Leading Change aligns EnerMech in our vision, mission and purpose and outlines the strategic plans that will drive the sustainability and growth of our company. At the heart of our strategy is the development and growth of our people, recognizing that as we grow, our talent will be key to our future success.


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Aligning One Enermech

Leading Change represents the evolution of EnerMech’s journey in the coming years and the plan for delivering on our strategic goals. The process of formalising our strategy has been highly collaborative across the group and has the ethos of safety, customer delivery and supporting our people at its core. Our strategy comprises of strategic “charters” that give growth direction to our business lines, provide plans for building capability and scale, and map the structure and support for our people and clients in order to achieve growth. What’s more, our ESG strategic plan will govern the delivery of our entire strategy. As we deliver on our individual charters we have an opportunity to improve business environmental and social outcomes.

Kenny Anderson, Strategy Director

Our Vision

To be the global partner of choice in delivering specialist technical solutions.

Our Mission

To listen, engage and create value for our clients through the safe delivery of specialist, technical solutions across the life-cycle of the global asset base.

Our Values


Since the launch of leading change, we have made good progress in both growth and transformation initiatives across our six strategic pillars:

  • Weaving ESG into the fabric of the business through a co-ordinated approach to the areas of environment, social, people, leadership, and governance, and business model and innovation
  • Capturing efficiency and value for our clients by combining our bespoke single service lines into an integrated- managed offering
  • Building a world-class organisation through people, talent development and global resource delivery
  • Developing and utilising industry-leading IP, technology, equipment and competence
  • Positioning EnerMech through technical differentiation, in both core energy and high growth sectors
  • Applying expertise gained globally at a regional level across a broad range of end markets


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Why Enermech?


We are specialists. We deliver and selfperform a broad range of specialist services discretely, bundled or as an integrated package.

This offering is simple yet powerful: 9 key service lines delivered with a holistic view. Our customers benefit from a from a global workforce that collaborates to reduced complexity and drive efficiency.


We are trusted. To deliver specialist services reliably and safely, utilising our custom fleet of equipment and enabling technologies.

As markets contend with limited resource availability, rising build costs, and extended equipment delivery schedules, we are trusted, well-resourced and global. Our skilled personnel use technical innovation to deliver reliable and safe solutions to our customers.

Why Enermech


We are global. We share lessons learned, adopt best practices, and engineer innovative solutions on a local level where no supply chain exists.

This consistent approach is applied across all counties in which we work, ultimately ensuring consistency and value across our global delivery.


We are solution orientated. We drive commercial efficiencies through smarter technical solutions, delivered with the highest regard to safety and quality.

Real value can be achieved delivering a comprehensive, bundled specialist service package under a single project management and engineering team, all self-performed using our global resources. Simplified administration and reduced interfaces, allow us to eliminate subcontracted services and provides a single point of contact.


We are knowledgeable. We have the technical capability and scale to efficiently manage across the full asset life-cycle.

We engineer, plan, cost and oversee our solutions that support multiple phases of an asset, taking knowledge from early engagement in capital projects, through to maintenance and turnarounds to decommissioning.

Through this embedded knowledge, we understand the pressures our customers face, from unexpected delays and unplanned outages to tight project schedules and multiple interfaces.