers and our industry peers, but on World Safety Day it is worth taking stock and acknowledging that we can always do better and that we are obliged to constantly improve on existing HSE standards.

“One of my objectives in my role as HSE Director will be to leverage innovative approaches, using connected worker technology and mobile apps for example, to enhance the contribution my department makes to delivering business value across the group. We are already looking at new ways of transforming the HSE function so that it become less of a reporting function and more of a support function across our various business streams and this will be an ongoing process.

“The HSE vision of EnerMech is to not only protect the health and safety of our employees but to also protect the communities and the environment in which we work. We can all contribute to that vision on World Day for Safety and Health at Work by reflecting on our daily contribution and how we as individuals can ensure that EnerMech is one of the safest places in the world in which to work.”

Still Getting A Lift After 40 Years In the Offshore Cranes Sector

There is little doubt John Morrison can be described as a veteran of the offshore cranes and lifting industry given that earlier this month he celebrated his 40th anniversary since first entering the engineering sector.

Another milestone comes in Stavanger on 24 April when John will attend the 24th International Offshore Crane and Lifting Conference, having served on the organising committee for 17 of those 24 years.

John completed a general engineering apprenticeship in Aberdeen in 1976 at a time when the city was on the verge of being transformed by the discovery of oil in the North Sea. Like many apprentices he recognised the many career opportunities that lay within this “new” industry and worked in a number of positions with offshore crane companies over the next 12 years, gaining an engineering degree along the way, before forming his own business in 1988 with co-director Bert Middleton.

Based in Aberdeen, Specialist Maintenance Services (SMS) and its Great Yarmouth based sister company A1 Safety Training Consultants, became strongly established in the oil and gas sector and employed more than 160 staff globally.

The businesses caught the eye of industry newcomer EnerMech and in 2008 SMS and A1 became EnerMech’s first acquisitions. Fast forward to 2019 and EnerMech’s Mechanical Handling Services division (cranes & lifting, hydraulics and training) employs more than 900 staff across the North Sea and in Norway, the Middle East, Caspian USA, Asia, Australasia and Africa.

EnerMech’s International Director for Mechanical Handling Services may have 40 years under his belt but he has lost none of his enthusiasm for a sector which he views as one of the most exciting industries to be involved in.

He said: “There have been many changes of the last four decades, including a much stronger emphasis on having the correct procedures and processes in place, and at EnerMech we regard safety to be paramount in everything we do.”

Not surprisingly technology has transformed the lifting industry, having a hugely positive impact on the design of cranes and on their safety and capabilities which are now deployed onshore and offshore. John, a classic car fan, uses a motoring analogy: “When I started in the business, the cranes in use could be compared to a Ford  Cortina, whereas now happily we have access to the equivalent of Jaguars, BMWs or Audis.”

Emerging technologies and specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the use of big data will continue to shape the cranes and lifting sector and John will chair a session on Standards and Research at the upcoming IOCL conference, while EnerMech colleague and MInteg director Patrick Gallagher is a conference speaker on “Inspection – The Future”.

Following the global energy sector downturn, one challenge facing the industry lies in recruitment and encouraging new entrants to follow John’s example in enjoying a fulfilling career.

He added: “EnerMech has an excellent apprentice and graduate programme and we are proactive in attracting the next generation of designers, technicians and engineers but the downturn led to large numbers of people leaving the industry. It is forecast that we are facing yet another skills shortage and it may be more difficult to get young people to consider a career in cranes and lifting, but the job has everything – engineering, electrical, hydraulics and mechanical – and to my mind is a very exciting place to earn your living.”

HSE Priority For EnerMech With Key Executive Appointment

EnerMech has appointed Emmanuelle Marshall as Group HSE Director. She will be responsible for global health, safety and environment at the Aberdeen-headquartered mechanical and electrical services specialist.

Previously she was BP lead for the multi-national’s global HSE Learning and Development capability and over an 18 year period at Schlumberger she fulfilled a number of senior roles in HSE, technology and learning in the USA, Europe and Africa.

EnerMech chief executive officer, Doug Duguid, said the appointment underlines the company’s commitment to delivery of the most stringent HSE standards across its 40 global locations.

Mr Duguid said: “Emmanuelle will work closely with our HSE teams across our regions to maintain our focus on the health and safety of our workforce, improve on our safety practices and to ensure consistency across the group. This appointment demonstrates our long term commitment to our HSE delivery as we continue to invest and to grow our business across all of our markets globally.”

Emmanuelle Marshall added: “I was impressed by the EnerMech mindset that no business objective comes ahead of HSE and that health and safety is treated as absolutely critical to the future success of the business.

“This is a fantastic opportunity and I have joined EnerMech at a very exciting time as it embarks on the next phase of growth, following a successful first 10 years in which it has enjoyed huge success across the major international oil and gas hubs and made significant inroads in to other allied industries.”

EnerMech Target US LNG Markets Buoyed By Australian Successes

With an estimated $200 billion-plus in LNG capex projects underway in the United States, EnerMech believes it can increase its market share Stateside by capitalising on its wide-ranging experience of big ticket Australian LNG projects.

Operational expertise and extensive customer relationships developed through the build-out of large scale Australian LNG infrastructure projects has provided a US market-entry advantage for EnerMech, which employs 3500 staff globally.

Through 2018 and into 2019 EnerMech, the integrated mechanical and electrical services specialist, had personnel onsite at four US LNG facilities, (Freeport LNG, Cameron LNG, Elba Island and Corpus Christi).

While recognising the customer base is different, Mark Duncan, EnerMech’s Senior Vice President Americas, believes investment in equipment, strategic bases and high quality people, will help extend initial pre-commissioning work in to operations and maintenance contracts.

He said: “Market activity in LNG, mid-stream, downstream and petrochemical plants in the US is increasing and we are pursuing a large amount of project work for 2019 through to 2022. Our integrated services capability is a major advantage over competitors and we are seeing interest from our customers in both the construction and operations and maintenance areas.”

The rollcall of Australian projects undertaken by EnerMech encompasses every major LNG development, from Woodside, Chevron’s Gorgon and Wheatstone, Inpex Ichthys to Curtis Island’s QCLNG, GLNG and APLNG, and covers construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning, shutdown and maintenance phases.

EnerMech Australia General Manager, Michael Smith, is confident the foundations are in place for building on existing LNG relationships and rolling out EnerMech’s wider services portfolio to clients.

He said: “This has been a major focus and we continue to drive and share innovation whilst promoting collaboration across the business lines. Our “One EnerMech” approach to clients means we have incorporated a number of additional services from complete mechanical, electrical and instrumentation services, valve supply, maintenance, repair and overhaul, and more recently specialist maintenance, inspection and integrity capabilities, to our extensive and established offering.

“We are challenging the traditional contracting models, specifically around reducing the contractors footprint, and this approach has increased our market share with a number of major operators and we expect this to increase further as existing maintenance contracts are renewed.”

Australia’s current onshore LNG construction activities are transitioning into the operations and maintenance phase, however, there are a number of waves of investment required over the next 30 to 40 years to continue to feed these initial investments.

Michael added: “Over the next 10 years there is expected be in excess of $70 billion AUD invested in upstream greenfield developments, brownfield modifications and additional LNG trains in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

“EnerMech is already engaging with the full life cycle chain on all major projects, and we are well positioned to increase our market share in these new LNG projects due to our reputation in the industry, established track record, multiple services, geographical location and long term agreements in place with the operators.”

EnerMech To Create 100 Jobs As It Targets Onshore Sector in South England

EnerMech will develop an onshore capability in to the South West of England which will create up to 100 jobs in the Bristol area over the next three years.

The Aberdeen-based mechanical and electrical services specialist will target the nuclear, industrial processing, refining, petrochemical, aviation, defence, transport and infrastructure sectors as it diversifies outwith its energy industry roots.

The company believes its track record in the highly regulated offshore industry and experience of working on global infrastructure projects will enable it to successfully introduce existing service lines in to new onshore sectors.

EnerMech has appointed Duncan Frame, who spent 20 years with GE in senior commercial and operational roles in a number of different sectors, as General Manager South West, and he will spearhead expansion of the EnerMech brand.

Duncan Frame said: “EnerMech has years of experience of working in the highly regulated offshore sector and there exists a number of logical entry points to many of the onshore high tech and broader industrial sectors which populate the Midlands and south of the UK.

“The disciplines and methodologies which have been fine tuned in the North Sea and global oil and gas hubs are transferrable to an onshore environment and I see this as a terrific opportunity to build on the EnerMech success story which is strongly founded on evolution and diversification.”

EnerMech business lines including hydraulics, cranes and lifting, integrity and inspection and process and pipelines will appeal to a large number of businesses located in the southern half of the UK. There is also potential to provide integrated services, including electrical and instrumentation and testing and certification, to a number of nuclear, naval and marine projects.

“We envisage building a significant team of competent, multi-skilled individuals with experience across multiple sectors in the next three to five years and will establish the necessary workshop, storage and testing infrastructure to be on the doorstep of and accessible to potential new clients,“ added Mr Frame.

Established ten years ago, EnerMech employs 3,500 staff across 40 locations in the UK, Norway, the Middle East, Caspian, Asia, Africa, Australia and Americas. The company works on large scale projects across the oil and gas, LNG, renewables, defence, power, infrastructure and petrochemicals sectors and expects to grow revenues in 2018 to £430 million, up from £361 million in 2017.

EnerMech chief executive officer, Doug Duguid, said: “We have always been an outward looking business and this extension in to new markets is a natural step and part of a global strategy which will see EnerMech double in size over the next five years.

“We have successfully diversified from our traditional oil and gas base in to major infrastructure projects and this is another good example of introducing our skills and industry expertise in to new sectors which demand similar levels of regulation and duty of care.”

EnerMech Completes Sale to The Carlyle Group and Announces Senior Board Appointments Oil and Gas Veteran John Kennedy Appointed Chairman

EnerMech has confirmed the conclusion of its sale to The Carlyle Group and announced the formation of the group’s Board of Directors.

John Kennedy has been appointed as the group’s chairman, with Joost Dröge and Bob Maguire, both managing directors and partners at Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP), and Philippe Boisseau joining the Board as non-executive directors.

The appointments signal EnerMech’s strong intent to substantially expand the business across global energy, engineering and infrastructure markets.

Spanning a 40-year career in oilfield services, John Kennedy has held senior executive positions with Brown & Root, Halliburton and rig manufacturer Lamprell. In 2006 he led the buy-out of Vetco International from ABB and he was chairman of Wellstream Holdings when it successfully completed an IPO in 2007 and three years later when the business was acquired by GE in a £800 million deal.

Doug Duguid, chief executive officer of the Aberdeen-headquartered mechanical and electrical services specialist, said: “I am delighted we are able to mark the official completion of The Carlyle Group’s acquisition of EnerMech with important non executive appointments of the highest calibre.

“John Kennedy’s experience in the upstream sector and successful corporate track record will add a breadth of expertise and knowledge which will shape the next chapter of EnerMech’s growth strategy.

“With the operating experience, financial resources and international support network of The Carlyle Group and CIEP, EnerMech is in an excellent position to consolidate our presence in our existing markets whilst pushing forward in exploiting new geographic and sector opportunities.

“There is a renewed confidence in our core energy sector client base and we are committed to working collaboratively with clients to identify and provide the best solutions possible. In tandem, our success in establishing a footprint and strong reputation in allied or new international markets, has given us a solid foundation for significant growth over the next decade.”

EnerMech announced in October that it had signed definitive agreements to be acquired by NASDAQ listed alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group for an undisclosed sum. Customary anti-trust and regulatory approvals have now been received and the transaction formally concluded.

Equity for this investment will come from CIEP, a $2.5 billion fund that invests in the global oil and gas sector outside North America. The Fund’s mandate includes exploration & production, mid-stream, downstream and oil field services. Credit Suisse, Lloyds and DNB have underwritten the all-senior rated loan financing the acquisition.

EnerMech Acquired By The Carlyle Group – Investment will support continued global growth of energy and infrastructure services company

EnerMech Group Ltd has been acquired from Lime Rock Partners by global alternative asset manager and NASDAQ listed The Carlyle Group for an undisclosed sum.

The transaction is expected to close in Q4 2018, subject to customary anti-trust and regulatory approvals. Capital for the investment will come from Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP), a $2.5 billion fund that invests in the global oil and gas sector outside North America. The Fund’s mandate includes exploration and production, mid- and downstream and oilfield services.

EnerMech, the Aberdeen-headquartered mechanical and electrical services specialist, employs 3,500 staff across 40 locations in the UK, Norway, the Middle East, Caspian, Asia, Africa, Australia and Americas. The company works on large scale projects across the oil and gas, LNG, renewables, defence, power, infrastructure and petrochemicals sectors. 

Last month (September) EnerMech revealed annual accounts [for the full year] to December 2017 with revenues of £361 million and profits (EBITDA) of £43.6 million, and forecast that 2018 revenues are expected to reach £430 million with profits in the region of £59 million.

The company was formed 10 years ago by Chief Executive Officer Doug Duguid and Chief Financial Officer Michael Buchan, both of whom will remain with the company in their current positions.

Doug Duguid said the deal was positive news for staff and clients and said newly available capital would lead to further acquisitions which will strengthen EnerMech’s services portfolio and geographic presence.

He said: “This transaction marks the beginning of a new chapter for EnerMech as we continue to develop our business, grow our global footprint and enter new markets. We are excited to be partnering with CIEP, whose expertise and track record in the energy space will provide valuable support for our strategy and next phase of growth.

“We are very pleased with the strong support we have enjoyed from Lime Rock over the last decade in building a thriving and sustainable business. This transaction is a natural progression in the life of any ambitious company and with the backing of Carlyle Group, which enjoys extensive relationships in the upstream and downstream sectors, we will be focussed on doubling the size of the business in the next five years.

“Our strategic diversification in to large scale infrastructure projects and new geographic markets, allied to our lengthy track record in energy and the renewed confidence in that sector, were significant drivers in attracting a heavyweight investor such as Carlyle Group.

“For our staff and clients, it is very much business as usual, with the caveat that we will be identifying target businesses which will strengthen our integrated offering and introduce increased efficiencies for our end-users.”

This acquisition is CIEP’s first investment in an energy services business, complementing its current portfolio of investments in exploration, midstream and downstream and storage sector companies.

Marcel van Poecke, Head of Carlyle International Energy Partners, said: ““EnerMech is an attractive, well-positioned international integrated energy, infrastructure and industrial services company, led by a strong team.

“The company has multiple avenues for growth. We believe potential synergies across CIEP’s portfolio companies as well as the broader Carlyle family are attractive. We look forward to working with the team and supporting EnerMech’s continued growth.”

John Reynolds, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Lime Rock Partners, said: “We have greatly valued our partnership with Doug Duguid, Michael Buchan, and the entire EnerMech team as we supported the business’s growth and transformation since inception. We are confident that the company will continue to thrive under Carlyle’s ownership.”

EnerMech Secures Ranking In Sunday Times Top Track 250

EnerMech has been ranked in the top 60 of British private mid-market growth companies, according to the Sunday Times Grant Thornton Top Track 250 league table.

The Aberdeen-headquartered integrated mechanical and electrical services specialist was one of 11 new Scottish entrants to the rankings, which measures companies growth by sales and growth and profitability criteria.

The twenty Scottish companies featured in the list showed combined sales of £4.48 billion, with EnerMech the second highest ranked Scottish firm (£361 million revenue to December 2017) after Edinburgh-based house builder Miller Homes (£675 million).

EnerMech’s ranking in 52nd place in the British table comes after the company last week posted global profits of £43.6 million, up by £19.3 million on 2016, and increased revenue of almost £100 million in the same period.

EnerMech chief executive officer, Doug Duguid, predicted that 2018 revenues would continue to grow to around £430 million with EBITDA in the region of £59 million, from a combination of the continued revival in the company’s traditional oil and gas markets and diversification in to new sectors.

He said: “We are delighted to be in the mix with Britain’s top performing growth companies and the Top Track 250 ranking echoes our strong financial performance in 2017 which we expect to continue in succeeding years.

“Our home North Sea market is on a sounder footing and we are witnessing increased activity and demand for our services. We envisage building on our successes in Australia and the US, not just in the energy sector but over a range of large-scale infrastructure projects which are in the pipeline and where we can offer our suite of integrated services.”

EnerMech employs 3500 staff across 40 locations in the UK, Norway, the Middle East, Caspian, Asia, Africa, Australia and Americas, and has evolved in to one of the world’s leading integrated mechanical and electrical contractors serving the oil and gas, LNG, renewables, defence, power, infrastructure and petrochemicals sectors. 

The Top Track 250 is sponsored by Grant Thornton and Lloyds Banking Group and compiled by Fast Track, the Oxford-based research and networking events firm.

Andrew Howie, Partner at Grant Thornton UK LLP, praised the companies

for their performance: He said: “Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, the pervasive challenge of cybercrime, and the uncertain impacts of Brexit are among the significant issues facing Britain today.

“If we are to continue turning innovative ideas into businesses with international scale, we all need to play our part in shaping a vibrant economy that thrives. In this, the role of the mid-market is crucial. Resilient despite the headwinds, the Top Track 250 are innovating, winning business and adapting to generate value. There is much to learn from them.”

The Sunday Times Grant Thornton Top Track 250 complements the Top Track 100, published in July, which features Britain’s private companies with the biggest sales. It ranks the next 250-biggest companies by sales, provided they meet certain growth and profitability criteria. The 250 companies grew combined sales by 18% to £66.7bn, operating profits by 27% to a record £6.4bn and employees by 10% to 435,000.

Diversification and Success in Australia and US Boost Financial Performance

Continued success in international markets has increased global revenues by nearly £100 million for integrated mechanical and electrical services specialist EnerMech.

The Aberdeen-headquartered firm has posted 2017 group turnover of £361.4 million, up from £263.9 million the previous year, while profits (EBITDA) increased by £19.3 million to £43.6 million.

EnerMech employs 3500 staff across 40 locations in the UK, Norway, the Middle East, Caspian, Asia, Africa, Australia and Americas, and has evolved in to one of the world’s leading integrated mechanical and electrical contractors serving the oil and gas, LNG, renewables, defence, power, infrastructure and petrochemicals sectors.  The company stated that around £45 million of its revenue growth had come from the acquisition of electrical & instrumentation (E&I) specialist EPS Group Australia in early 2017.

Annual accounts lodged this week at Companies House for the year to December 2017 show EnerMech’s UK business continued to weather the oil and gas downturn, despite a drop in turnover to £116 million from £128 million in 2016. In the UK, where the company employs 1000 staff, EnerMech posted EBITDA of £9.9 million compared to £15 million the previous year.  

EnerMech chief executive officer, Doug Duguid, forecast that global revenues in 2018 would increase to £430 million with EBITDA in the region of £59 million, and said the UK business would also experience growth on the back of increased investment in the region.

Mr Duguid said: “Our global strategy of diversification, both in terms of the services we provide and the markets we are competing in, is proving successful and this is strongly demonstrated by our financial results, however, we are also starting to see a return to growth in our traditional oil and gas market.

“In five of our seven operating regions, we experienced significant growth, particularly in Australia where revenue almost doubled, and in the US where the growth of our industrial services and E&I offerings plus exposure to large LNG projects more than doubled turnover. In Africa too, strategic contract wins in Angola, Nigeria and Ghana saw activity levels increase by 50% in 2017, while in Asia we improved on our 2016 performance by securing important contracts in Korea and Malaysia.

“The Middle East and Caspian region remained steady in 2017, while Europe was the only region in which revenues declined, due to the well-documented drop off in new oil and gas projects and the deferral of non-essential maintenance activities.

Mr Duguid was upbeat on 2018 prospects, pointing to EnerMech’s ability to deliver integrated services which clients are increasingly demanding and the company’s focus on greater collaboration with customers.

He said: “The prospects for our 2018 financial results are very positive and we expect further growth in the Americas and Australia in particular. Our commitment to developing innovative operational and commercial ways of working is gaining traction and is particularly relevant to mature oil and gas markets, where extending field life is a key customer objective.

“Over the last 10 years we have built a robust business which operates across diverse international markets and this has allowed us to grow, despite the numerous challenges we faced in the oil and gas downturn. We are in a strong position to achieve our long-term objective of becoming the global contractor of choice for pre-commissioning, commissioning, operations and maintenance, and late-life services across a wide range of sectors.”

Ross McHardy Joins From North Sea Operator TAQA Bratani

An oil and gas asset specialist with more than 20 years’ experience working for major operating companies has been appointed as EnerMech’s European regional director.

Ross McHardy will be responsible for all UK and Norwegian activities at the Aberdeen-headquartered integrated engineering services firm, which expects to double European turnover from £84m to more than £170m over the next four years.

Mr McHardy was previously responsible for safety performance and production delivery on TAQA Bratani’s Harding assets and held a wider strategic role which oversaw engineering and project delivery across Central North Sea assets. Prior to this he was part of EnQuest’s Aberdeen leadership team where he was actively involved in shaping the company’s strategic development and core values.

EnerMech chief executive officer, Doug Duguid, said: “Our strategy is to extend our offshore oil and gas offering to cover the full life-of-field of assets, to strengthen our integrated maintenance and inspection services, and further expand our mechanical and electrical provision to offshore sectors, such as downstream, power, utilities and defence.

“Ross’s experience in senior executive roles with major operators will be an important asset in helping us to better understand the problems faced by our clients and will be key to defining how we enhance service deliver and make a genuine difference to clients’ operations.

“His collaborative leadership style will bring a fresh insight and enthusiasm, as we expand our business by supporting the industry’s stated objective of maximising economic recovery.”

EnerMech’s European division employ 1000 staff in Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth, Bristol and in Norway and current annual turnover is expected to double to an estimated £170 million by 2022.

Ross McHardy said: “After spending more than 20 years on the operator side managing assets and delivering engineering projects, I hope I can transfer that knowledge to assist EnerMech as it continues to disrupt the traditional ways of executing turnkey projects.

“There are signs of recovery in the oil and gas sector but we need to emerge from the downturn with a fresh perspective and to do things differently. We also see exciting opportunities in the UK onshore market, drawing on the experience we have gained in international markets. EnerMech is a solid well-managed but nimble business, and I believe it is in an excellent position to build on its reputation for delivering high quality services, but with a dynamic and challenging approach to what has been the accepted norm.

“Greater collaboration across the supply chain is widely recognised as a necessity and I know from some of the initiatives that are being pioneered by EnerMech that they treat this seriously and are willing to invest in people and resources to make the most of the new opportunities on the horizon.”

EnerMech Get £21 Million Cranes Contract Lift

EnerMech has secured a new cranes and lifting services contract with an international Operator in the North Sea and extended terms on a number of existing contracts which are worth in excess of £21 million.

The integrated engineering services specialist will provide crane maintenance and crane management to three North Sea platforms on behalf of the new client.

The multi-million-pound five-year contract, with five one-year options, includes offshore crane maintenance and operation, onshore support and repair facilities, crane spare parts, engineering, and consultancy support.

In addition, Aberdeen-headquartered EnerMech have also secured a three-year extension to their existing cranes and lifting services contract with Maersk Oil UK for the Gryphon Alpha and Global Producer III FPSOs and the new Culzean gas field assets in the North Sea.

These awards are further complemented by a one-year extension for Dana Petroleum’s Triton and Western Isles assets, along with a two-year extension for Spirit Energy’s Morecambe Bay assets for crane management services.

EnerMech’s UK director of mechanical handling services, Chris Dixon, said: “Our continued focus on delivering value by provided integrated services with careful cost management is winning us new cranes and lifting service clients and extending relationships with existing customers.

“We are looking forward to forming a strong partnership with this new North Sea client and we believe our template for providing high quality combined services is an attractive offering to UKCS and international Operators.”

EnerMech Triumph In Private Equity Awards

Global integrated engineering services group EnerMech team has been recognised in a private equity sector awards ceremony.

The Aberdeen-headquartered company was named as a winner in the Scotland Management Team Awards organised by the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA).

Run in association with Grant Thornton, the awards recognise the highest performing UK companies that are backed by private equity and venture capital. EnerMech chief executive officer, Doug Duguid, collected the Large Company Management Team award at an awards ceremony at Edinburgh’s Balmoral Hotel.

BVCA judges heard how EnerMech’s buy-and-build strategy, combining organic growth with selective acquisitions, had transformed the business from a small start-up equipment rental business 10 years ago, into a global enterprise which provides critical asset integrity and operations and maintenance support to the energy and infrastructure sectors across the full asset lifecycle.

Backed by private equity investor Lime Rock Partners, EnerMech’s broad suite of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation services allows it to provide a unique integrated offering to major international companies and in 2017 generated turnover of £365 million and EBITDA of £43 million, with 2018 revenues forecast to be in the region of £450 million.

The judging panel said: “This market leading growth has seen EnerMech significantly outperform the market over a 10 year period that included not only the global financial crisis but the worst ever prolonged oil and gas industry downturn.”

EnerMech CEO, Doug Duguid, said: “I am delighted that our vision of creating a sustainable, long-term business, which employs 3000 people in 40 locations, has been recognised.

“We will continue to make significant investment in systems and in our people to ensure the business runs efficiently and reaches its full potential. Our ambition is to grow the business to £1.2bn of revenue in the next five years and that will be done by harnessing the proven strategy of organic growth and carefully-selected acquisitions.

“Continually delivering a high quality of service in heavily regulated sectors has been key to our success in entering new markets and geographies and we will replicate that model to achieve the next phase of our growth story.”

MInteg Invest In Rope Access Training Centre

Maintenance, inspection and integrity specialist, MInteg, have opened a purpose-built rope access training centre at parent company EnerMech’s Aberdeen headquarters.

The five-figure investment in the Howes Road training centre includes a training tower, a Cat Head crane section and classroom facility, and recently welcomed the first intake of candidates for IRATA training.

The expansion follows MInteg being awarded Training status for rope access activities by IRATA International, the industry body which validates the training and certification for personnel who work at height.

MInteg already held IRATA accreditation to employ rope access personnel to operate in specialist teams, but the new rating now allows the provision of training courses and certification for EnerMech employees and external clients.

The IRATA International Training and Certification Scheme is a globally recognised rope access competence framework and a key qualification for staff working in onshore and offshore industry sectors including oil and gas, renewables, construction, NDT inspection and maintenance. IRATA member companies working to IRATA International standards boast an enviable safety record worldwide.

MInteg director Patrick Gallagher said: “The new training facility and our extended IRATA status will be integral to improving the skills of technicians in tackling the difficulties associated with working at height.

“At MInteg, our rope access specialists are working in close collaboration with EnerMech’s skilled engineers and technicians and have developed combined training and assessment criteria where the quality of work is assessed hand-in-hand with the rope access safety aspect.

“The end result is the client can be assured they are benefitting not only from the increased efficiencies of rope access, but that the engineers and technicians working on their project have proved their competence in transferring skills to the difficult arena of working at height.”

Mr Gallagher said the MInteg approach was a game-changer for the working at height sector.

He added: “Traditionally, contractors with IRATA certification will be asked to do a range of tasks which are often additional to their actual skill-set. We are reversing that approach and giving EnerMech personnel the ability to perform those skills as expertly at height as they do on the ground.”

MInteg recently opened its first international facility in Perth, Western Australia, as part of an expansion strategy which will tap in to LNG and upstream oil and gas opportunities in Australia.

OEM Group and EnerMech Sign Global Cooperation Agreement

OEM Group and integrated engineering services specialist EnerMech have signed a three-year worldwide collaboration agreement to identify opportunities to deliver engine support services through EnerMech’s global service centres.

The agreement will see OEM supply EnerMech with crane engine services and upgrades and spare parts, as well as provide technical support including engineering and project management on a non-exclusive basis to EnerMech’s global client base.

Formed in 2012, Aberdeen-headquartered OEM is an international group of businesses offering a range of engine services, spare part procurement and fuel conditioning to safety-critical sectors. The firm has been working with EnerMech in the UK since 2016 and recently OEM and EnerMech signed a three-year agreement to provide a Qatar-based oil & gas company with engine field support services covering all diesel engines.

EnerMech operates across 40 global locations with a presence in the UK, Africa, the Americas, Australia, Asia, the Caspian region, the Middle East, and Norway.

OEM managing director, Barry Park, said: “Our team has successfully completed numerous ad-hoc campaigns for EnerMech in the UK and in other parts of the world to help ensure the crane engines under EnerMech’s control remain well maintained and operational.

“It is through the development of this close working relationship, as well as having reliable personnel with an ability to deliver exceptional work in each timeframe, that has contributed to us formalising this relationship further. We also have very strong supplier relationships which enables us to procure any necessary spare parts around the clock from anywhere in the world. We look forward to continuing our strong working relationship with EnerMech globally.”

EnerMech’s international mechanical handling services director, John Morrison, added: “We always look to collaborate with like-minded businesses where it can add value to our end-clients. The association with OEM Group has proven successful across a range of cranes and lifting projects and we are pleased to extend this relationship which offers benefits to both companies and to our clients.”

EnerMech Aims To Double African Revenues To £50M

New Regional Director Appointed To Spearhead Growth

EnerMech has appointed Salvatore Cutino as regional director for Africa as it looks to double revenues in the region to more than £50 million over the next three years.

Mr Cutino has joined the global integrated engineering services specialist from Harris Pye Engineering group where he was international business development manager based in Houston, USA.

He will be based in Cape Town and has more than 40 years’ experience in marine and offshore services, mechanical engineering and project management and a proven track record working on large international contracts across a number of sectors.

Mr Cutino succeeds Steve Ord who will relocate to UAE to lead EnerMech’s operations in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Steve Ord has extensive operational experience in the Middle East and was based in-region before taking up EnerMech’s most senior role in Africa in 2015.

EnerMech employs more than 150 staff in Africa and has a presence in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Northern Cape in South Africa, Angola, Nigeria and Ghana. With further investment planned to expand EnerMech’s capabilities within the mining, power and petrochemical markets and to create a joint venture in Mozambique, the company expects its African regional revenues to double over the next three years to more than £50 million.

After market entry in 2012 and the successful delivery of pipeline services on deepwater projects offshore West Africa, EnerMech expanded with the acquisition of Water Weights International in South Africa, which was followed with the acquisition of the trade and assets of valve supply and service company Control Valve Technologies.

The company extended its geographic footprint by establishing joint ventures with local partners in Ghana, Nigeria and Angola which has presented numerous offshore and onshore opportunities.

EnerMech chief executive officer, Doug Duguid, said: “Africa is a strategically significant region to EnerMech’s future expansion plans and forms an important strand in taking our business to the next level.

“I am delighted we have appointed Salvatore Cutino who has the business acumen and industry track-record to fulfil our ambitions in Africa and he and his team will benefit from the excellent template established by Steve Ord during his three-year tenure.

“We have a first-rate reputation for delivering process and pipeline, cranes and lifting and valve services in Africa and we believe we can replicate this success by expanding our other main service lines, including industrial services, hydraulics and electrical and instrumentation, which will be of value to major infrastructure, construction and industrial projects across the sub-continent.”

Salvatore Cutino added: “I am looking forward to taking up where Steve Ord has left off and to using my extensive experience of working across Africa on major industrial projects to add to EnerMech’s success story.”

EnerMech Focus On International Growth With Two Senior Exec Appointments

Global integrated engineering service provider EnerMech is targeting further international growth with two senior management appointments in the US and UK.

Former senior officer of helicopter transportation company Bristow Group, Mark Duncan, has been appointed to the role of senior vice president of EnerMech’s Americas region.


Mark has worked in a variety of international management roles for ABB, Halliburton, KBR and Subsea7 and while at Bristow Group oversaw global operations which generated annual turnover in excess of $2 billion.

Based in Houston, Mark will be responsible for driving the continued profitable growth of EnerMech businesses throughout the Americas region. In the first three months of 2018, the team has already added contracts in the US market worth more than $30 million, including workscopes at six LNG and petrochemical construction sites.

Colin Smith has joined EnerMech as technical director from a leading global energy company where he was engineering consultant and project manager. With more than 35 years industry experience in senior technical and management roles with KBR, Amec, CNR and Marathon Oil, he will be responsible for driving the expansion of EnerMech’s Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) division.

In response to client demand for a more focused integrated services offering, EnerMech made its entry into the E&I sector in January 2017 with the acquisition of EPS Group Australia, which provides a range of specialist electrical and instrumentation services to the Australian LNG, infrastructure, power and defence markets. 

Colin will focus on widening EnerMech’s E&I expertise into the UK and across its other international locations, including the US where the business is already seeing some early successes. 

EnerMech chief executive officer, Doug Duguid, said: “The Americas is an important market where last year we doubled revenues to over $85 million and have kick-started 2018 with contract awards of more than $30 million. Mark Duncan is a first-class business leader with a proven track record at the highest level and he will be central to maximising further growth as we consolidate our position in the US LNG, petrochemical and downstream sectors, and further expand domestically and internationally across the Americas region.

“Our past record of working on Australia’s largest LNG projects has proved a solid foundation for repeating that success in the Americas and we are now providing a combination of mechanical, E&I and engineering services across six LNG sites in the GOM and East Coast regions.”

Mr Duguid added that Colin Smith’s experience in asset management would assist EnerMech in rolling out its eMERge initiative – a partnership with BHGE and PDI – which supports E&P operators to maximise the recovery of oil and gas reserves.

He added: “Colin will be based in Aberdeen but will be responsible for driving the expansion of our E&I offering globally and will be the overall technical authority for this business line. His experience in asset management will also prove invaluable in our move towards providing our customers with integrated maintenance and inspection scopes.

“Both appointments underpin our strategic objectives for the continued development of the EnerMech brand as we widen our offering in our home and international markets. Our acquisition of EPS, and more recently of inspection and integrity specialist MInteg, demonstrates our commitment to providing a suite of integrated services which fit the requirements of our clients in the energy and industrial sectors.”

EnerMech subsidiary MInteg makes inroads to Australian LNG and oil and gas sectors

Maintenance, inspection and integrity specialist and EnerMech subsidiary, MInteg, has opened its first international base as it targets growth in new geographic markets.

The facility in Perth, Western Australia, will be the launch pad for entry in to LNG, upstream oil gas and industrial sectors in the Australasia region and to lead the expansion MInteg has appointed oil and gas integrity and inspection veteran Michael Munro as Operations Director in Australia, with Pete Speight joining as Operations Manager.

MInteg will initially offer integrity management, non-destructive testing and mechanical rope access services and, capitalising on parent company EnerMech’s extensive presence in Australia, will look to add facilities in Gladstone, Darwin and Melbourne.

Patrick Gallagher, MInteg director, said years of experience and immersion in North Sea projects would be attractive to Australian clients and he is confident the company’s integrated approach of providing working at height expertise with traditional technical skills will prove successful.

He said: “We believe there are opportunities for MInteg services in LNG and upstream gas on the East Coast, in Victoria. Queensland, the Northern Territory and South Australia and in oil and gas across Western Australia.

 “Australia has gone through a massive construction phase over the last 10 years and has now transited in to the operating phase which will require additional integrity management and inspection expertise. We identified that the market is ready for a new entrant and we will leverage the relationships established by EnerMech to showcase our capabilities.

Michael Munro added: “A combined service offering which pulls in EnerMech’s core services and compliments our strengths in NDT and rope access will offer something new to the oil, gas, LNG and industrial sectors, and we are looking forward to extending our footprint in Australia, which will be a precursor to further international growth.”

EnerMech Partners With Valves Specialist Farris Engineering In Australia

Integrated engineering services specialist, EnerMech, has signed a partnership with Farris Engineering to provide safety relief valves and parts to the Australian market.

EnerMech provides a range of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation services to the oil, gas, mining, infrastructure, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, water, utilities mining and aluminum industries and employs 870 staff in Australia where it operates eight bases across Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Northern Territories.

Farris Engineering, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright (NYSE: CW) has a 70-year track record in designing and manufacturing a wide range of spring-loaded and pilot-operated relief valves.

EnerMech will act as an accredited sales agent, assembler, and stockist of new Farris safety relief valves and parts. The partnership includes sales representation of Curtiss-Wright’s Solent & Pratt speciality butterfly valve range and its Phonix, Strack & Daume severe service isolation and control valves for the power and chemical industries. 

EnerMech’s Australian-based valves team offers complete sales, assembly, and maintenance, repair, overhaul and service capability for a wide variety of relief valves, with skilled technicians providing both emergency and scheduled repair services either onsite or in their purpose-built valve workshops

Allan Hart, EnerMech’s Regional Director for Australia, said: “Forging alliances with a blue-chip product and service providers such as Farris Engineering adds to our already strong valves offering in Australia and provide our clients with greater choice, flexibility and cost savings.

“Farris Engineering has a long-established international pedigree and we are looking forward to rolling out their first-class valves portfolio in Australia and to establishing a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.”

Acquisition Adds Valves Value For EnerMech

EnerMech is expanding its valves division with the acquisition of the UK valves business of Denholm Valvecare (DV).

The global integrated engineering services group has acquired the UK trade and assets of the valves division of family-owned Denholm Oilfield Services for an undisclosed sum.

EnerMech expects its UK valves business to generate around £7m revenue in 2018 following the deal, which will see all DV valves equipment, inventory and an estimated 25 staff transfer to the Aberdeen-headquartered business.

EnerMech chief executive officer, Doug Duguid, said: “The opportunity arose to acquire a well-established valves business which will upscale our existing UK valves business and offer economies of scale.

“Denholm Valvecare has a lengthy track record of success and enjoys many positive relationships in the industry. This deal adds value to existing clients of both businesses while giving us a strong platform to grow the service in the years ahead.”

The acquisition will also bolster EnerMech’s UK valves management team with the addition of a number of senior DV staff who are well-respected in the valves services sector.

EnerMech supplies a wide range of relief, isolation, control and general valves to the onshore and offshore energy industry and wider industrial services sector. A fully integrated valves service includes the procurement, specification, inspection, testing and quality control which minimises shut down and installation schedules without comprising on safety or quality.

The deal follows on from EnerMech’s acquisition last year of maintenance, inspection and integrity specialist Minteg Ltd and the purchase of Australian and US-based EPS Group which provides electrical and instrumentation services to major infrastructure and power projects.

EnerMech Powers Ahead With Norwegian Contract Wins

EnerMech Norway has won contracts to provide control and certification services to two of Norway’s leading power generating companies.

In line with EnerMech’s global strategy to diversify into new markets, the company said securing the land-based contracts complemented their long-established reputation in offshore engineering services.

EnerMech has been awarded a three-year frame agreement, with a two-year option, to provide service control and certification of lifting equipment at all power plants owned by Statkraft in mid and north Norway. As Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, Statkraft employs 3800 staff in 16 countries in a number of sectors including hydropower, wind and solar power, gas-fired power and district heating supplies.

Skagerak Energi, one of Norway’s largest power grid companies, has also awarded EnerMech a three-year frame contract, with a two-year option, to provide control and certification of lifting equipment at the company’s power plants.

EnerMech Norway’s first success out with the traditional oil and gas sector was the award of a contract to manage the servicing and maintenance of all cranes and lifting equipment located at properties operated by the Norwegian Defence Estate.

Trond Møller, the EnerMech general manager for Norway, said: “Both these contract wins highlight the versatility and varied skills set of our cranes and lifting specialists.

“While a core part of the business remains the offshore sector, we will continue to identify new markets and to establish fresh relationships which provide us with the opportunity to grow the EnerMech brand. We are delighted to be kicking off 2018 by securing landmark contracts with two of Norway’s most respected power generation businesses.”

EnerMech said seven new engineering and operational positions would be created to service the contracts and other work.


Engineering services group EnerMech has taken a majority stake in Aberdeen-based maintenance, inspection and integrity specialist MInteg Ltd.

MInteg provides a range of specialist maintenance, integrity and inspection services to the oil and gas, renewables, utilities and other major process industries, and offers full IRATA certified rope access capability.

MInteg founder Colin Smith and highly experienced maintenance and integrity experts John Bruce and Patrick Gallagher – who recently joined MInteg from operator Apache North Sea – have relocated to EnerMech’s Aberdeen headquarters and the business will continue to trade under the MInteg brand.

The MInteg team brings with them a strong track-record in non-destructive testing, rope access services, integrity management, inspection services and rotating equipment maintenance, including gas turbines and compressors.

EnerMech said the investment was part of an ongoing strategy to broaden its range of engineering services and to optimise support for late-life hydrocarbon assets by safely reducing costs and improving asset integrity.

Clients had indicated a requirement for integrity and inspection services and a broader maintenance capability and EnerMech had responded to that need.

EnerMech chief executive officer, Doug Duguid, said: “MInteg is a highly complementary business to our existing service lines and their skillset broadens out the capability of the integrated services we can offer to the energy, utilities and infrastructure sectors.

“Customers have indicated they would welcome an inspection and integrity offering as well as a wider maintenance offering which encompasses rotating machinery and the MInteg management team are one of the most experienced in the industry in this regard. With a focus on minimising costs for our clients while creating more cohesive and co-operative business models, this acquisition is consistent with our ambition to be recognised as the prominent provider of integrated services.

Mr Duguid said MInteg was a “highly scaleable business” and whilst the initial focus would be on the UK market, EnerMech would support its global ambitions by rolling out its services to existing clients in Africa, Australia and the US.

This is the second acquisition EnerMech has made in 2017 and follows on from the purchase in January of EPS Group which provides electrical and instrumentation services in Australia and the US.

EnerMech now has 3000 employees operating from 40 bases located throughout the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Caspian and the US.

EnerMech Posts 2016 Results

EnerMech, the global provider of integrated mechanical, electrical and instrumentation solutions, today revealed that its 2016 revenues rose by almost £10m to £263.7m on the previous year and is forecasting that 2017 trading will increase by nearly £100m to around £360m.

Annual accounts to December 2016 also show profits (EBITDA) rose by £4.4m to £24.8m in the same period and it is expected 2017 profits will increase further to around £42m.

Figures lodged at Companies House show EnerMech’s UK division recorded similar success with revenues of £128.3m, up from £123.7m the previous year, while EBITDA more than doubled to £14.4m.

EnerMech employs 3000 staff across 40 locations in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Caspian, Asia, Australia and the Americas, and has evolved in to one of the world’s leading integrated engineering contractors, continuing to serve the energy sector whilst expanding its service offering into new sectors, including renewables, LNG, defence, power, infrastructure and petrochemicals. 

The acquisition in January of electrical and instrumentation specialist EPS Group, which has a presence in Australia and the US, expanded the Group’s capability beyond its original mechanical focus and has provided EnerMech with access to large scale infrastructure projects and entry to the metals and utility sectors.

EnerMech chief executive officer, Doug Duguid, said: “We remain focussed on increasing our presence in international markets, strengthening our reputation in our core energy sectors, while building on the significant inroads we have made in to other important markets such as infrastructure and utilities.

“We have focussed on developing fresh ways of working and introduced innovative new business models for clients who are seeking a different approach in light of the changed oil and gas environment. Prudent cost savings, a strategic expansion into new sectors, and carefully targeted acquisitions, underpin what is an encouraging set of financial results.

“EnerMech is constantly evolving and our approach to providing truly integrated engineering services means we can remain agile and responsive to client requirements, which puts us in a strong position to maximise growth potential in the years ahead.”

EnerMech is enjoying significant growth in its US business, buoyed by success on LNG pre-commissioning contracts and in the petrochemicals sector, and it expects 2017 revenue in the Americas to double to more than £60m and staff numbers to increase from 150 to around 400.

The company recently announced it had secured a five-year contract to provide hose and hose fittings supply and services for Shell’s Prelude FNLG facility in Western Australia. In May it revealed it had formed a joint venture with Iraq’s Khudairi Group to target the country’s re-emerging oil, gas and infrastructure sectors, and in April it announced it had won £40m worth of contracts in the Caspian region, providing cranes and lifting, process, pipeline and umbilicals, valves, training and industrial services to a range of international operators.