Pipeline Integrity Management System

At EnerMech we have made a significant investment in our bespoke software package called System Integrity Management (SIM) which has been developed to support joint integrity management, including flange management, on an end to end basis. The system is real time, web based and designed for life of assets used and has addressed many of the inefficiencies which we see so often during pre- commissioning and shutdown activities. These include the inaccuracy of test packs, the length of time taken to engineer test packs due to manual input, changing test pack limits and updating P&ID’s results in re-engineered and rewritten test packs.

SIM eliminates restrictions found in traditional systems by allowing test packs to be readily modified or re-issued for similar scopes, more user-friendly flange management systems which support “life of asset” and with real time “up to date” progress monitoring on major projects.

Functionality headlines include Flange management, multi-tool bolt calculator, full joint history, linkage and overlay capability for all construction, precommissioning and shutdown activities, live data feed, electronic work pack/report generation, video & pdf holding and automated change function.

SIM also offers clients considerable savings which can be realised in preparatory works, due to electronic test pack compilation, storage and change system.

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