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Heath Ward

Heath Ward
Subject Matter Expert
Expertise in Decommissioning, Tank Inspection & Cleaning

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Stan Tweddle

Stan Tweddle
Subject Matter Expert
Expertise in Valve Specifications & Supply

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John Anthony

John Anthony
Subject Matter Expert
Expertise in Valves

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Peter Rhodes

Peter Rhodes
Subject Matter Expert
Expertise in Leak & Pneumatic Testing

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Air blowing

Air blowing is used for the cleaning and drying of process systems and pipe work. Engineering specialists carry out a thorough review of your system following any construction activity to determine the optimum flow rate to achieve the desired cleanliness, and ensure an operational flow rate is exceeded by a factor of 150%. Once your system is pressurized, the system is immediately decompressed to the right atmosphere using either a rupture disk or a fast-action full-bore valve system through a noise-reducing receiver, which acts as a filter for any debris. The decompression process continues until the required cleanliness levels have been achieved, with follow-on air blowing undertaken as necessary to achieve the correct dryness.

Bespoke Enclosures

Understanding the need to address leak concerns on complex equipment geometries and configurations, we provide the local design, manufacture and installation of bespoke enclosures in accordance with ASME VII Div.2 and ASME PCC-2.


Bolt torque and tensioning

Experienced and competent technicians deliver a complete solution for all of your bolting requirements, including project planning, design, engineering, equipment, IT systems support, onsite/offsite transfer, supply and support – all delivered using the safest, most advanced and versatile equipment in the industry.

Hydraulic bolt torquing

Highly skilled technicians use in-depth technical knowledge and best industry practices to ensure accurate bolt loading is achieved. Your project will be delivered using the safest and most advanced hydraulic torque equipment in the industry.

Hydraulic bolt tensioning

Technicians deliver the fastest and most accurate method of controlled bolt tightening in the industry, utilising the latest tensioning technologies to apply direct load evenly across all bolts and carrying out applications previously inaccessible to older tooling.

Hot Bolting

EnerMech have partnered with SRJ-Technologies to deliver the BoltEx clamp to the industry. Designed to ASME PCC-2, ASME VIII and ASME B16.5, the BoltEx clamps enable our specialist technicians to safely replace bolts on live systems without compromising the joint integrity.

Hydraulic nut splitting

Technicians utilise specialist hydraulic equipment to offer the most rapid and effective method of removing corroded or seized nuts. This operation eliminates the need for undesirable and time-consuming operations such as cutting, grinding or chiselling. The ease and speed of use ensures that client deadlines and targets are achieved despite such problems occurring.

Ultrasonic bolt monitoring

In critical applications it’s sometimes necessary to ascertain a precise bolt load. Technicians combine proven tightening techniques with highly accurate ultrasonic bolt monitoring equipment to achieve a fully controlled tightening method. By measuring the actual elongation, we can eliminate variables such as temperature and friction to give you an accurate reading of bolt load, stress or percentage strain.

Boiler weighing

Specialists use hydraulic tooling to accurately measure the load in individual boiler supports and help reduce high stress concentration in boiler assemblies. Loads can then be balanced and distributed to your specification or design.

Turbine tightening

Safe, efficient and bespoke tightening operations delivered by knowledgeable technicians who are experts in the operation of break out and fully controlled torque tightening of turbine casings, turbine coupling shaft and HP steam inlets. We can carry out safe and efficient tightening operations on equipment with difficult access and non-standard configurations.

Camera inspection

A range of remote visual inspection (RVI) and in-pipe camera inspection services to help you save time, reduce interfaces, enhance quality and increase safety on your project. Our comprehensive camera inspection can be delivered across applications and provide accurate pictures of conditions inside process plants, pipework, vessels/tanks, pumps and turbines, risers/caissons/J-tubes, valves, umbilicals and drains. RVI is used in a wide variety of applications, including internal weld inspection, no man entry vessel inspections, structural integrity audits, coating inspections, cleanliness, inspection, pitting and corrosion surveys, and checking for build-up of sand, wax or scale. Cameras are easy to use and deploy, cause minimal disruption and capable of recording findings.


Catalyst handling

Taking Catalyst Change-outs off the critical path

At EnerMech, safety is integral to every aspect of our operations and we drive an incident free workplace. It is commonplace on LNG plants that some catalysts require unloading and loading under inert conditions to exclude air and avoid pyrophoric ignition and catalyst damage. Nitrogen is commonly used for this purpose with extreme risk to personnel.  We have found a better way and have pioneered a robotic catalyst unloading and loading tool called EnCat. EnCat negates the requirement for manual handling, high-risk confined space operations and inert breathing apparatus systems, mitigating the risk of engulfment, asphyxiation and manual handling injury and fatigue.

The EnCat technology comprises of two main parts: EnerVac, an automated unloading tool that removes catalyst from reactors via vacuum, without any entry into the vessel during unloading; and EnCat, an automated loading tool that loads catalyst directly from drums into the reactor, without entry during the loading activities. Both are programmable to avoid any obstacles within the vessels, such as temperature probes.

The EnCat solution:

  • Increases safety by eliminating the risks of asphyxiation and engulfment
  • Removes the need for inert entry
  • Minimises manual handling and fatigue
  • Eliminates CSE during unloading and loading
  • Reduces reliance on cranes
  • Decreases weather dependency for more predictable outcomes
  • Lowers catalyst attrition in comparison to traditional loading methods
  • Removes the need for decanting of catalyst from drums to Bulka Bags

Catalyst handling dehydration decontamination

Our patented decontamination process for dehydration media is used to remove all LELs, VOCs & H2S from the media and vessel prior to unloading, all while rendering the media completely deactivated. The process is quicker and generates minimal effluent when compared to current market practices of hot nitrogen stripping or water flooding. Reactors can be declared LEL free in as little as 12 hours, with permanent oxidisation of H2S and pyrophoric material. This process results in cost and time savings alongside greater flexibility for the transport and disposal/recycling of the benign spent (but clean) media.

On a recent shutdown, EnerMech’s multi-disciplined team delivered integrated services with a focus on safety and operational excellence.  Using EnCat, we reduced personnel on site significantly improving safety throughout.


Chemical cleaning

Your complex chemical cleaning projects are managed and delivered by an expert team using one of the largest fleets of equipment in the world. Both reactive and non-reactive chemistry is used in a wide range of application methods including fill and soak, circulation, rotating nozzles, foam, vapor phase, and on-line cleaning. We support every phase of your project in a wide variety of industries, from pulp and paper to petrochemical, power stations, pharmaceutical, and more. We are the exclusive licensed supplier of Zymeflow Chemistry and Technology to Australia and New Zealand.

Capable and highly trained experts use specialized chemicals and processes to remove contaminants from your systems, including H2S, LEls, benzene, mercaptans, ammonia and pyrophoric iron. Previous projects have seen our teams degas FCC, crude, HDS, merox, ethylene, sulfur recovery, rose, coker, amine, SF and HF alky units, and work with hydrotreaters and flare systems.

Engineering and project management

It is vital to have the correct personnel and equipment in place to keep your project moving. We understand this and empower our experts to work collaboratively with you, connect the dots and deliver.

Project Management

You need responsive teams who understand complex operating environments and tailor services to meet your objectives. We go beyond the status quo to collaborate and build close working relationships that earn your trust. We ensure all projects maximise their potential for success by helping address each element of the project at the earliest opportunity. The role of the project manager is to give specific guidance and detail on the level of control required for the duration of the project, and the management of change process. Including all critical areas to ensure that we are aligned with our customers’ goals and requirements, including:

  • Safety
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Aligned objectives and outcomes
  • Contract review
  • Risk management
  • Planning and control
  • Management of change
  • Commercial management
  • Performance measurement


When confronted with complex projects, you can rely on empowered experts to deliver seamless and integrated solutions that are tailored to meet your needs. Our specialist engineers work across process and pipeline assets to support unique requirements and provide comprehensive solutions. We pride ourselves on the high level of training and development offered through our internal graduate and training programmes, and provide continuous development for our engineers, so that you can benefit from industry-leading insight and knowledge.

ExKal Specialist Chemical Decontamination Services

EnerMech has joined forces with Exkal to deliver proprietary technologies, processes and equipment for descaling, decontamination and decommissioning of oilfield equipment. Combining Exkal’s proven patented chemicals, processes and equipment together with EnerMech’s process and industrial expertise provides a novel service offering. Over the last decade Exkal has developed and delivered a variety of chemical and engineered solutions for the safe removal of oilfield contaminants, adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to solving oilfield challenges. This approach blends perfectly with EnerMech’s focus on providing cost-efficient solutions that reduce operational risk and maximize productivity.

Decontamination Solutions

We provide Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) decontamination services safely and successfully through technology, chemistry, manpower and equipment in the UKCS, West Africa, Middle East and Malaysia. In most cases the technology is deployed alongside Exkal’s modular secondary containment system mitigating any potential uncontrolled release of contaminants to the environment or client’s worksite.

Click here for the full service offering brochure



ExKal- XPC Calcium Naphthenate Dissolver

Oil and gas operators in areas such as West Africa, the North Sea and the Americas are more frequently recognizing complex Calcium Naphthenate (CaN) deposits as a major flow assurance issue which can persist late into the life of a field development.

Until now, there has been no chemical capable of efficiently dissolving oilfield CaN deposits.

The CaN challenge derives from the complex mix of compounds found in crude oil. Some of these, such as Naphthenic acids, can cause problems during hydrocarbon production and processing operations. Naphthenic acids can precipitate as a solid when crude oil mixes with calcium-rich produced water to form solid CaN. Its density lies between that of water and crude oil and therefore is likely to accumulate in large volumes at the oil/water interface in separators, causing blockages.

CaN deposits form very quickly in vessels, pipework and equipment associated with oil production operations severely limiting production by forming significant amounts
of insoluble, sticky material.

To solve this issue, EnerMech in partnership with chemical decontamination experts Exkal, has developed EXKAL-XPC solution, the first dissolver to offer operators a more cost effective, efficient, safe and environmentally responsible way of dealing with CaN deposits.

EXKAL-XPC is a patented formulation containing a synergistic blend of organic solvents and carboxylic acids which can solubilize CaN and tolerate the presence of a significant volume of water that may be associated with the deposits.

The benefits of using EXKAL-XPC include:

A one-stage simple soak procedure, it can dissolve massive quantities of CaN deposits in 6-12 hours under static conditions and at ambient temperature.

It negates the need for additional personnel to be on board the vessel to carry out the physically demanding manual remediation, reducing costs and confined space entry risks in a hazardous environment

It returns Naphthenate to its liquid Naphthenic acid form by removing the calcium ion bound to each CaN molecule. The solution containing the dissolved Naphthenic acid, organic solvents, organic acid and Calcium Carboxylate is then safely pumped out of the system leaving it clean and totally CaN free.

Remedial work to allow operations to be reinstated has typically involved manual removal, which can be extremely hazardous, involving confined space entry risks. In addition, this time consuming process can result in lost production time which can run into millions of pounds. read more here

Field machining

Operating with skill, precision and flexibility, engineers and highly trained technician build cost-effective machining on-site at any location, greatly improving your efficiencies in logistics, time and labor. Our range of field machining is ideally suited to new construction projects, modifications, planned shutdowns and emergency repairs in remote locations. This eliminates the need to ship equipment out and reduces both downtime and cost. We provide flange facing (including RF, RTJ and Grayloc or other quick clamp style flanges), line boring, drilling and tapping, pipe cutting and profiling, in-situ milling and grind, all delivered with close customer support. Our full turnkey services reduce the need for multiple subcontractors during planned and unplanned shutdowns.


Farris Valve services

Farris Engineering

Our valves team are proud to be in partnership with Farris Engineering as the sole provider of its safety relief valves and parts to the Australian market. This complements our already strong valves offering in Australia and provides our clients with greater choice, flexibility and cost savings.

We are the accredited sales agent, assembler, and stockist of first class Farris safety relief valves and parts in Australia. Our partnership includes sales representation of Curtiss-Wright’s Solent & Pratt speciality butterfly valve range and its Phonix, Strack & Daume severe service isolation and control valves for the power and chemical industries.

Product Offerings:

Series 2600/2600L

ASME NB Certified: Air, Steam and Water

2600L (Multimedia Design) Dual ASME NB Certified: Water and Air

Conforms to API Standard 526

CE Approved

Sizes: 1″ x 2″ to 20″ x 24″

Pressure Range: 15 to 6000 psig, 1.0 to 413 barg

Temperature Range: -450 to 1500°F, -268 to 815°C

Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low/High Temp. Alloy Steels, Monel®, Hastelloy C®, Duplex, & NACE Compliant Materials

Options: Balanced Bellows, O-Ring Seat, Open Bonnet

Applications: Air, Gas, Vapor, Steam & Liquids

Series 2700

ASME NB Certified: Air, Steam & Water

CE Approved

Sizes: 1/2″ x 1″ to 1-1/2″ x 2-1/2″

Pressure Range: 15 to 6500 psig, 1.0 to 448 barg

Temperature Range: -450 to 750°F, -268 to 399 °C

Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low/High Temp. Alloy Steels, Monel®, Hastelloy C®, Duplex, & NACE Compliant Materials

Options: O-Ring Seat, Balanced Design, Flanged, Socket Weld, Welding Nipple & Sanitary Connections

Applications: Air, Gas, Vapor, Steam & Liquids

Series 3800

ASME NB Certified: Air, Steam & Water

Conforms to API Standard 526

CE Approved

Sizes: 1″ x 2″ to 12″ x 16″

Pressure Range: 15 to 6170 psig, 1.0 to 425 barg

Temperature Range: -450 to 500 °F, -268 to 260°C

Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Low/High Temp. Alloy Steels, Monel®, Hastelloy C®, Duplex, & NACE Compliant Materials

Actuation: Snap or Modulating

Options: Field Test Connections, Reverse Flow Preventer, Remote Depressurizing & Auxiliary Filters

Applications: Air, Gas, Vapor, Steam & Liquids

Series 4200

ASME NB Section I & VIII Certified: Air & Steam

CE Approved

Sizes: 1-1/4″ x 1-1/2″ to 6″ x 8″

Pressure Range: 15 to 1000 psig,

1.0 to 68.9 barg

Temperature Range: -20 to 1000 °F, 538°C

Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Chrome-Moly

Options: Test Gag

Applications: Steam Service

Series 6400

ASME NB Section I & VIII Certified: Air & Steam

Sizes: 1″ x 2″ to 4″ x 6″

Pressure Range: 15 to 1500 psig,

1.0 to 103 barg

Temperature Range: -20 to 1000°F, -29 to 538 °C

Materials: Carbon Steel,

Stainless Steel & Chrome-Moly

Options: Closed Bonnet (6600) & Test Gag

Applications: Steam Service

Series 2400

ASME NB Certified: Air, Steam and Water

Sizes: 1/2” x 3/4” to 1” x 1”

Pressure Range: 20 to 2,000 psig, 1.38 to 137.9 barg

Temperature Range: -450 to 550°F, -268 to 288°C

Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Brass/Bronze

Seat Materials: Elastomer & Plastic

Applications: Air, Gas, Vapor, Steam & Liquids

The FAST Centre Network

Farris Engineering has developed an impressive global network of Farris Authorized Service Team (FAST) Centres, all of which are in regular contact with one another to share Farris inventory. EnerMech Australia has been certified as a FAST Centre, with technicians trained and certified competent to repair and supply Farris products. Services include: –

  • Diagnose and solve your pressure relief valve problems
  • Track and manage maintenance and repair history
  • Reduce plant downtime with local service, inline testing and field service capabilities
  • Give you confidence that your valves will function properly during an over pressure situation
  • Save money over the life cycle of the valve
  • Asset management solutions that keep the plant safe, and deliver overall peace of mind

The FAST centres are customer focused and committed to “Understanding what the Customer wants…and making it happen!”

Flange management

Professional flange management and joint integrity programs are delivered on construction, maintenance and shutdown projects across the energy and infrastructure sector, with full consideration given to the environmental and economic factors that drive the requirement of leak free systems.

The management of bolted flange connection has been highlighted as a major factor in reducing leaks and fugitive emissions. We have an unmatched track record in consistently achieving a high percentage of leak free joints and offer a leak free start-up guarantee, helping to reduce your costs, maximize plant uptime and improve health, safety and environmental performance.

Our bespoke real-time, web-based System Integrity Management (SIM) software calculates precise data, which takes into account considerations such as flange type, gasket type, bolt material and lubricant coefficient, giving you access to precise data, full traceability and peace of mind. All technical and mechanical data is compiled during operations and gives critical time-saving information for future planning of maintenance, shutdowns and outages.

Functionality features include flange management, multi-tool bolt calculators, full joint history, linkage and overlay capability for all construction, pre-commissioning and shutdown activities, live data feed, electronic work pack and report generation, video and PDF holding and automated change function.

The software can be utilised across various assets and locations at the construction stage and easily consolidated during the hook-up phase ready for operations.

Flange spreading

Mechanical and hydraulic flange spreading solutions are delivered by teams using a fast method of accessing gaskets in all types of flanged connections. This safe operation dramatically reduces down time, increases efficiency and ultimately reduces the cost of a gasket change out.

Heat exchanger services

Take advantage of a full comprehensive service including engineering, repair and overhaul of all heat exchanger types including shell and tube, plate, extended surface and regenerative. Services include in-house engineering, redesign, mechanical, welding, boiler-making, cleaning, tube or plate replacement, re-gasketing and testing. Upon completion of the work, technicians will pressure test the vessel (if required) to design test specifications.

Onsite capabilities include:

  • Engineering support
  • Total turnaround services, including scaffold, mechanical, crane, water-jetting, tube pulling, tube reinstallation, pressure testing and sand-blasting
  • Heat exchanger re-tubing equipment tailored to best suit client requirements
  • Heat exchanger breakdown services, including head removal, tube plugging, pressure testing equipment
  • Bolt torqueing and tensioning services for all sizes and specifications of vessels
  • IT systems support for heat exchanger management, including online database services to track performance of a client’s heat exchangers, periods between maintenance and recurring problems
  • Machining of flanges, facing and repair
  • Pressure testing
  • Nitrogen/helium leak testing
  • Maintenance planning support
  • Post job reporting

Offsite capabilities include:

  • Engineering support
  • Fully equipped workshops designed to facilitate exchanger overhauls
  • Experienced technicians to undertake projects
  • Onsite/offshore lifting and transport solutions
  • Fabrication and machining of plates, baffles and flanges
  • Client inspection as required
  • Spares supply and management

Hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing

Expert technicians carry out safe, timely and controlled specialist hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing on a wide range of new build oil, gas, petrochemical and LNG projects, up to 207 MPa (207,000 kPa/30,000 PSI. Our bespoke real-time website software, System Integrity Management (SIM), gives you access to a range of vital, time-sensitive information including engineering and test pack compilation, total flange management, controlled bolting, system hydrotesting, pool testing, camera inspection, chemical cleaning, water flushing, high-pressure water jetting, air blowing, drying and pneumatic pressure testing (air, helium, nitrogen or nitrogen helium).

Insulation and coating

We work closely with you to understand your aims and expectations then deliver an efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive range of insulation and cladding services, including provision of insulation materials for thermal, cryogenic and acoustic applications and complete sheet metal fabrication and cladding service.


Nitrogen purging and leak testing

Delivering completely integrated and leak-free guaranteed nitrogen services, including nitrogen purging and nitrogen/helium (N2/He) leak testing, to production installations and pipelines both on and offshore, during the commissioning phases of new constructions or following modification and upgrade during the operations and maintenance phase. We will work with you to provide timely and efficient purging during shut down and as part of maintenance programmes, leak testing of new process plant and systems, system shut downs, maintenance and modifications. We also use live simulation to test the start-up and running of compressors and commissioning of pipelines. Utilizing membrane and liquid technologies, technicians provide vital nitrogen helium testing using our renowned fleet of nitrogen convertors, single skids, split skids, pumps, tanks, testing equipment, vaporizers and other ancillary equipment. All equipment is bleeding-edge, reliable and certified for both onshore and offshore operations, reducing risk of breakdown during critical path operations. You can free up valuable desk space, reduce personnel and improve safety by utilizing handheld leak detection equipment which does not require A60 cabins, reduces personnel requirements.

Oil flushing

Solid particulate contamination is the largest cause of component failure in hydraulic and lube oil systems. With effective flushing, this contamination can be eliminated. Flushing technicians are trained not just on specific flushing equipment, but also in the philosophy of flushing. This comprehensive understanding, coupled with our Flowpulse technology, allows for an effective flushing service in hydraulic oil, lube oil, high volume water and demineralised flushing, as well as pressure testing.


At EnerMech we collaborate with approved organizations to ensure we deliver innovative solutions and the best possible service. One such agreement is with Oxifree Global Services Ltd, a company that focuses on providing anti-corrosion and contamination solutions to a broad number of industrial applications across the UK and Australia. Their Oxifree TM198 is an innovative thermoplastic coating proven to increase the lifetime of metal components by as much as 1000%, and provide significant savings to your maintenance costs. The Oxifree coating can be applied to live equipment without the need for shutdowns and provides immediate protection, even in the most extreme of environments.

To find out more about Oxifree, please contact our business development team in Australia or in the UK

Pipe freezing

Using experience and insights, our expert team delivers a range of pipe freezing services and engineering solutions to help keep your critical pipe systems online and prevent unwanted shutdowns. Pipe freezing is a method of isolating a pipework system to carry out repairs or modifications, and is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to draining down the system. You will have a single dedicated crew onsite throughout the operation freeze to replace pipework or valves and carry out reinstatement, to increase efficiencies and decrease costs.

System Integrity Management (SIM)

We believe in close collaborative working to deliver projects successfully across services lines and have developed System Integrity Management (SIM) software to help us deliver. This real-time, web-based software gives you access to vital information to keep your project running on time and in budget. It addresses many of the inefficiencies which are often seen during pre- commissioning and shutdown activities, and eliminates restrictions found in traditional systems by allowing test packs to be readily modified or reissued for similar scopes. You can benefit from a range of tools including flange management, multi-tool bolt calculators, full joint history, precommissioning and shutdown activities, live data feeds, electronic work pack/report generation and automated change function.

Sealweld services and products

Competent and innovative valve maintenance and integrity solutions are bolstered by our UK distribution agreement with Sealweld®, giving you access to a range of products and services for routine valve maintenance and emergency valve sealing. Through this collaboration, you are able to access just one of two companies globally trained and licensed to inject Chameleon Emergency Sealant. This emergency sealant is a non-hazardous, proprietary blend of semi-synthetic compounds designed specifically for sealing severe valve seat leakage in downstream seating ball and gate valves and can also be used in pipeline situations. Read more here.

SRJ Multi-Shell Repair Clamps

Prefabricated pipe clamp units are stocked and ready for urgent installation. With interchangeable seals adaptable to a wide range of pressure, temperature and material compatibility requirements we are able to provide an immediate response without the requirement for custom engineering and fabrication.

For more information on SRJ technologies click here

SRJ Leak Containment

You can rely on innovative solutions and unrivaled customer service through our collaboration with SRJ. An experienced and specialist supplier in weld-free mechanical coupling products and containment management solutions, SRJ boasts more than 10 years’ R&D experience in specialist joint technologies and has recently developed and launched ground-breaking pipeline coupling products to the market.

Through our partnership, we evaluate your integrity management performance by combing cutting-edge containment technologies with engineering and operational know how. Find out more in our technology and innovation section.

For more information on SRJ technologies click here

Structural, mechanical and piping

Count on our experienced personnel, who are empowered to ask the right questions, redefine and innovate the path forward to deliver safe, smart solutions that cost less. We specialise in all aspects of engineering and construction of Structural Steel and Mechanical Piping (SMP) including field construction, hydro and pneumatic testing, project management, construction inspection and management, scheduling, materials handling and inventory management, welding and quality assurance, completions, plant start-ups and commissioning. These vast resources are supported by access to cranes, vehicles, scaffolding, access platforms and an extensive range of welding, rigging, mechanical and piping specialist equipment and facilities, resulting in increased efficiencies for you. We respond to your complex SMP engineering and construction projects with a holistic and collaborative view, executing projects in the most efficient way in the most remote and logistically challenging locations. Our extensive suite of engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services allows us to quickly mobilise project resources whenever and wherever they are needed.

Tank inspection and cleaning

Tanks are critical to many industrial businesses. If poorly managed, harmful substances can build up making the vessels dangerous and risking contamination of product. Our specialist teams ensure the integrity and cleanliness of your tanks either before use, during operations and maintenance or as part of any decommissioning campaign. Bringing together leading technology and an uncompromising work ethic, we deliver efficient, reliable and customer focused solutions that minimise the need for man-entry, enhance safety and reduce environmental impact. Once the tank or vessel has been successfully cleaned and decontaminated, we work with colleagues to provide concrete repair, welding, and NDT services to ensure your equipment is restored to optimal working condition and get you back to full operation quickly, safely and efficiently. Cleaning operations can be enhanced with our camera inspection and rope access solutions.

Ultra-high pressure jetting

This fast, efficient, safe, effective and technologically advanced solution to water-jetting can help to lower your pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance or shutdown costs. This is done through descaling, cleaning of pipework from 1” to 144”, heat exchangers (shell side, tube side and plate), tanks and vessels, vacuum loading, paint or coating removal, and cold cutting. We can also carry out hydro demolition, surface cleaning and preparation, concrete demolition and remediation, non-destructive digging and underwater cutting. In Australia, we have an exclusive license to a patented technology which allows multi directional cleaning and online descaling while pipes are in operation. This can be used for both on and offshore applications.

Aqua Drill

Our Australian business has an exclusive license to a patented Aquamilling technology suitable for multiple applications. This unique technology will lower commissioning, maintenance and shutdown costs whilst minimizing business disruption.

Key advantages include:

  • long runs from single point of entry which:
    • significantly reduce requirement for scaffold
    • reduce spools required to be rolled or entryways cut in the pipe
    • cut costs
  • ability to cut extremely hard scale – over 2,000 nozzle designs individual customised to cut different types of scale
  • turn-key solutions comprising all aspects of the job including any scaffold, mechanical and welding work that is required
  • equipment designed to remove the operator from contact with live water jetting hoses, reducing the risk of injury
  • tailor-made solutions designed for any project

Technology features

This exclusive technology allows:

  • multi directional cleaning of up to 22 x 90° bends in a single pass
  • up to 300 meters from point of access
  • unsurpassed vertical cleaning technology
  • robotic and non-manned solutions to take operators away from the line of fire
  • more than 98.1% cutting efficiency through unique nozzle design
  • live online descaling for cleaning of your process online
  • directed tank and vessel cleaning nozzle design with no wasted water
  • customized positioning devices for entry points
  • nozzle development for continuous improvement

Valve Procurement and specification

Our expert valve procurement teams are specialists in the acquisition of a wide range of offshore and onshore valves including choke, relief, ball, gate, plug, butterfly, diaphragm, spherical, cone, needle, globe and specialist valves.

We have excellent links to all of the major valve manufacturers and we monitor delivery times and technical innovation enabling our customers to receive valves that meet their technical requirements on time and in a cost-effective manner.

Our technical specialists will work with clients to ensure the correct specification is being acquired that can meet both industry and internal customer specifications, such as API or CE.

We create “informed buyer” status within our customers’ procurement teams through training and our EnerMech LIVE system ensures full traceability of the valve including certification and maintenance requirements.

Valve maintenance, repair and overhaul

Delivering critical service and repair work on your choke, relief, isolation, control and general valves either on-site or in our dedicated workshops. You can benefit from a combination of highly skilled technicians, on-site machinery and state-of-the-art test containers that provide on-site, emergency and scheduled repair, and maintenance services to international standards. Our services have been successfully deployed across a broad range of onshore industries including power generation, refining, petrochemical, LNG and industrial plants.

Valve technical support

A holistic approach to servicing and repairing in-service valves enables our experts to recognise that environmental and external conditions can change over time and a one-for-one replacement or repair is not always the most cost-effective or reliable solution.

We work with you to compare current operating environments with the original basis of design and agree the best approach in order to create the right solution for your circumstance. We have expertise in dealing with a broad range of valve types including choke, relief, ball, gate, plug, butterfly, diaphragm, spherical, cone, needle, globe and specialist valves.

Valve spares management

Let us take full responsibility for the management of valve spares and parts using our valve spares management system, which helps us to identify, procure, catalogue and store and repair your critical items. Our online system gives you direct access to a wide range of vital information, including certifications and maintenance records. We support a broad range of valves including choke, relief, isolation, control and general valves for both onshore and offshore use.

Valve commissioning

Providing you with critical support during major projects and large modifications from valve procurement through to cataloguing, maintenance, testing, repair, certification and installation. By working collaboratively with you and our empowered team of experts, we can manage the entire process to help minimize the time taken during the commissioning and shutdown phases and ensure all critical valves are fully functioning before you go live. These unique and tailored packages are designed to fit your needs and provide specifically engineered solutions for the best possible results. This total valve solution results in reduced costs, improved valve performance, more effective maintenance, minimized commissioning times and reduced downtime.

PSV recertification and repair

Benefit from our comprehensive approach to your valve requirements. Skilled teams deliver a range of services both on and offshore, including turnkey, project management, procurement, field expediting or simple gap-filling to complement or supplement your existing integrity management programme. Our specialist personnel deliver onsite re-certification of PSVs through mobile testing and repair containers which are capable of testing valves from any manufacturer, at any facility either onshore or offshore. Our offshore workshop containers include a PSV testing facility capable of testing conventional and pilot relief valves from ½” to 8” using nitrogen or water as test mediums up to pressures of 414 BarG. We also deliver field testing and valve repair, in-situ PSV re-certification, online monitoring of valve data and valve inventory management.

All projects are delivered through our online Valve Integrity Management Database, integrated with EnerMech Live, our online database which gives you access to vital information at any time, from anywhere. It is login and password protected and gives you access to your valve data at the click of a button.

This system can be tailored to meet your particular requirements or integrated with your software.

From niche individual services to fully integrated contracts, our specialist process, industrial and valves team build bespoke solutions to support your pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance and shut-down services across the globe. Our process services are a broad range of complementary services used on process facilities from offshore platforms, to onshore terminals, through to downstream processing. Led by experienced project managers, our multi-skilled and agile teams work side-by-side with you to build cost-effective, reliable and safe solutions.

With access to one of the largest and newest fleets of modern equipment in the industry, supported by state-of-the-art project management and IT systems, you will be assured of an efficient and reliable service that is agile enough to react to our ever-changing work environment.

Our bespoke, fully integrated, web-based integrity management system (SIM) provides field teams with accurate, automatically updated electronic work packs for our wide range of specialist services including; flange management, hydrotesting, nitrogen/helium leak testing, pipework cleanliness and camera inspection. This centralized approach to electronically generating, maintaining and updating work packs enables additional functionality with reduced effort, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

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A sample of our project experience:

  • Gorgon LNG, Australia
  • Wheatstone LNG, Australia
  • Corpus Christi LNG, USA
  • Point Thomson, USA
  • Montrose Arbroath Redevelopment, UK
  • Ichthys LNG, Australia
  • Western Isles, Korea / UK
  • Jasmine, UK
  • Shah Deniz II, Azerbaijan
  • KG Ethylene Plant, UK
  • Chevron Refinery, South Africa
  • WEL Pluto, Australia
  • Inline Valve Repair, UK
  • Sealweld Chameleon sealant, UK
  • Y Karima, South Africa
  • INEOS QAQC Flange Management, UK
  • Shah Deniz 2, Azerbaijan


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