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EnerMech has a strong track record in delivering fit-for-purpose and innovative valve maintenance and integrity solutions.  In support of this service offering we have established a collaboration and distribution agreement in the UK with Sealweld® - a company who, over the last five decades, has developed a range of products and services for routine valve maintenance and emergency valve sealing.  By encompassing the strength and depth of EnerMech and the product knowledge of Sealweld, together we can fundamentally transform valve integrity management.

Through this collaboration agreement, EnerMech is now one of only two companies globally trained and licensed to inject Chameleon Emergency Sealant.  This emergency sealant is a non-hazardous, proprietary blend of semi-synthetic compounds designed specifically for sealing severe valve seat leakage in downstream seating ball & gate valves and can also be used in pipeline situations.  EnerMech has successfully used Chameleon Emergency Sealant on a number of occasions with positive feedback from the client each time.

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