Joost Dröge

Joost Dröge


Joost Dröge is Managing Director of Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP).

CIEP is a private equity investment fund and focuses on investments in the Energy sector outside North America. These investments include many sub-sectors like upstream oil and gas, downstream (refining, logistics), chemicals, renewables and services. Joost has a.o. board seats at Varo, CEPSA and EnerMech.

Prior to CIEP, Joost was a partner of AtlasInvest, a private investment company majority owned by Marcel van Poecke. Between 1999-2007 Joost was Director Corporate Strategy at the refining company Petroplus where he had both M&A as well as operational responsibilities. His career in the energy sector started in 1993 as an oil trader.


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