Arup and EnerMech Join Forces To Revolutionise Oil and Gas Asset Inspection

The inspection of oil and gas assets could be revolutionised following the signing of a three year agreement with global engineering consultancy Arup and EnerMech’s specialist inspection division MInteg.

AIM, a digitised inspection system, utilises graphic techniques similar to those used in video gaming and could typically cut asset inspection costs by up to 30%. AIM could also massively reduce reliance on rope access, which is traditionally used for the inspection of hard-to-access areas of offshore oil and gas platforms.

Arup, a 15,000-strong international design and engineering consultancy, has worked on major global infrastructure and building projects including the Sydney Opera House, the Queensferry Crossing and the Victoria & Albert Museum in Dundee.

With Arup’s proven digital expertise and EnerMech’s broad energy industry experience, both companies believe AIM can redefine and revolutionise the inspection process of assets and replace the current outdated and paper-based method of inspection which is prevalent in the sector.

AIM uses visualisation, data automation, artificial intelligence, computational photography and 360° walk-through views to construct virtual models of assets and to pinpoint and prioritise areas where maintenance may be required.

The virtual model, which can be accessed remotely by clients 24-7, utilises a Unity platform, a widely used efficient means of generating in depth computer generated models. The reality is that AIM can save time, reduce costs and minimise risk. Operators and asset owners will have instant access to interactive inspection data, allowing them to make informed decisions about asset repairs, replacements or improvements

Dr Bryan Horton, Offshore Digital Leader, Arup, said: “The partnership between Arup and EnerMech brings enhanced global expertise to digitalise an old way of working, delivering high value and lower risk outcomes for operators. EnerMech is a leader in the energy industry and we are delighted to be working with them. Clients have already benefitted significantly from both organisations working together and we look forward to strengthening this alliance.”

AIM can be used to inspect almost any asset including offshore fixed and floating platforms, marine jetties and terminals, onshore plant facilities, construction and fabrication projects and brownfield modifications.

MInteg Operations Director, Patrick Gallagher, added: “AIM is a potential game-changer which offers enhanced inspection capabilities on oil and gas assets and can assist operators with prioritising the annual integrity management cycle.

“The potential time savings and subsequent cost reductions are considerable, plus AIM can hugely reduce the amount of time we will require personnel to be working at height using rope access to inspect difficult-to-reach areas of offshore and onshore assets.”

The two organisations will collaborate together throughout the inspection process, further supporting operators to enhance assets based on the inspection findings through engineering expertise across the North Sea, Western Australia and Gulf of Mexico.