EnerMech Invest in CNC machining facility

EnerMech has invested £200,000 on specialist equipment to boost the company’s hydraulics business line

CNC Machining FacilityThe CNC machining facility (Computer Numeric Control) allows

the Aberdeen-based mechanical services company to manufacture equipment parts which previously had to be sourced through suppliers.

 EnerMech can now offer a full engineering design, prototyping and production manufacture in-house, while providing full traceability from original design calculations to materials used on products such as 10,000psi fittings.

The Colchester Tornado twin spindle machine can perform 12 live tooling operations, such as milling and thread rolling, without stopping to change tools and is capable of manufacturing 1400 individual equipment parts per week.

Alan Bailey, EnerMech’s equipment manager, said: “The investment in a CNC machine gives us the ability to design and manufacture high-pressure fittings and a competitive advantage because we are the only mechanical services company in the Aberdeen area which can provide this complete service in-house.

“It means our hydraulics clients will benefit from a super-efficient turnaround on new and replacement machine parts which conform with EnerMech’s highest quality control proces

“This added manufacturing capability is a good example of how our company endeavours to find new, more efficient and cost effective ways of doing business, which ultimately benefits our client base.”