Speak Up For Safety

HSE Director Emmanuelle Marshall outlines why it’s important staff speak up on issues which impact on health and safety.

“We genuinely want to hear from staff at all levels – and all locations – across the business about how HSE interacts with your daily actions as you go about your work.

“That’s why I am looking forward in the coming weeks to analyzing and reporting back on the results from our Employee Behavioral Survey, Your Voice Matters, which will help shape our future strategy on improving HSE at EnerMech.

“Nothing on this scale has been done before so the survey will provide a benchmark for gauging the level of engagement of employees with regards to HSE, how involved they are as individuals, and how their line managers and department heads interact with HSE issues.

“Of course, we have a strategy already in place for 2020 and beyond, but the survey results can help plug any gaps, and when we repeat this exercise in a few years’ time we will have a body of evidence which provides comparisons and confirms whether we have succeeded in transforming our approach to HSE across the organization, or still have work to do.

“Be assured, we already have a very good HSE management system, but gaps can creep in naturally to any business and

Your Voice Matters will help identify weaknesses and ensure we learn from mistakes.

“With EnerMech’s ambitious growth plans, it becomes even more important that we are at the top of our HSE game.

Naturally, we want to protect our people from harm and reduce our impact on the environment – simply because it’s the right thing to do. But it also happens to be good for business and demonstrates that we, as a business and each individual within, takes HSE seriously. It can mean the difference between succeeding in a multi-million dollar tender process or losing out to a competitor.

“We have a safety history we should be proud of, but we can make it even better. We must encourage a strong HSE culture, underpinned by an efficient yet simple and standardized Integrated Management System (IMS), but to be safer together we need everyone to play a part.

“The HSE function will continue to be the owner of the IMS and of the various HSE tools needed to ensure success, and will continue to be available for support and coaching. However, it is essential that everyone plays a part to improve our HSE performance, culture and behaviours. Put simply, this strategy needs to be owned by the many and not just a few.

“We are listening, so please make sure your voice is heard.”