EnerMech Complete First Singapore Umbilical Contract

EnerMech has completed an umbilical flushing and cleaning contract on behalf of Schlumberger in Singapore.

The workscope included hydraulic oil flushing on two 24 core umbilical reels and associated subsea tools.

The work scope included use of EnerMech’s flushing rig and COMPAR Microscope analysis kit to clean the umbilicals and control fluid to a cleanliness Level of AS 4059 E:Class 6 B-F (NAS1638: Class 6).

The umbilicals were also required to be dewatered prior to filling with control fluid HW540 (AS 4059 E:Class 6 B-F (NAS1638: Class 6)). The control fluid was then re-circulated through 3 x 3 micron high pressure filters at high velocities until two consecutive clean (acceptable) samples were achieved.

The work scope was completed within 20 days with more than 143 samples of fluid with cleanliness level of AS 4059 taken by a two man crew. It was EnerMech’s first umbilical project in the region and the ability to offer quick mobilisation and turnaround to complete the work were important factors in winning the contract.