An Eye On Assets

EnerMech’s enhanced systems integrity management package,SIM Pro, is being introduced to clients and is active globally, from onshore refineries in Australia, to offshore North Sea assets.

SIM Pro maps the relevant components of an asset to provide live visibility of mechanical completion during construction and commissioning through to operations, maintenance and shutdowns. The bespoke software package can be tailored to individual clients’ integrity requirements, providing real time web-based info designed to run throughout the life of assets.SIM Pro addresses the inefficiencies experienced during maintenance, construction and pre-commissioning activities and is capable of being utilized across multiple assets and location and by multiple users.

EnerMech’s original SIM system has proved its value to numerous clients over the last 10 years and was capable of managing large scale projects, including in one case the integrity management of 55,000 joints on an Australian LNG project.

SIM Pro is built on the same solid foundations but has additional functionalities, including an ASME PPC-1 compliant bolt calculator facility, full auditable joint history and electronic work pack report and generation.

The system is compatible with all service lines in EnerMech’s portfolio and has been proven over a range of capabilities, including flange management, valves, hose management, small bore tubing, purging, rotating equipment and chemical cleaning.

EnerMech UK Senior Business Development Manager, Paul Smith, said: “SIM Pro has elevated what was a very good integrity management system to another level and is a result of listening to what our clients wanted and identifying what the market needed. It has full life cycle continuity and provides a consistency and ease of transition between engineering, construction, commissioning, start up and operations.

“Every service line we provide to clients is captured in SIM Pro and its large capacity allows the processing and retention of vast amounts of valuable information on individual components for tracking and monitoring purposes. Other similar software in the market is more limited in capacity and therefore requires several databases to be used simultaneously, which is less efficient and not the best use of a client’s time.”

In the manufacturing, construction, hook-up and commissioning phases on the project, SIM Pro can be used, for example, in flange management, controlled bolting, onsite machining, nitrogen purging, nitrogen testing, hydrotesting, chemical cleaning and PSV testing.

In the operations, modification and decommissioning phases, in addition to the previous examples, it can also manage activities involved in decontamination, water jetting/flushing, oil flushing, integrity records, camera inspection and pipe freezing.

Other functionality features of SIM Pro include live visibility of joint integrity status, electronic work pack/report generation, work pack overlay capability, personnel and tool tracking.

Paul Smith added: “Advances in hand held technologies now mean SIM Pro is available on intrinsically ATEX safe zone 1/21 DIV 1 tablets, allowing our technicians and quality assurance including our quality control teams to work in the field more efficiently. Giving added value with overheads being reduced, activity information can be added in the field in real time and images and audio reports can be added instantly to the database.”