EnerMech’s Equipment Investment and Strategic Partnerships Help Win (USD) $100m in Global Pre-Commissioning Projects

EnerMech has secured over (USD) $100m of pre-commissioning and new pipeline contract awards, following a (USD) $30m equipment investment programme across its global locations, to support its continued growth in these sectors.

This targeted investment represents a significant expansion to its specialist equipment fleet of compressors, air dryers, booster compressors, nitrogen tanks, nitrogen membrane units, downlines and fluid pumps, expanding its operational capability in the pre-commissioning sector. This approach has secured 10 significant new contracts including key awards in Mozambique, Guyana, Trinidad, Turkey and Australia.

These campaigns encompass a range of pre-commissioning services which cover full project requirements from deep-water flooding and testing, umbilical monitoring and testing, pipeline dewatering and commissioning, plus supporting specialist services on the associated process facilities.

Amongst the new wins is a five-year project with Chevron Australia to deliver its integrated services to the operator’s Western oil and gas assets which commenced in 2021. The work scope includes specialized cleaning, nitrogen purging and process plant drying, integrity leak and pressure testing, hydraulic hose integrity management and specialist hydraulic services.

Supporting this growth, EnerMech has further reinforced its project management capabilities, signing an exclusive agreement with Offshore Technical Services Ltd (OTS). This has uniquely positioned the organization as a market leader in full cycle project management, with the capability to both manage the completions, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities whilst also providing the associated specialist services, all under a single entity contract.

To further expand its pre-commissioning resources, EnerMech agreed a strategic deal with a global provider of air drilling services. The partnership provides EnerMech with access to up to (USD) $15million worth of equipment from the existing fleet of air compression, booster compression, nitrogen generation, and field personnel, which will further support the company’s expansion efforts.

EnerMech CEO Christian Brown said: “In the last 12 months we have taken robust, concerted steps to expand and improve our integrated pre-commissioning, commissioning and pipeline capabilities globally across the LNG, nuclear, oil and gas, hydrogen and renewable sectors.


“Our combined (USD) $30m investment in equipment and new strategic partnerships clearly demonstrates our commitment to the sector as we continue to enhance our current offering. These latest developments ensure we are ideally placed to deliver our expertise to large-scale projects as well as niche ones, to drive safer and more efficient operations globally.”