Developing EnerMech Gets Best Out of Future Leaders

EnerMech is shaping the business leaders of the future with an in-house management development programme. More than 30 senior staff have graduated through the Developing EnerMech initiative which encourages personal and professional growth.

The Aberdeen-based mechanical engineering group, which employs 1900 staff in 31 global locations, believes the Developing EnerMech programme will assist career development and improve staff retention.

The nine month long course, supported by training provider gofastforward, is designed to help delegates maximise their ability to apply theory to their daily work practice, allowing them and their teams to focus on establishing goals and priorities and assist them in tackling conflict in a constructive way.

The delegates spend time focussing on their own personalities and management style through an in-depth personal and management profile which aids them to get the best out of their teams.

So far eight Developing EnerMech graduates have been promoted to more senior roles in the UK and at international locations and one is undertaking an Msc in Project Management.

EnerMech Human Resources director, Shirley Smith, said: “The delegates have been very passionate and enthusiastic about how this programme encourages both personal and professional growth. It aids career development, improves staff retention, and boosts the quality of our managers which helps us deliver a higher level of service to clients.”

UK Hydraulics Manager, Robert McLaren, has completed the course and said: “There were many benefits and a real positive was in breaking down barriers and getting to know colleagues from different part of the business. We realised we all faced similar challenges but are now able to call on each other for help, advice or a different viewpoint on a given situation.

“It made us acknowledge our strengths and weakness and to realise that a crucial part of our role is to give the time needed to support the staff working with us in order to get the best we can from them.”

Callum Meikle, managing director of gofastforward, said: “EnerMech recognise they are in the people business as well as the mechanical engineering business and to meet their growth plans it needs to develop talent. This programme is designed to meet that need and has been tailored to reflect EnerMech’s entrepreneurial culture and specific requirements.”