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Integrity Management

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Sam Hallifax

Sam Hallifax
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Ian Spenceley
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Integrity Management


Clients are seeking benefits that can be provided by modernising and transforming integrity management;  Improved efficiencies, improved safety, reduced risks and costs.  Our integrity & inspection experts provide ground-breaking integrity management services to achieve these, providing you with a fuller, more reliable understanding of your asset so you can respond faster, more intuitively and with reduced operating costs. Combined with our lean and automated processes, we deliver game-changing services to keep your assets running safely and productively.

Inspection services

Industry-leading technicians build simple, smart, tailor-made inspection solutions to your most complex projects. From accumulator to electrical, lifting equipment and magnetic rope, your assets are evaluated, flaws are prevented and efficiency is increased. Skilled technicians will work with you to provide a range of support from remedial work to full asset inspections.

Rope access


Our IRATA-accredited rope access team deliver solutions that will help you to increase efficiencies and minimize risk in your complex projects, where safety is the ultimate priority. We also have our own IRATA-certified rope access training facility which ensures technical excellence across all aspects of industrial rope access.

Our technicians can offer solutions at height or at deck level including:

  • Drone surveys
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection
  • Stages one and two Small Bore Tubing (SBT)
  • Leak testing
  • Freeze scopes at height
  • EX electrical surveys and repair
  • Welding
  • Rigging
  • Bolting
  • DROPS surveys
  • Pipe fitters

General inspection and NDT

Working collaboratively with customers, industry-leading technicians create tailor-made inspection and NDT solutions, selecting the most effective combination of innovative equipment and tried-and-trusted NDT techniques to tackle a wide variety of projects. Our robust processes encompass the entire life cycle of the inspection process to quickly and safely identify and prevent flaws and increase efficiency.

Advanced NDT


From construction to decommissioning, advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques should be ever-present in evaluating your critical assets, helping to identify and prevent flaws and increase reliability. Our highly-skilled team is ready to tackle your projects with a comprehensive range of solutions, delivered using the most up-to-date equipment and a range of industry-proven techniques. Our solutions include:

  • eddy current inspection
  • ultrasonic testing
  • radiography
  • hardness testing
  • magnetic particle inspection
  • dye penetrant Inspection

Remote visual inspection

We use the latest technology to provide our customers with a range of remote visual inspections for maximum efficiency and minimal disruption. Using a range of UAVs, our multi-skilled inspection teams can screen challenging areas quickly and safely, and produce detailed reports to help shape repair, maintenance or remedial work.

Electrical inspection

Electrical inspection teams bridge the gap between the inspection and trade streams, bringing together inspection, maintenance and repair services for a joined-up, cost-effective solution. Our technicians are fully certified and services fully compliant.

Magnetic rope testing


Cost-effective and time-efficient, our magnetic rope testing techniques allows us to fully assess the condition of wire ropes on cranes, bridges, cable cars and more. By providing customers with a complete picture, they are able to extend the lifespan of their ropes and reduce replacement costs.

Lifting equipment inspection

Trust in industry-leading lifting and inspection solutions for the ongoing inspection of your lifting operations. Specialist teams are fully accredited by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) to provide Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER)-compliant inspection and management. Work with our expert team to plan and deliver tailored lifting plans and projects including:

  • SI 2307 LOLER inspection surveys
  • visual inspections of fixed and temporary lifting equipment
  • non-destructive testing
  • dimensional surveys
  • proof load testing (hydraulic, static and dynamic load)
  • structural engineering and assessments – annual and four or five yearly crane structural surveys
  • recertification
  • written schemes of examination
  • In Norway competency category S1 personnel and inspectors with G7/G11 through our certified Enterprise of Competency


Accumulator inspection

From remedial work to full asset inspection, our team of specialist engineers work with customers to ensure their equipment is properly maintained, fully compliant and safe to use. Remedial work is carried out as required, either onsite or off-shore.

Accumulator integrity management

From full asset inspection to remedial work, your existing maintenance programmes are supported and enhanced to ensure compliance with pressure equipment regulations. A full asset inspection programme is tailored to your unique requirements and carried out by risk-based evaluation of systems. Findings are shared on a database detailing every element of each individual accumulator in an efficient and timely way with P&IDs indicating locations and a survey report after each inspection detailing findings and recommendations. When required, our specialist engineers carry out remedial works on-site or offshore, including accumulator replacement, safety component replacement, pre-charging, full remedial campaigns and more. Our workshops are fully equipped to conduct accumulator strip down and inspections, strength tests, replacement of components and service tests. You can benefit from technical and affordable solutions to system issues, including accumulators, associated hydraulic systems or the design and manufacture of replacement skids.

Small bore tubing inspection

Keep your systems safe, efficient and fit-for-purpose using our wide range of small bore tubing (SBT) inspections. Rely on a qualified team who are expert in a variety of disciplines, including condition-based, risk-based, baseline, close visual, in-service and tailored inspections. Our Live Online SBT management tool provides you with a fully visible database of each individual component that make up SBT assemblies throughout the asset.

Small bore tubing integrity management

You will be kept fully briefed and up-to-date throughout the asset lifecycle via

EnerMech Live, our web-based portal which allows the sharing of vital and time-sensitive information right down to each individual component that make up SBT assemblies. A full itinerary of components is grouped and easy to browse and all information gathered during our inspections can be viewed and downloaded at any time.

The system has been built to arm you with comprehensive information that exceeds the requirements of the Energy Institute Guidelines and includes:

  • data on each assembly associated by the asset’s process/instrument or valve ID tag number
  • defects/anomalies tagged with a unique tag ID number/barcode ID to assist with locating the fault
  • defects/anomalies electronically marked on the asset’s P&ID
  • photographs of defects/anomalies
  • defects/anomalies categorised to a pre-determined risk-ranked timeframe remedial schedule
  • reliable data checked by our dedicated onshore support team
  • flexibility to assist or manage individual data requirements (eg. SAP/Maximo/Star references, work requests/orders, isolation points)
  • the ability to transfer data to your own software applications or preferred format
  • login and password-protected access

The system has been designed to be robust, scalable and adaptable to new technologies, innovations and requirements.

Hose integrity management

An industry-leading hose management team is focused on improving the quality of inspection on your on and offshore assets and installations. Working with you, our team will successfully deliver a range of integrity management solutions, including complete turn-key programmes or gap-filling to complement any existing maintenance. By optimising inspection and maintenance costs and providing industry compliant inspection, it is our aim to maximize useful life of hoses.

Field Inspections and onsite manufacture and testing services are also offered, including the generation of comprehensive asset hose registers, assessments of fitness for service and comprehensive field reports including photographic library of findings.

You will benefit from enhanced visibility of integrity data through the use of EnerMech Live, our web-based portal which allows the sharing of vital and time-sensitive information, as well as superior criticality assessments leading to optimised inspection programmes.

Flange Management

Professional flange management and joint integrity programs are delivered on construction, maintenance and shutdown projects across the energy and infrastructure sector, with full consideration given to the environmental and economic factors that drive the requirement of leak free systems.

The management of bolted flange connection has been highlighted as a major factor in reducing leaks and fugitive emissions. We have an unmatched track record in consistently achieving a high percentage of leak free joints and offer a leak free start-up guarantee, helping to reduce your costs, maximize plant uptime and improve health, safety and environmental performance.

Our bespoke real-time, web-based System Integrity Management (SIM) software calculates precise data, which takes into account considerations such as flange type, gasket type, bolt material and lubricant coefficient, giving you access to precise data, full traceability and peace of mind. All technical and mechanical data is compiled during operations and gives critical time-saving information for future planning of maintenance, shutdowns and outages.

Functionality features include flange management, multi-tool bolt calculators, full joint history, linkage and overlay capability for all construction, pre-commissioning and shutdown activities, live data feed, electronic work pack and report generation, video and PDF holding and automated change function.

The software can be utilised across various assets and locations at the construction stage and easily consolidated during the hook-up phase ready for operations.

Flange spreading

Mechanical and hydraulic flange spreading solutions are delivered by teams using a fast method of accessing gaskets in all types of flanged connections. This safe operation dramatically reduces down time, increases efficiency and ultimately reduces the cost of a gasket change out.

Leak Detection

Delivering completely integrated and leak-free guaranteed nitrogen services, including nitrogen purging and nitrogen/helium (N2/He) leak testing, to production installations and pipelines both on and offshore, during the commissioning phases of new constructions or following modification and upgrade during the operations and maintenance phase. We will work with you to provide timely and efficient purging during shut down and as part of maintenance programmes, leak testing of new process plant and systems, system shut downs, maintenance and modifications.

We also use live simulation to test the start-up and running of compressors and commissioning of pipelines. Utilizing membrane and liquid technologies, technicians provide vital nitrogen helium testing using our renowned fleet of nitrogen convertors, single skids, split skids, pumps, tanks, testing equipment, vaporizers and other ancillary equipment. All equipment is bleeding-edge, reliable and certified for both onshore and offshore operations, reducing risk of breakdown during critical path operations. You can free up valuable desk space, reduce personnel and improve safety by utilizing handheld leak detection equipment which does not require A60 cabins, reduces personnel requirements.

Clients are seeking benefits that are achieved by modernizing and transforming integrity management; delivering improved efficiencies, improved safety, reduced risks and costs. Our integrity and inspection experts provide ground-breaking integrity management services to achieve these through utilizing our inspection tools, providing you with a fuller, more reliable understanding of your asset so you can respond faster, more intuitively and with reduced operating costs. Combined with our lean and automated processes, we deliver game-changing services to keep your assets running safely and productively.

A list of our project experience:

  • BWO Offshore Inspection, UK
  • Apache AIMTM Inspection, UK
  • Beryl Alpha Inspection, UK
  • Perenco asset inspection, UK
  • BAE Hose Management, UK
  • Armada, North Everest & Lomond, UK
  • Oil Search inspection, Papua New Guinea
  • BOC Pressure equipment inspection, Australia
  • Siemens Gamesa, Kilgallioch Wind Farm, UK

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