EnerMech and Hydro Group Join Forces to Develop New Product Innovation

EnerMech has teamed up with subsea cable and connector specialist Hydro Group to launch a new bundled hydraulic hose product.

The combined expertise of both companies has been pooled to offer lay-up and over-sheathing of hydraulic hoses which are used in umbilical, topside and well intervention projects in the oil and gas industry.

The bundled hoses, which are available in ¼” to 2″ size, integrate hydraulic components with electrical and fibre optic cables, resulting in a more compact and easier to handle assembly.

Gary McRobb, EnerMech’s UK Business Development Manager Hydraulic Products, said: “Innovation and offering integrated solutions for our global clients is a central tenet of everything we do at EnerMech. Working with Hydro Cables Systems we are able to provide full engineering support, sourcing and supplying hoses, including high specification hoses such as HCR (High Collapse Resistance). We can also supply fully fitted, flushed and pressure-tested umbilicals which can also be deployed onto a reeler at the customer’s request.”

Aberdeen-based Hydro Group designs and manufactures underwater cables and connectors for subsea, underwater, topside and onshore applications.

Graham Wilkie, Sales Director at Hydro Group said: “Building on three decades of proven capability and industry experience at Hydro Group we know collaboration, diversification and innovation are key to surviving in challenging markets. Knowledge sharing with EnerMech has resulted in an important market offering which brings together expertise from both companies.

“The new hose bundles offer significant benefits to installers and users for flying lead, workover umbilicals, well intervention, Topside and BOP control and injection systems.

“The bundles also allow greater versatility when faced with awkward routing or high dynamic usage and may incorporate strength members such as aramid braiding, steel wire central ropes and aramid central ropes to the customer’s specification.”